Howard Gardner

Crianaencontra in its tricks the possibility of if communicating about with the world that, and as consequence this ' ' mundo' ' that the fence finds the possibility dese to communicate with it using playful activities. The variety deexperincias explored during the acquired act to play, some values, contents, they can be led for other stages of its lives, the psiclogocognitivo and educational Howard Gardner (1994), mentions that: These free and flavorful inventions populate the world preschool dacriana, and continue to exert strong influence to the long daescolarizao, which the end estimates that the child can learn sobreeventos and processes that are distant of the concept. (p.65). The child quebrinca if socializes with other children and this is one of the requirements importantespara that if it can live in society. To play with the other it is necessary compartilharobjetos, to decide conflicts are necessary attitudes as the respect, acooperao, solidarity, among others. It learns to play m suasrelaes with the other and the culture that the fence, then assumes that to play no soon something, but something that is learned.

It learns to play in its relaescomo the others and with the culture that the fence. The atividadeldica is a space ample so that objective educational they are reached deformed faster, therefore they pass to be contextualizados with the reality dacriana, being plus a resource for those involved ones being plus one recursopara that involved in the process teach-learning. However this resource nodeve to lose to be playful character, of trick. The act to debrincar provides the child to imagine, to create, to observe, to try, to cooperate, to think, to memorize, to question, among others excellent factors parasua formation. The RCNEI (1998) brings the information of that as much make-of-counts, osjogos with rules, traditional, didactic, the corporal ones, among others favorecema expansion of the infantile knowledge by means of playful activities.

The Paradigm

These same concepts are seemed and interlace with the teses of author Edgar Morin the theory of the complexity mainly that talk between itself reflect the difficulties well that the half academic suffers with the paradigmticas changes, and as the professor can help the pupil in its construction. Leaving of the estimated one of that all these paradigms do not constitute an absolute truth and that the knowledge is something complex and unfinished, what the professor must to make is to mediate to the established teses already and to sew concepts that follow an other after complementing the ideas, being left to knock down a thesis to prioritize another one that seem more acceptable in one to be determined historical moment, however in one another period already will not have in its bases structures to survive, however, joining the concepts the roots if fortify form it a confusion of preset concepts as the proper Morin cites (2000) ' ' The Paradigm of the complexity waves of the educators to learn to sail in an ocean of uncertainties in way the archipelagoes of certezas' '. II Practical the Educative Colleges student. The education is a social process that involves all the economic levels, social politicians and, thus being, the base that guides this process is in the educational molds that go of the initial series to the highest pertaining to school level. Since the beginning of century the main objective of who withheld the educational power age to form hand of? workmanship that took care of the consumista market of the capitalist world. Today, the superior education is seen as social institution, that has the main function to form the educational and scientific elite serves who it. To take care of these necessities one becomes necessary that the university institutions possess a faculty of high qualitative level in its structure. The professor comes across it a new challenge and searchs solutions that assist to it in daily practical its, aiming at to extract optimum of its learning and opening the keys to it so that they are citizens in the construction of the proper knowledge and in the search for solutions for the chaos that if urges it na society.

The Moulin Rouge

Go back back in time until the last century. Now imagine hundreds of dancers wrapped in feathers French as Can-Can dancing And since you know where you are? Pues course, you’re in the Moulin Rouge! The Moulin Rouge has been since its inception, the world’s most famous cabaret. Today is comparable monuments including the likes of the Eiffel Tower and an emblem of Paris. The Moulin Rouge was built in 1889 thanks to two big businessmen, Charles and Joseph Oller Zidler. a ste was built in the Pigalle red light district at the foot of Montmartre. Since that time it became the hub of the Parisian night.

The building mimics a giant red mill a “hence the name a ” for which they have had great artists like Liza Minelli, Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra and Ginger Rogers. But above all, said Celeste Mogador, who invented the famous Quadrille, the dance crazy devil would return to Paris and would give rise to the French Can-Can. In those days Montmartre was a haven for prostitutes and people of dubious reputation, despite being very fashionable. Thus, the Moulin Rouge was transformed from a den of poor people, to a salon frequented by the aristocracy. Today it is a must for all tourists traveling to the French capital. a ste offers a wide variety of shows set in the a Belle poque.

The Moulin Rouge began as a dance hall, offering performances of small operettas. Years later pioneered perform striptease. It currently offers variety shows and fine cuisine. This famous cabaret has been an inspiration for many artists, writers and filmmakers. Is the case of post-impressionist painter Toulouse-Lautrec. Moulin Rougea a was the title of the book which later gave rise to the film with the same name was filmed in 1952. In 2001 Baz Luhrmann directed a new film about the cabaret, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and nominated for an Oscar. Yeres enthusiast cabaret? Watch the world’s most famous. Although somewhat expensive, about 150 a, entry with show and dinner, really worth knowing. Alquila to enjoy one of the jewels of French!