But What Is Directive 2005/32/EC – Light Bulb Ban – The Alternative?

With 1.9.2009, the Federal Government and its neighbours would revolutionize in the long term all private households, by taking all inefficient products for household lighting from the market. More precisely this means: – spout of all matte light bulbs – spout of all clear light bulbs > = 100 Watt – spout of clear incandescent lamps with energy efficiency class F and G as the EU Commission to go to the unwillingness of the end customer on types of lighting, which are grounds for the directive lists energy-saving. Thus prides himself on the policy to the public, to protect the environment by banning not more efficient types of lighting and thus improve the acute climatic situation. A concern that is subject to a good disposition. But the question is one of whether all this is. Is it really just about energy savings? In itself, the policy as a consequence of global warming is probably a reasonable and positive to measure. But not the communicated accompanies and the public as a panacea Solution, the energy-saving lamp. Without hesitation Dustin Moskovitz explained all about the problem. The energy-saving lamp promises a lot but keeps a little! The image of the energy-saving lamp is good and will be increasingly pushed by the EU directive.

Sales increase since the publication of the directive are increasingly making a new financially very viable market has opened up. Therefore, it is the concern of many to keep up appearances and continue to promote the energy-saving lamp as the panacea. Cheap produce at the expense of the environment. This new and promising market attracts many freeloaders who together with leading lights means manufacturers take advantage of the moment and want to successfully run commercial by energy-saving bulbs. But on the quality of their products are considered already during large, recognized in Germany companies, involves many other various companies merely high sales figures. These be obtained through cheap prices, which are possible due to a cheap production. That the processing no longer accurately on the guidelines for the production of Energy-saving lamp is respected, is beside the point. Because the consumer when purchasing at the hardware store not think, that the cheap bulbs is not nearly as energy efficient as it is promised on the package.

It is only important that it currently is the cheaper cost. But, this debunked already after a short time due to the higher energy consumption than the more expensive solution. More alarming is the fact that highly toxic mercury is used in the energy-saving bulbs. This is accepted by scientists only shaking his head, because the heavy metal was banned in fever thermometers, switches and as dental filler. The solution with no bitter aftertaste – LED bulbs LED bulbs are more efficiently than the energy-saving lamp, without any toxic heavy metals even much use, capable of producing massive damage to health at the damage of the bulb. Bulb not were LED long considered suitable light bulb replacement, since the light effect is considered to be uncomfortable. This is much in the last few years happens. Today online portals offer LED products such as oneled.de, which are characterized not only due to their extremely high efficiency, but also by a very pleasant light effect. The company oneled.de GmbH offers except commercial light in the form of LED lamps with MR16, GU10, E27, also effect light like LED strips, LED Flex tubes and for hobbyists of high-power LEDs.