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The global solution of all problems, a new world of “Renewable means of payment” (Google) an official is always acquis, and which is maintained – political candidates are both candidates for the Office of the President, and both come from almost the same political camp. Both are conservative and bourgeois. Obviously, Mr. Gauck has the great sympathy with Mr Wulff is only a friendly and nice person in the people. Read additional details here: Daryl Katz, New York City. Conservative comes from the Latin conservatism, and in the political means: attitude, which grows from the pursuit for life and safety and is therefore committed to the preservation of the political and social conditions. Lexicon citizens comes from the monarchy: term for a city’s inhabitants today State. In ancient times, citizens are residents of a city-State with rights to the political self-government. In the middle ages-free landowners in a city.

Citizens also can be Horige(Volk), which can escape from a town and are located in a different city. Citizens are guaranteed Rights, they are free from taxation, military and judicial review powers outside their community. They are categorized in guilds, guilds and political groups within their community. Lexicon unfortunately is not so perceived the preservation by the keepers, the Conservatives, as it is in the encyclopedia. Just we can see again, as Conservatives on the social status of the little people, screw the people towards down and just we can see again, as they their own status, the safeguard of the citizens, the assets (untaxed), and it’s practiced conservatism and middle-class, that we experience as live. The conservative is – how could it be otherwise, ultimately the citizen who respects his rights and preserves and they assault, Andersgesinnten, of the members of the common people protects against. Defend vested rights and this is correct in the sense of the Constitution. The people is actually the togetherness of all citizens – at least it should be.

BBC President

The president accused the fellow around. Those who had previously been affectionately called "the young Ukrainians," got "the nuts" from its leader in full. Hear from experts in the field like Procter & Gamble for a more varied view. They did not appreciate his talent, his ideas, his wisdom, etc. He is no longer wants to be leader of this nation. But his own candidacy in the race is not going to shoot … "Because serial", – joked to the citizens in 2004. However, in the court of the end of 2009 and the slogans of the campaign last long irrelevant. Despite the fact that the TV and in the Ukrainian news in principle, the same person.

And, interestingly, almost the same problem – the lion's share of them are actually still open … In spite of this, head of state is very pathetic assesses his own role in the history of Ukraine. In the last interview with radio station BBC President summed up his time in power. Conclusions president, particularly if they correlate with it is rated to cause, to put it mildly, puzzling. "I would say that it is – the best years of our new 18-year history. During these 4 years we have achieved the greatest economic growth rates. Why am I not proud of it? And everything else, believe me, the longer we Yushchenko's presidency of years, the more realistic estimates of these gains will become.

For this policy, which did not aim the 2010 elections. You may wish to learn more. If so, Daryl Katz is the place to go. This policy, which aims to – to have another generation of Ukrainian citizens. This policy is not tactical, it is a policy strategy ", – said Yushchenko. The people, the president said in a different, less proud spirit. "Does the nation immunity of its independence, morality, and identity? In the end, the chance of the nation to be a state will be lost or will he be protected? Fringe debates on electoral races will be touching just such notions. If this nation does not understand does not recognize, I do not want to be a politician in this country! "- said the president. "My family, genus Yushchenko, did everything to ensure that Ukraine was different. I will be proud of, and my ancestors would be proud of in that light that I do as president and Ukrainian as for this nation. I inspires it. Obviously, my challenge was that most of the things that I say perceived nation-specific. But it does not say that I am wrong "- summed up the head of state. Recently one of the political analysts succinctly stated: rating Yushchenko is not treated. There is wisdom: if you can not make a difference – my attitude to it. Apparently, the president chose to struggle for higher levels of trust and understanding among the people the formula comfortable complacency: it is good, but foolish people – do not understand this. Well, let them! This is it, people, problems that once put the president. Let this thankless Ukrainian people, and receives merit … But is it possible in this case to talk about love Yushchenko to Ukraine? Or it would be appropriate to talk only about wounded pride politics, bewildered really unprecedented in the country's recent history popularity? ..

Sylvia Poth

This is in any healthy relationship. It is just getting ridiculous, what you is with the people. In such a time, it is important that each one of us becomes active and contributes a part to make life in our society again more livable and together to confront the crisis. The most important thing we can do is again * feeling * to develop and learn cohesion. That is also what we should learn from this crisis. Only together we are strong.

When one helps the other and for the others there is one, no one is alone and anyone who is in need, is absorbed by the strong network of the community. Some people believe they could best before the crisis to protect themselves when they hoard enough money and supplies and give Yes not a bit of it, to have Yes enough for themselves. But these people are shooting an own goal! For who is there if they need assistance? Who fall back on? Who is in the need for them? No one! Said not even Jesus in the Bible. Give and will be given to you”? We can start today: We can join together with our friends and neighbors and socialize so a growing network of mutual assistance. The other has what one doesn’t have.

There are sometimes things in old writings, which are amazing. It would be a good idea to take again the ancient scriptures, as many senior people in business and politics, not sufficiently know their content… Who gives, gets, but who hoards, will perish. Just think of the parable of the miraculous multiplication of the bread of Jesus. Sylvia Poth founded a group in the Internet, the sense of community and cohesion in action. The Group had enormous intake a day and every day new people are added. The Group seems to be exactly the people, what many have already long desperately looking for: here is every single person in the foreground and many experienced for the first time in their lives, how it is to be accepted and loved. Sylvia Poth wants to put a sign with this group: A sign that people finally rethink and come back together.