Trade Management

Before running the system have been moved the required data is being exchanged between databases '1 C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 'and '1 C: Trade Management 8 '. On the day of starting the actual data was transferred again, the work in the warehouse, sales and purchases, upon receipt of the data stores have also started to work. During the week, was carried out Daily consulting support, which was then translated into a weekly. As a result of: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Berghaier. Reduced costs for inter-company sales records, thanks to record-keeping several entities in one information system. Reduced operating expenses for the preparation of basic documents on transfer of goods between the organizations, and such operations can take place more than 20 per day, the system is a more accurate reflection transfer of goods. 2.

The Company now records the commission authentic goods by serial number, more than 2 times speed up the preparation of reports of commission, leading to greater efficiency commission trade in the whole company. Increased reliability of data, such as the location of the commission of the goods, his condition for the calculations, which allows in most cases to use only data of the system without involving the primary documents and other sources. For information about the movements of a serial number of the goods takes ten times faster than before. 3. Reduced financial losses and significantly reduced risk for loss of profits when setting prices: the user has a mechanism that lets you see all the main parameters on which they decide to change the price. In this regard, accelerated decision-making process increased reliability of such solutions has decreased the number of errors that lead to financial losses or lost profits due to erroneously invoiced price. At the same time in the control departments (finance, guidance) appeared to control the sale price and volume discounts available, the appropriateness of provision.

4. 15% increased efficiency of the warehouse, which takes all the goods and serves as the distribution. Automated chain: internal orders – orders to suppliers – receipt of goods – the movement of goods. A reception of goods by serial number through a barcode scanner, provided the function download serial numbers from a spreadsheet file and generate ranges of serial numbers in cases where the number of products are consistent. All this has reduced the time to form and providing other departments Company information about finding the goods in a warehouse or moving it to the commercial network. As a result, accelerated processing of orders, customers receive timely detailed information on each storage unit. 5. Expenditure on management of regulated accounting decreased approximately 2-fold. All source documents are entered once and then automatically loaded into the base of the central office. Thanks to the introduction of '1 C: Enterprise 8 "integrated management and accounting, which allows company management to see a detailed picture of the financial condition and operational management decisions based on objective data. Future plans introduction of block budgeting to improve financial accounting of the company. Elena F. Belonogova, CEO: 'We were able to achieve all the goals and objectives. Introduction '1 C: Enterprise 8 "has reduced the costs of a variety of ways to achieve effective inter-company sales records, increased efficiency commission, wholesale and retail trade. The system has necessary resource scalability and the ability to further automate accounting. Credit: '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) for their work. "

Internet Mobile

Latin America banks point toward mobile banking mobile banking is the one in which the cell phone as a medium is used to make banking transactions, consumers are replacing some functions of banking online and ATMs with mobile banking applications. Mobile Banking offers the possibility to obtain account information and complete certain financial transactions using a connected mobile device. Today, a growing number of banks and telephone operators are leading users the ease of making transactions from the cell. Spain, United States, banks and other banks in Europe have already implemented mobile banking service and it is developed to perform any kind of financial transactions via cell phone or telephone. Banks in South America have been slowly dabbling in payment and financial consultations via the mobile phone.

In South America the banks of Colombia have taken the first steps to achieve bank transactions mobile phones, phone companies, in turn, are offering as part of the portfolio of services connecting with an extensive list of banks in the country. One of the advantages of mobile banking is that from there it is conducted on a variety of platforms through numerous devices and is difficult to compromise the security of individually. The most important benefit of banking is the ability to establish connectivity from any area of the country. Compared with the traditional online banking that requires an Internet connection, the versatility of the banking via mobile phone has no limits. In Colombia they have decreased costs for banks since that earlier forced to use an ATM, today can be done from the cell. The country still claims there have been fraud in mobile banking. The banks of Chile for its part, has implemented the mobile banking service and transfers of funds, advances of money, recharging mobile phones and payments can be made. Little Latin America is It is located at the level of the European countries in which mobile banking is obliged banks service.


We now need to know how to invest and do not teach it in schools. We can not rely on the Government or the State, or of a company. Many people have spent their lives avoiding financial risk but now have to deal with it. By the nature of those who have been or are employed and the self-employed require security why seek secure jobs or start small businesses that can be controlled, the paradox is that be investor is synonymous with risk. 1 People are looking for security and use the word diversification that is a strategy investment to not lose, but does not serve to win. Why rich or successful investors cannot diversify but concentrated efforts to reduce the risk.

A portfolio concentrated in few investment is a strategy best because it requires more intelligence, ideas and actions more agile. Usually average investors avoid the volatility because they think that it is risky but the true investor thinks otherwise. 2. Investors who seek economic security bought shares in top-quality companies because they believe that they are safer but the stock market is not. 3 Many people gives his money to managers of mutual funds, because they believe it will make an improvement work to them, which is fine for those who do not want to become in professional investors. What they don’t know is that funds are also risky in the case of a stock market fall. Many people think that their pension plans are safe, actually are not, in the event of a fall in the stock market or a great depression their plans could disappear. We must change our way of thinking and seeing things, forget about your financial security is the responsibility of the company or the Government, they are obsolete ideas of the era’s past industry we are in the information age.

It is better be prepared and educate yourself for owning company and investor, that way l regardless of the direction in which to take the economy. According to statistics if we live for at least 75 years we should go through a depression and two big recessions. Today it is necessary to learn to be an investor, rather than trust your money to someone to invest it. You can invest with low risk and high performance single must learn to do it, is how to handle bicycle at the beginning one falls then becomes natural. Rather than avoid the risk must learn to handle it. Times have changed, but many people have not done so. The secret is that it does not lack money or formal education to have financial freedom and does not have to be risky. The price to pay for are dreams, desire and ability to overcome adversity. Do these willing to pay the price? Greetings and successes Eng.

First Steps To Making A Sale On The Internet

Many people are interested in Internet marketing today because many people are saying how profitable that is. They say that it is very easy to start a business in Internet marketing. But people starting business say all otherwise that things are not easy and it is even very difficult to be able to make the first sale. The people who say that it is very easy to do because they have all the knowledge that beginners do not have. They are familiar with the system, but people who just start do not have the faintest idea. How to earn money online is the first and for some reason part more difficult business of marketing on the Internet. Once you do the first sale, the second and the others are made with relative ease.

As a beginner you should focus on making your first sale online. Although this is not easy here are some practical tips that experts say to people that are just beginning. 1 Ask the people. For more information see this site: Agathe Guy. Especially those who have experienced his first sale. This is You can accessing forums of Internet marketing where business people, beginners and experts gather.

You will learn from these people. People who just start are excited to say that they achieved some goal and they publish it in the Forum and those who already have experience know how it feels when you try and failures, this is why forums are a good way of motivation and learning. 2. Do not hesitate to try it. Once you’ve learned something, there is to realize that we should try it in a way to practice. The question is the biggest obstacle to perform the first sale on the Internet. Those who want to make their first sale should be bold enough to begin to try. Original author and source of the article.