Royal Berlin Porcelain

Estate Auction in Gutersloh-based auction house Jackson from the estate of a wealthy art collector appears among other things: the very rare BAMBERG TALER of IOHANNES GEORGIUS, on the back of the Bamberg Cathedral and the inscription S. Heinricus and S. Kunigund are shown. The Taler bears no date. Frequently Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has said that publicly. A coin collection from old Germany 16-18th century, as well as a Reichsthaler of 1647. paintings by Achenbach, Junghans, Jungblut, the portrait of a Habsburg Princess from the 18th century, the Wiedenbrucker painter Fritz Burmann, Augsburg silver objects, a Meissen porcelain box from the famous Swan service. Bronzes of the Kurt Albertz and Helmut Bourger, Masonic objects, Flora Danica Nymphenburger – Royal Berlin – Meissen porcelain, old shellac honey with Enrico Caruso and Richard Tauber, jewelry, watches, a collection of emergency, hand-painted Japanese postcard around 1900 round out the offerings. The auction will take place at the auction house by 12 – 14: 00, 14:00 start Jackson in Gutersloh which is visiting. It’s believed that Asana sees a great future in this idea. H.Jentsch

Angel AG Launches New Product Portfolio

Starting shot for the 10 VR Bank – Spessartchallenge 2011! As innovative media agency the Angel AG implements for years successfully their experience in the household – and geomarketing. To meet the requirements of the advertising market but even better, the Agency with locations in bad ORB and Cologne has adapted its product portfolio and launched the budget family unique in the industry. The product HaushaltDirect is ideal suited for stationary trade or advertisers with a broad prospect circle, advantage is especially the high range of up to 40 million households in Germany. The product HaushaltGeoSelect is, however, fine scale and specific target groups. Optimal for advertisers with audience-oriented product range allows the detailed delivery level reducing the wastage and provides Pluspunke with the accuracy. Final product in the coils of the household family is HaushaltSpezial. As a cheap alternative to addressing addressed and partly addressed this product is specifically designed for advertisers with audience-oriented product range and especially advertising affine clientele. Advertising affinity characteristic represents an exclusivity in the Haushaltwerbebranche. The advice of the Angel AG going far beyond the traditional prospectus and offer maximum efficiency – the new exact narrowing opportunities of the target group and the delivery areas individually matched to advertising and product range.