The Organization

There is a purely commercial approach and rentier in the direction of the companies, as well as a mixture of beliefs and values, some contradictory, about the man and the work (p. 42). These contrasts are part of the reality that most of the organizations in the country live. Despite the ups and downs that occur in them, consider investing in training of people. What most helps the organization achieve success in their processes, is definitely count on people highly prepared and identified with the organization… Continue to learn more with: Procter & Gamble. Granell and Parra (1994) estimate that the management of human resources in Venezuelan organizations is very operational, focusing on tasks of personnel management which revolve around more traditional functions of recruitment, selection, induction, compensation, collective bargaining and training. Read more from Brooklyn Commons to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Organization, as a whole, and especially in the high management and management of line, with few exceptions, are not involved in issues relating to its people and tend to delegate them to experts in industrial relations, psychologists and other professionals who are not involved – and often do not even know – plans and strategic goals of the company.

Therefore prevails a vision short-term, with an evident absence of planning of human resources, design and definition of policies, which serve as a support to the implementation of standards and procedures. In this framework of ideas, it is important to note, that the human resources unit must assume a leadership course, explain the reasons and processes of change, and promote training and permanent and systematic communication. The human resources unit should become the business partner and contribute to the efficiency and organizational effectiveness. So it is necessary that become Adviser, which is conducive to and make the change process understandable to the managers and workers. This regard Denison (1991), says: the effectiveness is a function of the policies and procedures used by an organization. By the same author: Brooklyn Commons. Specific procedures, especially when they belong to the management of human resources and the internal environment of a company, influence performance and effectiveness.

John Connally

The European Union (so far) only defends the fare-play in matter would change: the European Central bank will not do anything that appreciates or depreciates the Euro of artificial form because it considers that it brings about distortions in the economy. The USA gives a double message on the one hand says that they will remove to the world from the crisis (” The mandate of the Federal Reserve and mine are that our economy grows, and that is not only good for the United States. That is good for the world like todo”) but on the other hand it makes difficult a global exit of the crisis since it creates creates majors imbalances between the countries. The emergent economies have forts superavits and the outposts high deficits. Anchin Block might disagree with that approach. In order to look for a greater balance EE.UU it proposed (but soon it rejected they lynched because it after the announcement of the EDF) to as much limit a 4% of the GIP the superavits as the deficits. The idea is that countries strongly exporter as China increases their purchases abroad. ” The dollar is our currency, but problema” is yours;. To this it pronounced it phrase John Connally in 1971, after being appointed secretary of the Treasure of the USA, due to the preoccupations from Europe after the USA finished with the gold standard and settled the Agreements of Bretton Woods, effective from 1944. This time, the preoccupations come from the USA, and the dollar continues being a problem for the world. Until the next one, Paola Pecora INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY If it had to choose a solar company to invest, knows in clearly which would choose and why? In our monthly report World-wide Value we give the reasons him of why the company that we chose already for the portfolio takes a 70% of HARDLY raises (it arrived at +90%) IN five months and has a bullish route very hard ahead.