First Social Christmas Market Pirna

At Sonnenstein in Pirna preparations to the first social Christmas market at full speed and the voltage at the organizers! Patron Michael Geisler looking forward to mulled wine and studs! As a patron for the “Christmas market Sonnenstein” Mr Michael Geisler, Landrat of Pirna, won, which it will officially open on December 12th, 2009 at 14:00 h. In particular he is looking forward to the delicious studs country bakery Schmidt from Cunnersdorf, a cuppa mulled wine and the many bright children’s eyes. One of the main attractions is, so he is sure the cubes to the Christmas gifts. For a minimal use, every small and large visitors should have the chance to dice, so wife Carola Schaschek explained one of the organizers of the Lebenshilfe Pirna-Sebnitz Freital e.V. with Santa Claus to his personal Christmas gift So that Santa Claus can provide a gift on December 12-13, 2009 for all visitors of Varkausring 108, have the organizers called it a bit to access under the arms.

The response was far far greater than expected. So far, numerous large and small gifts for the Christmas market at the headquarters of Santa Claus went Sonnenstein”a. You also want to be friendly helpers of Santa Claus? If you want to also support this nice project, you have the opportunity to do the 06.11.09 10.12.09. Santa Claus will be off his bag in the Varkausring 108, in which anyone who wants to, can put a gift. Not the size or the scope, but the gesture and the children’s eyes, which make on the 3rd day of advent at Sonnenstein to shine are important. Please note the gender and age of the recipient on your gift, and keep in mind that a few days in the country will pull up December 12-13, 2009. Thank at this point all supporters of the project ever for her social commitment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta and gain more knowledge.. Ms. Carola Schaschek questions can be answered more like to see.

Moscow Agreement

The Western media and expert-analytical circles continue to discuss the prospects of the project Nabucco after the signing of an intergovernmental agreement on it in Ankara. According to an influential expert Alexandros Petersen Deputy Director of the Center for Eurasian energy issues at the U.S. Atlantic Council, the June euphoria over the EU's agreement with Turkey on gas pipeline Nabucco was a bit premature, since Brussels is still a long way to reduce its energy dependence on Russia (The Wall Street Journal, 10.08.09). There is no doubt that an agreement on the terms installations Nabucco Turkey and the rest INTENDED countries – transit countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria, is an important step forward. However, as noted by the expert, the problem is that while none of the Caspian gas producers on the project not subscribed. Just before the signing of this agreement in Ankara, like Petersen, Azerbaijan, one of the potential suppliers of gas to Nabucco, arranged for the export of gas from the Russian "Gazprom". Officially gas intended for Russian consumers, but it can also be profitably resold to consumers in the EU. However, the volume of deliveries under the contract is only 500 million cubic meters of gas a year, and so his goal, rather, is to draw attention of the West, and not transfer significant amounts of gas in Russia. In fact, this warning EU Baku, Azerbaijan who wants to tell Brussels that if the EU is not properly a conduct, he may enter and a major deal with Moscow.