Petrobras Buenos Aires

Despite the collapse in the price of oil, strong bet Petrobras Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 26, 2009 does not doubt that, in the current situation of the world economy, the incentive to invest in the oil sector are much smaller which existed until mid-2008. The price of oil just touching the $40 barrel (a truly unimaginable level a couple of months ago), and with prospects for continuing depressed throughout 2009 and part of 2010, make the investment projects in the oil area much less profitable than when a barrel of crude was trading at nearly four times more than its current level. Despite this, several companies in the sector are still making investments and betting to expand taking advantage of this time of uncertainty and depression, to repositioned in the global crude oil market.So that at the end of the month of December I said in an article the crisis slows down to Colombia, but not to Ecopetrol, the Colombian oil company ECOPETROL (BVC:ECOPETROL projects; NYSE:EC), that it had decided to increase its investment plans for 2009. ECOPETROL announced late 2008 investment of $6.224 billion for the year, presenting three times more invested in 2007 (and 35% more than in 2008). aried view. As well as ECOPETROL in Colombia aims to expand and grow to achieve that the country autoabastezca of crude and even net exporter, Petrobras also (BVSP:PETR3; NYSE:PBR), plans to invest US $174.400 million for the period 2009-2013, as announced last Friday afternoon its President, Jose Sergio Gabrielli. Investment of the new plan represents a 54% increase compared to the of the five year period 2008-2012 (which amounted to $112,000 m). Also, Brazilian mixed oil company (controlled by the State of Brazil), announced that its goal is to produce 3.3 million barrels per day for the year 2013 (and 4.6 million barrels a day by 2015). Petrobras currently produces 2.4 million barrels per day (both inside and outside of the) borders of Brazil).

Danish Migration Service

Find out whether they do permit such a short time, without giving details about yourself specifically. Based on their answers, will decide how to proceed. There's a lot different, again, the options, if you venture a man. Shpulka strangely all turns out in Sweden, perhaps even illogical. Why to have a problem if the man was already on the program au-pair in other countries? The very meaning of a program to discover the country, learn the language, see the sights. So who cares where, until this trip was. It's wonderful, if you can stay for a year in different countries and learn from them.

aupair This rule is not alone in Sweden, Sweden, and if they write about the increasing chances of visa denial for your au-pair the past, for example, the Danish Migration Service in black and white writing about what you, for example, clearly can not be au-pair in this country. One of the conditions are such devices: Normally, you may not previously have had two or more au pair stays in other Western European countries. I personally also believe such requirements are not strange and logical, but I think there is no sense to discuss the requirements, if they still do not depend on us. The only thing I would like to draw your attention that you begin to search for the family, not at all vniknuv in those moments that can lead you to disappointment and serious financial losses. On the one hand, you kind of like trying to save money without resorting to a professional agency, but on the other hand, it can lead to savings is not – but to the useless loss money, time and nerves. This Shpulka turns out that all the Scandinavian countries closed to those who have participated in the program au-pair? Or Norway, and Finland is still open to us? aupair Sweden is not closed, just a fact greatly increases the chance The denial of visa, it is very much about it right wrote migratsionka, Denmark covered if the person was in 2 or more countries before. One country – usually not a problem.

Norway is not limited by this feature. The Finns may refuse to visa and those who were already on the au-pair, and those who were not. The same motives trip to Finland you have to prove what had already been in a particular country – for them to figure your unmotivated and an additional argument to the denial of a visa (although there is about it does not write). That is, at your age, if you know well enough English for you to open Norway, in which some of the best conditions for the program + one of the most equitable rules (including by obtaining a visa). In Each country has a lot of things, the nuances that are sure to know before you send back his candidacy for the device. Some use the fact that people do not have the information at a sufficient level. Developed fraud, when somewhere in the forum, where the sponge family are looking for, they write the type of family, offer to be their dough, and at some point it all comes down to what people send money to an unknown destination, and that's all over. Source: Case

Mendoza Tourism

Windsurfing is one of the main summer activities offered by tourism in Mendoza. Practiced in the Lakes of San Rafael, when fans of this sport deploying their multicolored sails, camouflaging with vibrant tones of the landscape. Valle Grande, Los Reyunos and El Nihuil are some alternatives for those who are at risk to try. Another interesting option is the water ski, which can also be practiced in these lakes. It isn’t just for the Argentina South seas the practice of diving. Some Mendoza tourism agencies offer this kind of excursions throughout the year. For novices, the Lakes of Valle Grande, Los Reyunos and El Nihuil are the most suitable.

Both lovers of horse-riding and as amateurs in this discipline will find varied opportunities for riding and strolling through the mendocino territory, enjoying amazing landscapes and in close contact with nature. There are easy trails for those who don’t have much experience and are also the most complex for experts. In any case, enjoyed adventure full of new emotions. There are short walks and there are also those of several days duration. The latter is simply amazing, since it provides the opportunity to visit places only accessible on horseback. These tours open up a large number of possibilities, which could include a lunch, where you enjoy a kid Broiling, gaucho and style accompanied by delicious wines produced in the region of whose. These rides in the mountains are ideal to make them in the company of friends and family. Hiking is a great way to enjoy various terrain and landscapes, and to feel so its scenic beauty, appreciate the fauna and flora and other cultural aspects of the province.

You can choose an itinerary of one-day or opt for longer walks, some of which last up to a week. One of the main attractions of the Cuyo mountain is Las Tinajas with its paintings, i.e., enrolled in the rocks. Another option for tourism in Mendoza is the practice of climbing, it consists of climbing the rock wall through the use of highly specialized technical teams and with the help of trained guides, that previous experience is not required. Everything is a matter of dare.

Frederick Herzberg Behavior

These motivacionais factors go to influence directly in the behavior of the individual and, consequently, in its performance inside of the organization. This last affirmation justifies the importance of one brief dissertao on the relation between the motivation and the performance, as well as on the aspects to these related. In the truth, they are about three item? motivation, behavior and performance? that they are presented narrowly on. The performance is a manifestation of the human behavior in the organizations, thus being able also to be motivated by the proper individual (internal reasons) or by the situation or environment where it meets (external reasons) (MAXIMIANO, 1995, P. 318). Internal reasons: they are the necessities, aptitudes, interests and abilities of the individual, make that it capable to carry through certain tasks and not others; they make that it to feel itself attracted by certain things and to prevent others; they make what it to value certain behaviors and to menosprezar others.

They still can be defined as the interior impulses, of physiological and psychological nature, be affected by sociological factors: necessities, frustration, aptitude, abilities, attitudes and interests. External reasons: They are the stimulatons or incentives that the environment offers or objectives that the person pursues because they satisfy to a necessity, despertam an interest feeling because rewards they represent it to be reached. The external reasons can be divided in two main categories? the work and the conditions of work? as a classification made in a theory proposal for Frederick Herzberg, that exerted great influence in the studies on the motivation (MAXIMIANO, 1995, P. 318 and 326). Understanding of the motivation of the behavior demands the knowledge of the necessities human beings, for if dealing with one of the more important internal reasons that they guide the behavior and the performance of the individual. In research carried through for diverse authors, studious of the motivation human being, one evidenced that certain necessities also exist basic human beings and some whose causes escape to the proper agreement of the man.

Human Rigthts Watch

How it would be possible to be defined to who reverence to assassins, folds before dictators and praises to a political regime that does not respect practically any human right and that the censorship practices? What qualification could be applied to that thus acts? I am not going to say that it names deserves, but of course denotes an absolute moral and human misery that thus comes. If I praised and praised to whom subjugate a town, to that prohibits the democracy and assassin to opponents, I would be a criminal, would be an undesirable one. If I hired to whom realise ethnic judgments without procedural guarantees, if she compadrease to me with who realises arbitrary and tremendous haltings and horrible tortures, would be so monster as realises that it. But all this has some exceptions and not only for Spain and its cruel politicians and governors, but also for the rest of the called world civilized: The UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc One of these exceptions is called Equatorial Guinea, where the political parties are illegal, it is jailed to opponents, where the presidential and legislative elections are a farce, where it assassinates enemy politicians, where the misery and the indignity are evident, where their natural resources are enormous and where his president the miserable Obiang has one of the majors fortunes of the world. The exception is in which it has petroleum and that is reason than more sufficient, apparently, to go made kneel before the dictator and to smile to him and to make him its crimes good. But not only I am who say that president Obiang and his corrupt government are monsters, Human Rigthts Watch, affirm that the majority of the population lives under the threshold of the poverty, due to the extreme corruption of the ecuatoguineano regime. Amnesty International continuously denounces the halting and torture of opponents.