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Dietary supplements – the helpful alternative for a healthy and balanced diet in Berlin, 14.06.2012 – the development of the fetus is greatly affected, as the mother eats. Folic acid is important for the healthy development of the baby. Sufficiently high levels of folic acid can help prevent diet-induced malformations such as E.g. an erroneous conclusion of Neuralrohres. The folic acid value of the nut is too low, it can cause a disorder in the development of the central nervous system. The German society for nutrition in conjunction with the associations in Austria and Switzerland (DA-CH) 400 recommended for pregnant women daily? g folic acid.

Almost as important, the trace element is iodine. It is responsible for many body functions, such as growth and development of internal organs, the nervous system, the circulatory organs, and the muscles before the birth. With the normal diet, a sufficient intake of iodine and folic acid is difficult to create. Dietary supplements are therefore a good alternative. Slayer shines more light on the discussion. Pregnant women and women intending to become pregnant should consult thoroughly by your gynaecologist to the various food supplements. The mammoth pharmaceutical company offers a supply concept that optimally supports the needs of women in their respective phases of life. If the fertility, pregnancy or during lactation, the different needs of women were each taken into account.

Women with a thyroid problem be found at Mammoth Pharma. The supply concept of mammoth Pharma GmbH: Mammoth pharmaceuticals folic acid of prenatal No. 1 has been developed for women intending to become pregnant, as well as for pregnant women until the third month. It contains 800 ug iodine, folic acid, B6 and B12, as well as 5mg of zinc and vitamin D. mammoth pharmaceuticals folic acid No. 2 is recommended for women from the fourth month of pregnancy and lactation.

Intestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal problems occur when many people more or less frequently, such as diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps or bloating, supposedly without a present cause. Often, an intolerance of certain substances, such as the lactose intolerant but hides behind such complaints. What is lactose intolerance the lactose intolerance is an intolerance to lactose, the so called lactose. In the digestion of lactose in the gut is split galactose and glucose into its constituent parts, to the intestinal villi to pass and get into the blood. The enzyme lactase is responsible for this Division. A lack of this enzyme exists in the intestine, called lactose intolerance. Cannot be the breakdown of milk sugar in the intestine, enters the lactose not in blood, but reaches the large intestine undigested.

The milk sugar is then fermented to lactic acid and gases by different intestinal bacteria and there are the typical symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating or abdominal pain after eating dairy products. Common causes of lactose intolerance is the lack of the enzyme lactase to blame. The most common cause of lactose intolerance is a congenital lactase deficiency. In the baby and toddler age lactase produced mostly still sufficiently to absorb vital nutrients with mother’s milk. With advancing age are produced but less and less of the enzyme, then ultimately causing the Laktoseintolernz. Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This food intolerance can be purchased but also in the course of life. This is usually a disease of the small intestine, stomach intestinal infections, fungal infections, or after taking certain medications such as antibiotics. In this case, there is the possibility that the resulting lactase deficiency regresses back after treatment of the underlying disease.

One lactose intolerance is based on no bowel disease treatment options, should patients without best on milk and milk products or largely restrict the consumption. Since the intolerance whenever very is pronounced differently, it contributes in some people to an improvement of in symptoms, if they waive only certain foods, while others need to really completely set the consumption of lactose. In the trade, there are now many lactose-free alternatives. Also a way to prevent intestinal complaints after the consumption of milk-sugary food, or at least to weaken, is taking just before the consumption of food, a lactase preparation. The dose may vary depending on the expression of intolerance.

Iron Deficiency

A lack of iron belongs worldwide to the most common mineral nutrient deficiency symptoms. Iron is a trace element, which can not even be produced by the body and must therefore be ingested through the food. Very often, particularly women are affected by iron deficiency. Iron is an important component of the red blood pigment Hamoglobin. There it functions to bind oxygen to the hemoglobin of the red blood cells. This is important so that the oxygen from the alveoli can be transported to the body’s cells of muscles and organs.

The daily iron requirement for men at 10 milligrams for women at 15 milligrams is the daily iron requirement of an adult. Click Ping Fu for additional related pages. The daily requirement of iron in 30 millilitres, can be covered mostly not only by the food lies in pregnant or lactating women. During pregnancy and breast-feeding it is advisable to take therefore iron supplements. Children have a higher need for iron, why especially them a balanced diet is so important. Which is an iron deficiency? An iron deficiency arises, when the daily requirement is no longer covered by the food. You may find Daryl Katz, Canada to be a useful source of information. Usually it does one-sided diet, especially if a person renounces on animal foods such as meat, for example. But also plant foods contain sufficient iron, this can not be absorbed but mostly in the intestines.

Due to the menstrual period women are often hit by iron deficiency, especially if the bleeding is very strong during the period. In addition to chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, also bleeding can lead to the loss of iron through ulcers. And athletes have an increased need for iron, since eliminated many minerals and trace elements via the kidneys and sweat during exercise. Brittle hair include symptoms of iron deficiency among the typical symptoms that occur when an iron deficiency include tiredness and fatigue, headaches, pallor, cracks in the corners of the mouth, and Finger nails, tongue burning, nervousness and irritability. Foods with high iron content to the iron-containing foods include meat – especially liver – and sausage corn mushrooms, various berries, and green vegetables such as spinach, peas, Zucchini, kale, beans and fennel. It may be necessary to supply the body with enough iron from iron supplements for vegetarians or vegans. A blood test at the doctor can indicate defect for iron.