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Prestamo financial service GmbH: Exploiting the opportunities for cheap mortgages this year the prestamo financial service GmbH advises its clients to different financing models and helps to find lenders who specialize in customized solutions. The partner companies of prestamo financial service GmbH allow especially low-interest mortgage loans also in difficult cases. As decisive for the expectation of a possible new construction boom, especially the currently very favourable terms of the mortgage are called by experts: financing models with mortgage rates by three percentage points are with correspondingly short maturities now no rarity more. The dream of homeownership remains up-to-date in times of crisis. Recently released figures of the German Federal Statistical Office show that is to be expected in the current year with a total of approximately 68,500 building applications for single-family homes a number that clearly belied pessimistic predictions of the past few months. Details can be found by clicking Ping Fu or emailing the administrator.

However, not all households who decided to house building who manages to find a cooperative lender that maximum can offer flexible, case-oriented solutions. In particular, if no or only a low level of equity capital is available, can be advantageous mortgage loans often very difficult to realize. The same applies if the applicant of Schufa entries is loaded or the economic margins through existing repayment obligations from other credit agreements are restricted. Against this background, the prestamo financial service GmbH for has opted to take also the sector of mortgages in its portfolio of services. In particular, the prestamo financial service GmbH households that only have a limited equity, wants to effectively provide assistance. The claim that occurs with the team of the future builders prestamo financial service GmbH is to be able to solve even the most difficult cases, competently and in the short term.

This can the financing experts of prestamo financial service GmbH on an extensive pool Recourse lenders, which Konditionen are generally much more flexible than the traditional brokerages. When determining the optimal financing alternative prestamo financial service GmbH checks the offers of all eligible partner banks in detail on their compatibility with the respective customer profile. As a result a full financing through individual lender is possible with prestamo financial service GmbH itself in case of missing capital often and this convenient interest rates and repayment rates that are appropriate to the financial circumstances of the borrower. About prestamo financial service GmbH prestamo financial service GmbH operates successfully in the area of credit intermediaries and appreciated throughout Germany as a reliable partner by private and commercial customers. The prestamo financial service GmbH offers Festival offers, urgent loans, officials credit and special loans, which are available for persons with Schufa entry and self-employed persons. The experienced team of prestamo financial service GmbH consists of credit intermediaries with decades of professional experience, who work with banks, private donors and investors to develop individual solutions for borrowers.

Pepper Spray – Security For Women

Women appreciate the reliable effect of Defense sprays. Not only women feel insecure every now and then, when they are alone. Men are in darkness rather accompanied by on the road. Learn more at this site: Dustin Moskovitz. Nevertheless expressed interpreted above all women in polls, that they almost fear the way home from the disco at night. Understandable, because on TV and in other media reports paint a dark picture in terms of safety. Germany is still statistically a very safe country. Feelings don’t count this but but go their own way.

That’s why the feeling of insecurity can be deceptive. To the counter and in case of necessity, many women take a pepper spray. In some people, the small spray cans are in the meantime as normal in the bag like a mobile phone. But even with the pepper sprays the development does not stop. The new generation is called “Jet Protector” and works with a pyrotechnic drive. This drive will make sure that the beam can boast a higher range and also is fired at a higher pressure. The advantages are obvious! Always more security means a higher range, because a defense of danger on high distance offers the users of the immune system more time to remove the danger. The Jet protector are by the way, just as freely available as the pepper spray devices, because they are declared as animal repellent spray. Dieter Haulk

Relevant Insurances

A transport chain can contain many points of risk transfer. The relevants and protection against financial losses has been recognized already in the 14th century. In the implementation of transport, damage frequently. A damage of the goods requires more activities than a shipment that failed to achieve their aim. Usually only the purchase of a company with overtime is charged not the arrival of the goods.

A damaged delivery calls for more effort, especially as the victim instead of the power now is money. Already in ancient times was the first transport insurance as a Lake loan”described. It developed in the 14th century as the first marine insurance. The transport insurance is therefore the oldest commercially-operated insurance. The liability provisions are legally set written for any entrepreneur. Usually the party that caused the damage occurs.

The risks are so high that this feared economic damage as a result, he will try to offload this admission of liability. At this point, it is Insurance included. The participants of an insured event in the trade logistics of the policyholder (principal), the insurance company, party that caused the damage and the risk owner (also contractors) the Chronicle of the process of the contractor asked with his insurance company over the possibilities. Learn more at: Dustin Moskovitz. These are considered in writing in the contract. For example, in so-called ADSp, the logistics terms and conditions, or in the DTV VHV Association conditions. In the next step, the contractor enabled the beginning of police per delivery, it get a corresponding message to the insurer. If damage occurs, the insurance pays the insured risk of the policyholder. At the same time an examination whether they can take the party that caused damage in recourse. (E.g. the polluter itself insured is Through a corporate liability), whose insurance will pay the damage. Typically, insurers themselves worry about compensation. An exception is the force majeure: lightning, flood, hail, or the like. In these Cases is there anyone who can be held liable for this. Damage can occur throughout the entire transport chain. More risk handoffs and means of transport used, increases the risk, of course. Although the effort appears high in the first moment, he’s worth. If a logistics service company can keep his charges as low as possible, that otherwise itself must assume a larger share of the costs retailers especially if the perpetrator of the damage is not powerful or force majeure occurs. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is likely to increase your knowledge. Below the producer loads some short case studies of damage cases in practice the wrong goods or it loads an incorrect amount. Here, the producer shall be liable. Handling of the goods, the goods or the range will be destroyed. In this case, the carrier is responsible. The expiration date is exceeded in the process of storage of goods. Here, the wholesaler itself is liable. The wrong goods will be loaded from the loading/unloading of the goods. In this case, the carrier shall be liable. The Risk of theft is not explicitly listed in the transport chain, because it can occur at any point in the chain. The same also applies to destruction and damage caused by incorrect goods movements or negligence. The end customer as a private person may be also given if assure. Well known example in this case is if the customer home deliver the goods themselves. Contact person for the logistics are the insurance landscape Versicherungsunternhmen, brokers, Assekuradeure, and financial services. To find suitable sources, for example, the local industry and Chamber of Commerce can provide information. For company founder, there are, for example, special programs of the insurer.

Ingo Vogel

The expert for emotional sell Ingo Vogel has published practice tips on its website how seller professionally use the different question types. Questions are the most important instrument to achieve a degree quickly and safely. Most of the sellers know this. But what kind of questions do I when? This uncertainty for sellers often. Therefore, the sales trainer and expert on emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, on his website has numerous non-monetary of practice tips”published, what kind of questions seller at the various stages of a sales call, should make in order to achieve the desired (partial). Bird recommends sellers with information questions to open the discussion. You may wish to learn more. If so, 3D Systems is the place to go. Because if a seller is a client for the first time, he knows generally little is known about his conversation partner. So it must first determine: who stands or sits me to? And: what is important to this person in their purchasing decisions? The easiest way to “” Seller this open-ended (information) questions explore the customer neither with a short Yes “no” answer. With confirmation questions, however, as bird seller for example, before they present the client with two or three selected products can confirm: did I really understand what is important to the customer? “The easiest successful sellers, by again with own words to summarize the previous conversation and say for example: if I have understood you correctly, you want a gown that looks elegant and simple at the same time.” “They should ask according to bird: this is true?” The seller so a closed (confirmation) question according to the summary is, who the customer with Yes or no answer. Daryl Katz pursues this goal as well. So misunderstandings are avoided. Seller, concluding can secure stressed bird with alternative questions in turn. For example by asking: I should in the contract of sale for the vehicle the color blue or green specify?” “Or: you want to pay cash or take advantage of our cheap financing offer?” So selling offensive seller, bird’s experience, can operate quietly, if the customer has taken all relevant decisions of part of. Since then also he wants to come to the conclusion and excited about his decision. The full question technique tips from vendors”for interested in the section tips on the Web page “” There the sales coach Ingo Vogel has additional tips including the topics boost sales success “, increase the own charisma as a seller” and customer loyalty increase”was published.

Board Beneke

Transparency guaranteed Beneke Wirtschaftsdienst is joint-stock company the more than ten years ago by the business lawyer Andrea Beneke based economy service July 30, 2008 seamlessly in the Beneke second market AG go to. The persons, business (closed-end funds with a focus on secondary market trading), headquarters and services remain unchanged. The Foundation of the Aktiengesellschaft (AG) takes into account the years constantly growing business volume. Contrary to the trend to liability-limiting forms of business such as the British private limited company (Ltd) or the proven AG was chosen the one-man GmbH. Customer confidence should be confirmed with the statutory transparency and security. Only 0.15% of all companies choose the right form of AG. The financial and organisational effort is too high for 99% of the founders.

Because of start-ups in the financial services 80% do not protrude from the first three years, this decision is understandable. The customer has a right Transparency and security. We want to stand out from the many casual brokers on the market us clearly”, so the Board of Directors Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke AG establishing. The location of Eitorf is enriched by the AG Foundation through its third joint-stock company. Dipl. engineer Wilfried Bahadur; Board of Directors: Beneke second market AG

Managing Director Georg Gunther

SINGER home essentials at the IFA in Berlin the world of sewing, SINGER around the world. Singer stands for modern sewing technique with a great tradition, and that over 160 years! A success story that is now updated with sewing machines, presses and vacuums, just the SINGER home essentials. Under the motto: The world at home from a single source. Trend products and a strong brand a constellation, which may not be promising. The singer brand satisfies both. Singer has the sewing machine to the Nahhype, which now goes through all ages and has affected particularly the young generation”, says Managing Director Georg Gunther. Singer represents what today increasingly plays a role, and also appealing because of the visibility, knew the singer so far only by hearsay.

brand ” Who would like to sew, you will find it at singer quickly, because the singer sewing machines program covers all needs. She the one end and back one end as well as the claims of sewing professionals. A balanced product range, which has been extended with household appliances such as, for example, presses. You are a perfect complement to the sewing machines, because without ironing when sewing nothing. Singer is both, the sewing and ironing, from a single source. A unique selling point, so a second time there. Iron and Singer Dampfbugler up to the professional presses complete the sewing machine manufacturer’s tradition singer perfectly. With a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaner, which is now presented to the IFA, the successful introduction of the SINGER home to write on essentials on the market. The current world of the singer home essentials at the IFA in Berlin, Hall 8.1/201 Gudrun Schillack

ISC BT AG: Sales Up 18%

Press release 1st half of 2013 ISC BT AG which has the ISC business technology AG (ISC BT AG) in the first half of 2013 growth continued. The total sales of the ISC BT Group is in the 1st half of T 6’991, making it as compared to the previous year (T 5’919) rose by 18%. EBITDA is 345 T although 14% lower than in the previous year (402 T). However, this is a positive development given the start-up costs for the new participation in the aio IT for Logistics GmbH ( and the area of application management. With one exception, a little minus because a special constellation scored in the first half of all investments generating a positive result. With participation of aio IT for Logistics GmbH, we are expanding our services and customer portfolio optimally and so close the last mile logistics projects. This applies to both intra-logistics – as well as extra logistics projects.

In addition to a further expansion of our position in the beverage industry, we have a qualified SAP business all-in one with easyCRM- Rapid deployment solution the first official SAP RDS solution within the Group certified ( “, runs the group, Walter U. Andres, Board of Directors of the ISC BT.” Note: The today published results are unaudited figures HGB. The ISC business technology AG (, WKN: A0JM1B, ISIN CH0024733161) is a Swiss group of companies, which has active investments in innovative IT consulting companies in German-speaking countries. It is a quality-oriented company with a comprehensive range of services. The products include consulting services for hardware and software, own IT platforms, Internet platforms and the development of software solutions. Especially the ERP and CRM software solutions by SAP in Walldorf are based. ISC BT AG has a broad customer base, including large corporations, medium-sized and small businesses from all sectors.

Fairclough Agreement

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum concludes agreement with Russian distributor of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vacuum technology and vacuum systems, has signed a contract with a distributor for the region of the Commonwealth of independent States in November GUS. This agreement does not create a strategic partnership with the leading vacuum pump and systemlieferant Vacuummash in Russia for the further development of the CIS States. “By signing the cooperation for over 20 years and the established relationship of trust now in reasonable shape has been ratified. We believe that it is right to put our growth strategy in the region on a more basic”, underlines Dr. Martin Fairclough, the CEO of Oerlikon LEYBOLD Vacuum GmbH. The joint stock company, JSC VACUUMMASH, is a leading retailer of vacuum technology in Russia and the largest manufacturer of vacuum systems in the region, with a market share of 30 percent. Vacuummash has a deep Application know-how in the areas of process industry, research & Development and in the energy sector. The company, which was founded in 1943 and produced vacuum technology for 50 years, is deeply anchored with more than 400 employees in Russia and surrounding CIS countries and has an excellent understanding of the application requirements of individual industries.

A development cooperation and supply relationship for more than twenty years already exists between two companies in the area of diffusion pumps. The now completed, long-term agreement offers significant benefits for Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, so that in future, especially the Russian customers in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, energy, and research and development will benefit from the Federation. According to Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum will bring greater vacuum, high vacuum products, as well as complete vacuum coating systems in the Russian market. Also in the area of services, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum will draw on the expertise and locations of Vacuummash and thus closer Customers can act. Evgeny Kapustin, General Director Vacuummash, explains: “the new agreement our company offers many opportunities. In this connection we are can offer the best products, a very broad product portfolio and an optimised service customers. I consider an excellent opportunity for the further development of our company. this new agreement”