Traditional Food

For this reason, a press conference was held in salon Pinin Palma of the Undersecretary of tourism of the province, Act which counted with the presence of the architect Ines Presman, Undersecretary of tourism; Mirian Mosna, Director of tourism of the province; Vicente Romero, Mayor of San Luis del Palmar and Ariel Cristaldo, director of municipal culture and tourism. The opening words were in charge of Ines Presman who first thanked the presence of the media for their contribution to the tourist development of currents. In relation to this event, the official said that it is an activity that links the gastronomy with tourism and which in turn combines correntina music with handicrafts and this occurs within the framework of the communicational axle called flavors with Achete. On your turn, Vicente Romero thanked for the space generated within the scope of the Undersecretary of tourism and journalists by the promotion of the fourth edition of the festival; In addition He mentioned that the presence of Julio Caceres and Diego Gutierrez adorn this launch. Also argued that there is a permanent link with the provincial tourist portfolio, who accompany a throughout the year. On the other hand, Romero stressed that the chicharron has accompanied the pilgrims of San Luis del Palmar from 111 years ago and this traditional meal deserved to have his party.

I want to thank the Provincial Government by the contribution of a car zero kilometre to raffle on Saturday, January 7, added. Then Ariel Cristaldo reiterated the gratitude to those who made possible the presentation of the festival and then referred to the activities that will take place at the beginning of the month of January of the year 2012. Furthermore, he indicated that it will choose a new Queen of the pork rinds and so interested may register in the municipality of San Luis del Palmar, being requirements to be between 17 and 23 years old. Finally, the sanluiseno official recalled that the cost of the tickets in advance until December 30 will be $30, while in door will be paid $40. With the ticket of entry will participate the draw of the automobile and a 110 cc motorcycle.

At the end of the presentation present were able to enjoy the exquisite traditional food, the pork rinds, while background listened chords of chamame from the hand of a group from San Luis del Palmar. Signature of Act commitment within the framework of the launch of the Festival of Chicharron, occurred the signing of the Act of accession of municipalities with Parthian tourist vocation the draft survey and classification of tourist accommodation in the province of Corrientes. Mayor Romero, the Undersecretary Agnes Presman, the Director of Turismo Ariel Cristaldo; conducted the rubric Mirian Mosna, Director of Turismo provincial and the Dr. Rosa Rossi de Neironi, responsible for the area of control of the provincial tourism agency. Also, the owner of tourism gave Vicente Romero a document with ten strategic actions for the tourist development of the integrative currents great corridor town.

Socalled Electronic Commerce

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