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It is worth mentioning that Banxico increased its projection inflation for this year. Perhaps the weakening of the peso can print you a further increase to the rate of inflation that would limit the ability of the Central Bank continue with cuts in its interest rate to stimulate the economy. Past of the ability or not that Banxico may have to continue with the cuts in the benchmark interest rate, the problems in the real economy are affecting the credit market weakening one of the main channels of monetary policy transmission. Other channels of transmission of the same such as the exchange rate channel, has also lost strength in recent times product of the worsening of the international crisis. The economic downturn is affecting the quality of the loan portfolio of the banks which although this situation does not represent increased risk for the solvency thereof, Yes makes them little predisposed to generate funding, thereby producing a vicious circle that deepens the crisis situation. In December 2008, the nonperforming loans of consumer credits increased by 50% compared to the same month of 2007 (placing 8.75%). Late payments on credit cards segment totalled 10,51% to principles of the year, the Government of Felipe Calderon, launched an economic stimulus plan.

So little time having announced it appears as insufficient to attenuate the impact of the crisis. In Mexico, there is uncertainty about how to prevent the economy from falling into recession. On the day yesterday, ended the first panel of the Forum Mexico crisis: what to grow? which brings together former leaders of Spain, Chile, Italy and Uruguay. In it the former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Romano Prodi, recommended that Mexico for any decision you are going to take to do so quickly. This recommendation was endorsed by the rest of the participants. Said Forum resulted in a broad agreement that Mexico should focus on attacking the problem of unemployment and security social.

One of those attending was Agustin Carstens who acknowledged that the economy of Mexico needs structural reforms that are complementary with counter-cyclical policies to resume growth. According to the Minister, the agenda of structural changes could involve measures to reactivate the internal market, infrastructure and housing. Carstens with their statements door left open to the evaluation of new measures to stimulate the economy. Close started 2009 is becoming clearer the picture for Mexico. With an economy which will inevitably enter into recession if deep programs are not implemented, and before the little effectiveness which will take monetary policy with its weakened transmission towards the real economy channels, the only output that is is the application of a stimulus package more forceful that hold employment and stimulate domestic consumption. Currently, the Mexican economy depends on its own forces. Original author and source of the article.

Inkjet Printers

From sophisticated studies of graphic design and printing of newspapers to home offices and shops of all kinds, almost nonexistent a workplace that does not have or need a printed inkjet. The high quality of its performance and ease of use have enabled inkjet printers to return to be protagonists, used by millions of users for uses as diverse as print notes, invoices, sketches of publication and portfolios. Manufactured for the first time in the early 1980s at a predictably high price, it was not until the 1990s that the price of inkjet printers was within the reach of most consumers. Before the arrival of inkjet printers, the most advanced office printer was the matrix point. This type of printers, laserjet printers quality light years, were also noisy, slow and depended on a particular type of role. Conversely, inkjet printers provided the user greater flexibility in the choice of paper and introduced color printing to the general public.

But how inkjet printers work? It is said that the method was discovered by mistake, when a researcher accidentally touched an ink-filled syringe with a hot welding machine, causing a drop of ink to jump from the tip of the syringe. Basically, it’s a printing system without contact with the paper by which the cartridge nozzles launched drops of ink jets on paper to create the image or the text line. As all printers (up to writing machines) a lined head runs through the page horizontally and is powered by a small motor that pushes it to the right and to the left of the page. Once a strip of ink has been printed, the rotating mechanism of the printer pushes the paper slightly upward, so the next strip can be printed. Not long after the ink inkjet printer was invented, was quickly adapted to make printed a vertical strip and a horizontal in the same pass, which reduced printing by half time.

When we consider that the inkjet printer more home you only need half a second to print a line (approximately 2,500 drops of ink), it means that each nozzle reacts to a 1/5000 second average response time, which is surprisingly fast. Of course, while printer is more advanced, more increases your printing speed. As ink must be distributed with great precision, the ink cartridge nozzles are as thin as a hair, and in early models, it was usual that they obstruyeran with ink. But this inconvenience led to improving the quality of the ink. A defective nozzle or a printer driver that does not calculate accurately the amount of ink flowing from each nipple will cause an excess of ink, forming patches. Another similar problem who owned the first inkjet printers was that ink documents newly printed ran if not let dry for a few seconds, but this difficulty led also to improve the quality of the ink. For the user, these advances meant more technology for less money. Despite predictions that the offices of the future prescindirian completely in the role, the rapid advance of technology made it possible to ink printers remain today as useful as 20 years ago. Original author and source of the article.

Web Design Collection Of Information

It is the career as a Web Designer, customer will often depend on the help that you give him in order to discover the purpose of the site. If you or your client are that issue, you should read the following questions and take a good note of the answers, since that will depend on the success of the design and Web page. Does the site have biographies, stories, or some other pieces of information? Some websites want to present to your employees or its suppliers, such as testimonials, historical information and standard information about the company and its main protagonists. The site offers marketing services? A company, group, or individual owner (such as a non-profit organization for profit, a law firm or a consultant of market) may require an informative website to help spread word about your service. How many services are offered, the price information is also vital show. The site will have detailed information about a particular topic? LOA function of a blog news, polito or non-profit organization is to share ideas and information with the public.

For example, a lawn mower company might need advice of gardening, in addition to the sale of lawn mowers. The Web site will be personal? Personal Web sites are only for family members, friends and classmates. It might be a family album of digital photos, a blog, or an outlet for individual expression. Is it a site for a professional? Professionals use portfolios to get new business and showcase their talents. People who use a portfolio of clients include creative people, graphic illustrators, graphic designers, writers, singers, photographers, musicians, poets and academics. Is the Web site for the sale of any product? If so do of what kind? If the site sells a lot of products, find out how many categories of products are required and if products will be sold to the wholesale to the retail, or both do products you sell online or through a Distributor? Original author and source of the article.


Air smells of spring and Sevilla can already see the approaching festive atmosphere. Within a very short (from April 28 to May 3) will be held the famous Feria de Abril in Seville, one of the most famous festivals in Andalusia and Spain as a whole. This fair with over 150 years of history dating back to 1846, when two men asked the City Council an annual cattle fair in the city. Since then, it has diverged and became what we now know as the “Feria de Abril”. This is the most important party and receives more tourists in Andalusia, along with Easter, in addition to the essential meeting point for Seville.

Over seven days they eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves at the exhibition created especially for the occasion. The celebration begins with the ceremony of lighting Monday (thousands of lamps are lit in the great cover) and the traditional dinner of fish. To close, after seven days of intense fun, fireworks are set off and made the traditional bull bulls. The fairgrounds is a replica of Seville and settled in the district of Los Remedios. The streets are christened with names of famous bullfighters: Joselito El Gallo, Curro Romero, Ricardo Torres “bomblets”, etc. In addition, the typical rise houses decorated with colored lanterns and the City awards the most beautiful and best fitted.

Early in the morning, people crowd the streets of the fairgrounds to watch the carriages, horsemen and women of flamenco. In addition, everyone eats the typical fried fish and drink fine or manzanilla. In the afternoon we held the mythical bull fights with the great masters of the bullfight in the Plaza de la Maestranza. At night, the party continues late into the night. The April Fair is ideal for eating, drinking, dancing Sevillanas and above all for a good time. There are thousands of sites where you can relax or entertain, plus a host of stalls which sell food and drink. yTe going to miss a party so huge? Travel to the Andalusian capital and rent to give a truce to your feet. year you sorry!