The first problem that faces has to do precisely with the absence and/or incorrect diagnosis that makes of his life. If there is no diagnosis or the diagnosis is incorrect, the conclusions and solutions will also be so. From personal experience, sometimes we have the concept wrong our own diagnosis, sometimes through ignorance, other times by personal whims, pride, reputation, etc. Humility and sincerity are keys to restructure his vision and improve their quality of life. His life can be rebuilt from the details and two or three key aspects. It is necessary to understand that the simple things have more value than we think. Life is simple, its burden can be easy and light. Individuals and peoples living in thousand mistakes due to lack of knowledge.

Never too late to reflect, to change. No matter age, their experience, their successes or failures, because the first conclusion to achieve progress is as follows: the past cannot be improved, changed, edited or deleted. Not worth losing the time and wear thinking what it could be and was not, in what had been done or not, but it is an excellent reference point for live your present and projected towards the future. If we can capitalize, avoid mistakes, improve, and grow! Not you will need to remember the past things, unless you serve to grow, advance and mature. The past seen the wrong way paralyzes anyone.

The past already happened, good or bad but has already passed, you cannot change but if you can learn. Click Daryl Katz to learn more. It is a good exercise to see and calmly analyze the mistakes of the past, not to mourn but to learn and improve it is good to occasionally see the mirror rear-view mirror, but more importantly see forward, toward what I’m going to conquer in my near future. It’s really simple to know where he is at this time, with a little help.

Best Of Paris

We usually call it a the city of lights or a the city of love. But Paris is also a metropolis with nearly two million people. Approximately 25 million tourists come every year to visit more than 400 parks, 70 markets and 150 museums. Enough to make you lose your head. And where the hell to start in a big city like Paris? Do not worry, we're here to help.

Get ready for a quick guide to everything you should not miss in Paris. Asana is often quoted as being for or against this. Of all the beautiful churches, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is the most emblematic. He has served as backdrop for many films and books, and at night the illuminated facade view is simply amazing. Make friends with the gargoyles and upload your steps to the highest tower to get stunning views over Paris. Then stroll along the Seine River and charming footbridge crosses the Pont Des Arts.

If you have not ever been in the Louvre Museum, put it in first position on your list. It is impossible to see everything, so choose the most outstanding works: kitsch extravagance of the stays of Napoleon III, throw fire a smile on the Mona Lisa and admire the beauty of the Venus de Milo. If after this you're ready to buy some art for your own living room, come to St. Whenever Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Ouen to check out the flea market (Les Puces). Still retains the charm of the sites that have not been discovered by mass tourism.

Monument Panorama

Rest in Sevastopol – this is one of the best options for leisure, who now chooses more and more people, both Ukraine and Russia. You may find that Dustin Moskovitz can contribute to your knowledge. If the first is the least costly in financial terms of leisure options, then secondly – opportunity to visit the legendary hero city. Contact information is here: Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario. Now the city of Sevastopol offers lovers of history and tours of more than 500 attractions. First place in this list is Monument to the Scuttled ships. He represents a high tower, which is located in the sea off the promenade in the immediate vicinity of Seaside. It is crowned by a bronze eagle, holding in its beak a wreath of laurel leaves. On a stone foundation attached brass plaque with the inscription 'In memory of ships sunk in 1854-1855.

barriers to entry in the raid. " Panorama Defence of Sevastopol – one of the great masterpieces of the city's heritage. It shows us feat of the defenders of Sevastopol during the siege of the city during the Crimean War. The area of the panorama is 1610 square meters. m (14 m x 115 m).

Watch this panorama was made possible May 14, 1905. Currently, in several rooms of the museum you can obtain detailed information about the heroes who were directly involved in those battles. Besides, climbing the spiral staircase, you can most detailed way to view each piece of this panorama. This object of pride of the city is very popular among tourists and history buffs. More to the number of significant monuments of the history of Sevastopol include Diorama Sapun Mountain Assault. On a painting displayed scene most fierce battle for the city of Sevastopol. However, not only the history of each year are attracted to the hero-city, thousands of visitors. Rest in Sevastopol perfectly complement the mild Mediterranean climate and a large number good beaches. Source: site of Sevastopol hotels

Miguel Fernandez

As for the companies: although they increase company celebrations at Christmas, these are made in their own offices. A cocktail at noon, against the traditional evening party with dinner and open bar. Also in the openings and events a great break in all business sectors, exists mainly banking, automotive and, of course, construction. The reductions have reached 90% in some cases, as in the banking. In the public sector events have declined 80%, in a generalized manner. According to us pointing Miguel Fernandez, commercial director, in the Laurel Catering have perceived in the last 2 months that sector companies appears to be a little more animated with regard to what has been the 2010, by removing the effect of Christmas dinner. It seems that the coveted green shoots might finally be emerging. If we refer to the celebration of weddings: Although the activity does not seem to decrease, Yes has decreased the average number of guests at these celebrations.

The average attendance is around 120 guests, faced with the almost 150 of some years ago.These weddings from 400 to 500 guests that took place four years ago, are already something residual, they only occur in 5% of weddings. Level spaces and farms for the celebration of weddings and events, offering Yes there has been a spectacular growth in the last 5 years. Now the offer is very good and varied, which has led to a reduction in the profit margins of these spaces and the increase in offers, by the decrease in contracted dates, which fall around 10-20%. In the segment of individuals we have the following results. The activity does not diminish at the level of first communion celebrations, but yes there a great hiatus regarding festivals and anniversaries, so such events are almost non-existent currently. For more information: El Laurel Catering, C / Cerezos, 11, 28703 Madrid, Tel.: 916593174,, about EL LAUREL CATERING with over 10 years in the market, maintain the efforts to make any event a success, where will taste the best cuisine, always with personal, private or prestigious companies, adapting to the needs and tastes of each client.

Business Collaborative

While Facebook and Twitter are often cited as distractions for employees, the immediacy of the networks, collaboration and community offer great hope for businesses. Today, a massive technological change is underway, led first by employees to attract these benefits to workplaces. And this change has happened recently. Facebook has surpassed 400 million active users in just six years and Twitter has 105 million registered users in just four. These networks have trained a generation for a new style of collaboration through profiles, status updates, groups, lists and filters. As such, they have changed our expectations of how it must be able to connect with others and collaborate in real time. But when we come to work, we throw all this out of the window.

The concept of immediacy does not exist here and could say that here is where it matters most. Many companies are trapped in the past by the use of outdated technologies that were in He moved before the web existed. For the graduates that are inserted in the labour market, it is counter-intuitive having to return to these slow forms of collaboration. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario, another great source of information. As a result, we’re more productive with our personal networks than we are with our colleagues and clients. Approaching the workplace the Social Era why not should expect real-time collaboration at work? Business happen in real time.

Market changes occur in real time. Information changes in real time. Why not should happen in real-time collaboration and learning in business? That question is the inspiration for the new social tools that come into the labour market which has the same appearance and feeling that Facebook or Twitter. These social tools offer a new way to collaborate with people at work that is private, safe and important to the business. Since most use public networks, there is a learning curve. Instead of following our friends or celebrities, you continue to his team people, activity in the accounts top of its customers, its marketing campaigns and your business documents more critics. Only by the fact that these social tools are based on the web, you can access them from anywhere, whether you are on your laptop, IPAD or iPhone. Social Media in our Personal life would be for example, publish photos of barbecue and roast that we enjoyed last Saturday and will be displayed in the feeds of your friends and family. Collaborate with friends to plan a camping trip next month. Then you can follow people on Twitter for tips on cooking recipes and @Starbucks for the latest offers and customer service. You could finally send questions to your wall in Facebook or Twitter to get recommendations and ideas from friends and industry experts. These could be a small illustration of how to use networks Associates as something personal. Social Media in the workplace publish the new presentation of sales that have been updated and display it in the feeds of your colleagues. After collaborating with colleagues to prepare the meeting of major customers next week. Follow experts in your company for advice on the best way to close deals or find experience in the industry. You can send questions to your enterprise social network to receive advice and relevant documents from their colleagues in all departments.

Julia Daniel

The annual total emissions identified by CO2OL the chimney sweep vehicle fleet amounts to around 15,000 tons of CO2. Killed on the individual vehicles each car caused 2,170 kg of CO2 a year at an average mileage of 10,000 km. The Association’s members now have the opportunity to contribute their part by buying a climate Vignette to climate protection and to glue them on the service vehicle. So, the chimney sweep will send a clear signal for climate protection. To broaden your perception, visit Asana. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of humanity and it is time to do something about it.

The Federal Association of chimney sweeps craft is actively long for environmental and climate protection and we are pleased to now to support the Association,”said Julia Daniel, team leader of CO2OL. And also Hans-Gunther Beyerstedt, Federal Guild master of the Association, is pleased about the cooperation: the cooperation with CO2OL allows the chimney sweep craft a contribution to the Climate neutrality to afford. We see this as an important element to the turn of the energy of the future.” CO2OL: CO2OL is brand and Division of the ForestFinance group for the neutralization of CO2 emissions through forestry projects. CO2OL designed high-quality climate protection afforestation projects for a variety of companies and organizations for 15 years. In addition, companies and associations of CO2OL can identify their CO2 footprint, can advise to CO2 savings and compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions through the purchase of CO2 certificates. For business customers from different industries CO2OL offers practice-oriented and individual consultation and solutions, as these their carbon footprint improve and so be able to meet their corporate social responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. CO2OL reforestation projects according to the CCB – and in addition carbon fix and FSC standard were certified for their diverse ecological and social functions. More information on and

Libyan Spearmen

Many of them didn’t know what was going on, could not even wield his sword properly, immobilized between the crowd. By this reason, the legionaries who fought, could not retreat to relax, because there was no space, by what remained at the mercy of the enemy. Third was among the ranks of the Fund, holding to the Libyan Spearmen on the right flank. Follow others, such as Dustin Moskovitz, and add to your knowledge base. Thanks to the harangues of the veteran of war could endure, but only temporarily. After killing two Lancers, brewing is between the wall of thorns which formed, third was wounded in the right arm by a thrown spear. It was taken by the Cuirass from behind, so that they come to fresh Romans. For a moment it seemed that the battle is balanced, while the Roman numerical superiority could not take advantage.

Third refused to accept defeat, despite everything. However, a new coup of Hannibal showed otherwise. Since ran the iron, the fate of the battle was determined. While third was trying to cover his wound to stop the bleeding, he heard something that made him fear the worst. They were moans from the far. At first refused to believe it, because among all the fuss, the screams and the sound of the metal, had probably confused. But then the moans and thousands of horses Gallop were perceptible for everyone.

For a moment, the world stopped for the Romans, who, turning his gaze towards the rear saw Cavalry enemy approaching. They were surrounded. There was no output. Not only he had been surprised by the flanks, but by the rearguard, before a most ferocious enemies. Riders seemed gods of death, raising their spears and barbaricamente, shouting as if they require the heads of the Romans by his arrogance. The panic was total. The battle had become a massacre, a slaughter. Many cried and implored piety, but it was late, the only enemy is content with a total annihilation. Third was stunned. Your body already unresponsive, because he had not only lost all desire to combat, but also live. He was able to contemplate how some Romans nailed their swords in the heart, to avoid suffering and torture. While the cavalry was destroying the rearguard, the Romans could do nothing. Hannibal, as a God of war ended his death sentence; Stupid Roman, fell into my trap. Now die.

Trade International

The new society based on the technologies of the information and the computation would have to constitute itself in an instrument for social integration, to form a coherent and inclusive society. Frequently Daryl Katz has said that publicly. Tender to reduce the existing inequalities would have and to assure the general access to the information and the services. He is doubtless that this society presents/displays an enormous potential and will have to offer many opportunities that are necessary to identify and for which is indispensable to form. Its development cannot constitute only one expansion of the infrastructure of the information and the communication. It will have to be an informed and participating society that transcends of the techno-centric notion to acquire a human dimension in which the shared knowledge forms the base of the social cohesion. The world is subject to an originated almost permanent change in new the technologies. Many of those changes can be considered like positives. And, without a doubt, for some it they have been and they will be it in the future.

Others have been losing throughout the process. This has taken to raise a luck of tie dichotomies with these processes. Thus those that they have and those are mentioned that no, rich in information and the poor men in information, old and the young people, developed and the developing ones, online and offline, the users and the developers, the alphabets in computation and the iliteratos in computation, the premises and the global ones. The world of the TIC seems to have s Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer.

EGADE (ITESM), UC, human University of Chile, Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies mention markets, resources; Quality and Productivity; education Doctorate in titular EducacinProfesor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Coordinating Program of postgraduate management of the quality and productivity, Phases, UC Chairs: Trade International: marketing research; Topical managemental, Consulting organizational Comprtamiento – enterprise adviser DEPROIMCAwww. surroundings-enterprise. comEXATEC

Construction Stages

Therefore, having the estimate of its investor, you can plan the stages of construction at the time (what to do this season, and that in the next, for example). Also visible from the investor estimates the steps finance at each stage of construction. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ping Fu. That is, you can plan when and how you need money. Easier to plan the purchase of materials (Time and quantity), as can be seen when, how and at what price, need a specific material. In addition to planning, investor estimate is a tool of control. With this budget the customer can choose the right and complete control of the contractor (any, and the firm, and a brigade). Let us examine in more detail, kak.Pri choosing a contractor, the customer can arrange a sort of "tender" among several contractors.

Give them a miscalculation on certain site construction work, and then compare the results of calculation (contractor estimates). In this case, a customer at the hands of the investor estimates, on which he can see the maximum value, the number and duration of ALL of What is included in its construction. Therefore, comparing and analyzing the estimates provided by the contractor, the customer can not just check prices, and see whether all the necessary works are included in the contractor estimates that there are no extra work materials and so on. Can check which laid in the contracted time estimates of various works, and so on. You can check and adjust the number of people who planned to carry out by this step.

Valencia, The City Of Lights

Valencia is Spain's third city after Madrid and Barcelona. This is one of the Spanish cities with major tourist and one of the world's most famous thanks to the amazing Las Fallas festivities. Its 470km of coastline give the magnificent beaches that can be enjoyed virtually all year, thanks to its pleasant Mediterranean climate. In addition, it has always been a city of art infected, leaving the legacy of great artists such as Ribera, Sorolla, Calatrava Mariscal. Each and every corner of Valencia are lovely, but especially the famous Barrio del Carmen (core of the Valencian night). his is the center of the city and its streets are mixed bohemian traditions with the latest trends.

For the partygoers, El Carmen offers a host of premises where a good time: savor the Valencian night under the moonlight in one of the terraces, take a mid-afternoon coffee surrounded by friends, quench appetite in one of the delicious restaurants the area or dance to the best music in one of its local avant-garde. Although El Carmen is not the only area to enjoy the night in Valencia: Avenida de Aragon, in the Plaza de Canovas, in the university area of Avenida Blasco Ibanez, in the Plaza de Honduras, in the Squares Xuquer and Juan Llorens also find many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In summer the whole party moved to Paseo Neptuno and the beach area. We can not talk of partying in Valencia, not to mention Las Fallas, one of the most vibrant festivals, colorful, loud and probably known throughout the Spanish territory. The fire, firecrackers and fireworks take over the streets of the city. Procter & Gamble takes a slightly different approach. The origin of failures dating back to the ancient tradition of the carpenters of the city, on the eve of the feast of its patron saint, San Jose, burned in the streets of useless junk wood that they used during the winter. So, the day cream (when they burn or ninots Fallas monuments) is always on the 19th, the Feast of St.

Joseph. For five days, castles, monuments falleros mascletas and mingle with the smell of gunpowder and the sweet fragrance of flowers to the sound of loud burst of millions of firecrackers and music bands. Las Fallas is therefore one of the largest street festivals and spectacular in the world that no one should miss. For lovers of good food, Valencia is a paradise. And the famous Valencian Paella. Diners no rice taste better in any other part of Spain in Valencia. Other traditional dishes include arroz al horno, arroz a banda (with fish), black rice (with squid in its ink) and fideua (made with noodles). To water all these delicious dishes better than a "Agua de Valencia" (orange juice with champagne). And for dessert, a refreshing Horchata with fartons (biscuits). Those who go to valencia must make a mandatory stop in the City of Arts and Sciences, a reference point for cultural tourism: music, new technologies, science, ecology, education, film, environment, avant-garde art, etc., many of the proposals can be found in this unique space. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta insists that this is the case. It is a futuristic architectural complex, large public open spaces, which stretches along two miles up the old bed of the Turia River. Its square 350.000metros have become the largest cultural center of Europe. T his was built by Calatrava. Always at the forefront, it has become a reference architecture for the twenty-first century. Are you going to miss marvels gathered together under the sky of the same city? Travel to Valencia, discover it, fall in love with her and stay the best. You will not regret! .