Message End Of Year

Message of end of year Teodulo Lopez Melendez ends the first decade of a century and can ensure that the fundamental value that has been put in ascending discussion has been that of citizenship. The claim by the change of the old paradigms that guided political behavior has been presiding over insistent way the immense world of peer communications. Old representative democracy has been designated as belonging to another century, to another socio-historical-economic process. The decisions are approaching increasingly more a collective wish formed in an unprecedented manner and by means insurgents. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. The agony of an old world and the babbling of another have lived in these ten years. The economism erupted, not only as a punctual crisis repetition, but as the outbreak of requirements of Justice in the economic world building. We have seen perhaps imperceptibly, signs of reorganization of the distribution of power and changes in its very essence.

We have seen even in the day of Christmas – outbreaks of intolerance, human rights violations, but at least mankind has not attended quite impassive these incidences of an ideological trasnocho that as pollution survives in the planetary air and creeps persistent on the measurement of time. In our Venezuelan country has been the Decade of a historical effect very similar to a repetition of what has been our past. We can admit that even doesn’t conform a coherent national willingness to leap forward. Perceived confusion, inconsistencies, not full assimilation of the challenge toward political than question the occurrence of this event fully explained by behavior that generated it and an abstracted society of all interest in the collective fate. The multiplicity that like a whirlwind us shakes rather resembles an anarchic outbreak to an unproductive inconsistency, to a distorted assimilation of new role citizen protagonist that has not yet matured. The Venezuelan trend to which each year coming will be worse than the previous no is It will change in 2010. This sad December has shown us what awaits us.

The whirlwind of chaos appears on the horizon like a tornado spinning threatening vision. Amalgamate the scattered parts of this social conglomerate requires even cement and the willingness of a ripening which is parsimonious, an ensure possibilities that still lies in the territory of the unknown. However, admittedly the lessons of history to indicate rapid, unforeseen, amazing cohesiones. Manichaeism of pessimism or optimism must be replaced by the attention that does not rest, by a permanent alert, so I called during this decade as an unlimited interrogation. We must ask ourselves though many of the demands do not obtain answers, given that the lack of response is by compelling to a reformulation of the terms of his release, a modification of the words we use to write them, to an alteration of the words and the syntax of phrases. The assumption of a new culture may seem a long the process and indeed it is, only that the human push leads to the determination that it is fully constituted and makes their full assimilation at a speed not subject to forecast or calculation. One should begin that forward is that it leaves, never backwards. Instead of a happy new year, escaping to the projections of the analysis I say I’ll be in 2010 with the mind set on my country, as I was in the Decade ending. It is not, I know.

Architectural Visualization

In Mendoza Rivadavia Department breathes field. Their amazing vineyards and orchards have shaped the quiet, open and simple personality of its inhabitants. This area, located in the East, invites you to enjoy the charms of life jacket. Emphasizes a strong point of tourism in Mendoza Rivadavia: La Tulumaya cottage. A careful proposal for rural tourism that transforms it into a trip not to be missed if we visit the Valle de Uco. Don Eugenio Petri came to the Argentina in the early 1900s from a distant homeland.

Austria. This Tyrolean immigrant fell cuyanas lands and delegated to his children and grandchildren respect by Gaucho customs that he himself had been adopted passionately. His work bore fruit: today, its Roberto nieto and his great-grandchildren, Alexander and Fernando are continuing his legacy and welcome visitors with pride in the Cabana Tulumaya (whose name means Arch of the sky). A day of field in Tulumaya, begins receiving the rising sun with a rich breakfast of hot sopaipillas. The scent of the grass wet from the spray caresses smell. Finished Breakfast pawns are directed to the daily tasks of the cabin, from which tourists can participate. Will then be the turn of choosing between a walk on foot or horseback through the countryside, to return to the hut to a snack toning on average tomorrow.

Homemade bread and parked the cottage ham are known throughout the province. Then imposes a small break, which can be used to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Noon arrives with the chirp and the aroma of meat on the grill. After an appetizer of sausage, olives and ubiquitous local wine, comes to enjoy the typical Creole dishes. Classic Mendoza NAP Crown lunch, to live with renewed energy an afternoon walks in sulky and more rural tasks, caring for the horses of the cabin. The evening falls between traditional prayers and the rumor of the strings of guitars, the copleros already tempering in the grocery store of the stay, a lovely set construction in the 19th century and served by staff with costumes. A brooch Gold for an authentic day of field, with all the traditional flavor. They are these unforgettable moments of our quiet holiday in Mendoza. Jorge Alberto Guinazu Turismo in Mendoza Francois Lurton Archive du blog Gran Lurton, cutting Friulian 2009 Valle de Uco Jancis Wine of the Week The making of Wallpaper s interiors shoot en Valle de Uco 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Blog Ronen Bekerman Wine Country Retreat: Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina GTSA Multi-lingual News Blog tourism to San Rafael Mendoza in Argentina holidays Emilia Attias of Fans over the world denounce fraud tinelli (see pictures) Time 24

The Front

It does not have time to lose. Much less time to contemplate. Already to contemplate is a pleasure which urubu if delivery happens frequently. Or it is possible to imagine that this animal is making another thing when flies calmly in the altitude of the airplanes? It only can be using to advantage the life and the flaring sight, enjoying of one to fly easied, as no aircraft never propitiated to any human being. I would change to an eternity human being per an only day of urubu&#039 well; ' , our admirer of the carniceiras birds confessed. He must not have been clearly because ours loving of urubus he was called evocativo.

We go to explain: it is because it destines itself to establish, in this coletnea of personages, an intermediate category of men. To the skeptic who exist in the unitary one, and to the believing drifter who it inhabits the contemplativo, joins the citizen that believes, descrendo. As another one is not decided on the other hand or, it fears both, varying only the degree of support to the thesis in accordance with the situation. Or, closing the circle, it simply ' ' evoca' ' the aid that it seems more adequate for each moment. ' ' It flies in circles, as urubus' ' , somebody will have to say. But not I nor the evocativo man are certain, nor, of whom urubu does not go to the place some in its circular flights. Perhaps in contrast, if he deals with the way most correct to sail for airs, being looked at the world as it is: a circle.

Who flies straight in direction to some place, never will reach the horizon, as our contemplativo friend. Nor it could be looking at stops backwards, as the recordativo man. Perhaps but urubu, this yes, summarize the balance philosophical that we search: the gift flies, nor fixing it the front, nor behind, but what it has below, concretely to its feet. Perhaps the life is one to occur of circles. But already it was depleted here paper of the evocativo man. in one of the returns, it transfers the subject to the reflective man, to who will fit to divagar more on the orbits of the life.

Psychiatric Association

The DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994, published for the Artmed Publishing company), uses the expression ‘ ‘ upheaval of matemtica’ ‘ , and the International classification of Illnesses (CID-10; world Health Organization, 1992? published for the Artmed Publishing company), it considers criteria of research for the one identification ‘ ‘ specific upheaval of the ability in Aritmtica’ ‘ , all these definitions are based on estimated of an average QI or above average, normal sensorial functioning, educational chances adjusted the emotional absence of other upheavals of the development and riots. One of the main objectives of the DSM-IV is to supply to an accurate description of all the medical symptoms in way that is consulted by professional doctors or of health so that they can make a correct diagnosis. The essential characteristic of the Upheaval of the Mathematics consists of a capacity for the accomplishment of arithmetical operations (measured for standardized tests, individually managed, of calculation and mathematical reasoning) acentuadamente below of the waited one for the chronological age, measured intelligence and the escolaridade of the individual. The disturbance in the mathematics intervenes significantly with the pertaining to school income or activities of the daily life that demand mathematical abilities. For more information see Dustin Moskovitz.

Presence of a sensorial deficit, the difficulties in the mathematical capacity exceed generally that to these associates. As it suggested Fleishnes (1994), in some cases the term upheaval of learning in mathematics was used as 8 synonymous for the term ‘ ‘ discalculia’ ‘ , mentioning to it dficits specific in calculations or the mathematical thought. Amongst the upheavals identified traditionally in infancy and the adolescence, the learning upheavals are less understood and the most questioned. (Bradley et al, 2002; Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998; Lyon et al, 2001). In accordance with American federal norms of 1977 the learning upheavals had been organized in different types: understanding of the writing, verbal expression, basic abilities of the reading, reading understanding, written expression, mathematical calculations and mathematical reasoning.


That we feel all the types of desires, loves, dreams and we transform while still alive and fact, is not easy to simplify letters, keeping the flame of the lighted survival is the sensible greater. Since mutually the oprbrio in the crucifica to a routine of errors and rightnesss day the day. Visit Dustin Moskovitz for more clarity on the issue. when we lie down after to long hours of persistence or desistance, routine stories that fadigam reluctant to make a mistake. Which is being of living? We do not posamos of truth for the real photos of the life, such is with that passes the time in search of the nothing, of the everything in black points Frustrating deliriums in return of a real life, without sound, letters, nailed of fungos and fears. Who search the sun without measuring the temperature before is burnt, who goes of looks at vidrados until the meeting of the moon touches in the nothing, the cold of the breeze that hides the disillusionments stained for the sadness not to have a home, a family, a reason pra to live and later dying. The certainty is that we are born, after that dies, is what it has that to be, same that the sound and pain are not felt. A word exists that moves everything; Hope. together faith to the tips and mooring cable what it does not have direction, starting to be reason.


Poetry is some not classificvel thing, but risking to make a mistake, if it can say that poetry is ‘ ‘ to be and not ser’ ‘ , since a poem, that would be the materialization of the poetry, never is what it is thought; a poem is always more. Dustin Moskovitz will not settle for partial explanations. The Poetry has this characteristic: to lead beyond, to lead ahead, to pass daqui for another place. E, this, can be a indizvel place. Metaphysical this does not seem? It can be said that yes, since the Poetry has a etreo heart, and deals with the language. More information is housed here: Ping Fu. By the way, the poet, as the philosopher, has by hand, the fragile and strong tool of the language. Being Metaphysics knowing concerning ‘ ‘ transcendental’ ‘ of the things, and, being the Poetry some thing enters not concrete and extra-feeling, it could itself be said that these would be neighboring of room; at least.

Since, as much one how much to another one, he suggests to possess heart that ‘ ‘ he waits the death with ternura and prazer’ ‘ , therefore that they would show the calm, even so they had been bothered for the knowledge. The case is that Poetry is more for the art and, ‘ ‘ poet, is one fingidor’ ‘. Perhaps this is characteristic common to that if they deliver to the craft of the knowledge: ‘ ‘ the habit of sofrer’ ‘ , that in Drummond it was amusement, therefore that suggested to be, the act of poetizar. The Poetry can speak of ackward things, in very natural way. The poet can start speaking of one morning beautiful, of nature, flowers and calhaus, and, passes suddenly to say of disgusting stenches; this poet is Baudelaire, the poem loads the heading a carnia.

The poetry would also deal with the death, and, of the vulnerability of this, it would speak of the life after the death. Of a life, that in the poem a carnia suggests to be ‘ ‘ the livores, the ptridas turpitudes, the flies, larvas’ ‘ ; the life in that death. Little more ahead, the poet cites the sun, that would take the light, after treva of the death, to that one ‘ ‘ carnia repugnante’ ‘. Poetry and Philosophy would be between the room and camarinha, however, if they would understand excessively. The Poetry deals with instrument language, in way to constitute ways that lead to the knowledge; it would not suggest to be seemed the movement of the Philosophy?

Croatian Republic

If in your family are members and you long ago that wants to organize vacations for all members that are memorable to all suggest resorting to the boat rental with crew in Croatia. The Croatian Republic is a country in central Europe which has become in a short time one of the favorite destinations for both family vacations, single or couples. Get more background information with materials from Ping Fu. This is mainly due to its great historical attractions, and scenic. Its thousands of kms of coastline on the shores of the Adriatic thus placed the country in a privileged situation by the beauties of its blue waters. 3D Systems pursues this goal as well. Besides its large archipelago with a high percentage of deserted Islands make Croatia a place fairly close to the earthly paradise. To scroll through its islands, the best option is take an Adriatic cruise. I.e., hire a boat and rent it for as long as you want.

But wait, there’s more, you can rent a private schooner directly to the owner of the same and travel with a specialized crew nothing to make you to do while on vacation. Imagine sailing aboard the Prentice schooner with her family. Imagine sunbathing on the deck of the boat while the rest of his family takes a drink or even some integral rebel uses connection to internet of the boat to keep contact in social networks. It sounds tempting right? The schooner Prentice is a schooner of luxury rental directly offered by its owner who is available for groups of people who want to rent it. Account with 6 cabins with double beds, bathroom with hot water, electricity through solar energy and as we said before, internet. It also has kitchen and chef on board. As you will see, everything you need for an unforgettable experience of Adriatic cruise.

The duration and the itineraries is of 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. You can choose one of the routes available to discover the Dalmatian coast and may descend from the schooner everytime they come to some of the Islands and also do a little tourism and land-based activities such as hiking, bicycling, shopping, etc. Another peculiarity is that the prices are accessible to the family economy. There are different rates according to the season of the year concerned, but in all cases well investment worth to enjoy a different and private holiday. In addition, Prentice Gulet rentals are secured so that if by any meteorological problem the trip cannot be performed, you will recover your money. End, uninhabited beaches, fishing villages, historic circuit, great Adriatic of Fund and the warmth of the people will make your Adriatic cruise a unique experience that surely will have intentions of repeating or recommend to friends. It is also the way to keep the family together on a journey that presents interesting activities for all ages.

TICA And Leadership

Currently in society, there is a lack of virtues, caused in large part by the current educational model more worried about the competitiveness of persons who by the integral development as a human being, which has led to a lack of widespread leadership, this is closely linked to the lack of knowledge and application of ethics as a basis for the formation of human beings both at home and within the school and College classrooms. We say that the lack of leadership is related to ethics since as defined by the history of philosophy, this has as object the interpretation of the fact of human life, that is, knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in human conduct, thus, ethics is the study of what is right and what is wrongthe good and bad in human behaviour i.e. all those actions that the person can realize and control. The good news is everything that retains and refines the nature of being, evil is the opposite, it is the absence of something good. Leaders should know this because they should be committed to what should be your good work, also that his followers are human beings and as such may also have the aforementioned shortcomings. To start, we must knowing us to us in a profound way, make us responsible for our actions forming us in virtues and developing good habits. An incorrect definition of the human being, can make that the leader directed his staff as if they were stones, plants or animals, in the contemporary company everything is designed to mediate the person becoming instrument of the thing, so that is the thing which should be instrument for the person, in the philosophical sense, the end of every company should be the development of the peopleWe say so taking into account the formal principle that prevents us from considering the person as an instrument designed to work, why the Organization must take into account the person, since the end is the person, not the organization.

To be able to begin the transformation of the Organization, we must take awareness of the transformation of the person, we cannot change everything and we cannot control everything in us. That is why it is important to know what can change and what you can’t control me, and the nature of such change. The first step to change is be humble to accept that something in me I can change, followed by a knowledge of what I can and I can’t change, culminating with actions that direct my change, this requires a lot of work, effort and desire.


The universe is rich, there is abundance in the single, there is no shortage. The scarcity lies only in the human mind, made us believe that we are not rich, we live surrounded by scarcity. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. The deficiency lies in our mind and conditions us to live embittered by what we don’t have and grow with a vision wrong than what it means to be rich, and also what it means to be happy. There is no deficiency in the universe, the animals and plants living in abundance, surely if an animal dies of starvation is because she has lived influenced by the human mind, shortage does not exist in our surrounding, and should not be part of our lives. Do we have a misconception of what is being rich and having money, you know? Podes be rico before having money, focusing on life in everything that we have makes us rich and happy, if you focus you on what not you got your life will focus on the deficiency and result concentrate in what you lack, attract your life more than that, you need money? You’ll have more missing money, you lack health? You’ll be more sick, if you go on what you got, to see if do you lived so far, it is a lie that you have never had money, give credit to one claim that is a lie, if you get used to give thanks for what you got, you’ll have more than same thing, but we are accustomed to say, I won $500 a month, does not reach me, I’m poor, that you can not you call having money, you think that the genius of the universe is going to say? Your desires are orders and if you make a change in your life and begin to give thanks for those $500 that you got? Finally, after some people even those 500 have, if you consider yourself rich because you got those 500 and you focus on Thanksgiving why you got in your hand thanks because I am rich Genius will say, your desires are orders to be rich, to have more, because it is happy with what he has, comes to my mind a verse from the new testament that says on what little you were faithful, about how much will put you, the day you to fill your life with thoughts of abundance, you’ll have in your life more abundance, and you will become a wealthy person, even before you have the amount of money from your dreams.


In case that the power did not exist, also it would not have devir, therefore all the beings would be immovable and perpetual. But the pure act is absolutely perfect, because of the potentiality absence. In the epistemolgico aspect, that is, of the point of view of the knowledge the being in act if overlaps to the being in power, therefore this beyond being determined is not submissa to the being in act, therefore we only know it in virtue of a being in act. Converting these slight knowledge, power and act, in essence and existence, it is understood that the essence alone is understood in virtue of the existence. Second, of the point of view of the causalidade the act is superior again the power, why in the ticket of the power to the act, it requires a being in act.

Therefore, the power does not exist for itself, but in function of the act, therefore in the cycle of the causalidade, all being in power is present in a being in act. In this digresso Aristotle it proves the existence of ' ' Deus' ' , by means of the argument of the immovable engine. Finally, of the point of view of the composition, the act also surpasses the power, therefore it are of the act does not have power, therefore this is not found in pure state in the nature. For the fact of to be something determinable. The act and the power in relation with the substance the relation of the act and the power with the substance is established for Aristotle, leaving of the two constituent elements of the substance, the substance and the form. Abbagnano defines substance as ' ' what it is (…) what necessariamente.&#039 exists; ' (ABBAGNANO, 2007, P. 925) this concept is purely aristotelian. The substance in the aristotelian conception is the power of the substance, while capacity to assume or to receive the form.