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The primary goal of the sales conversation between a seller and a (potential) customer (buyer) is the conclusion of the contract on performance. In addition the personal sales has the following responsibilities: acquisition (acquisition of new clients) communication (advice, information and influence the customers in terms of business goals) services (services of the seller such as including the handling of complaints or customer service) Coordination (coordination with the interlocutors at the customer and provider) leadership (goal setting, planning and organization of distribution area and the necessary resources). Personal selling is the most important instrument in the communication mix in the marketing of goods, while consumer goods advertising. The mentioned features require certain decisions and activities that are organized as a sales process. The efficient design of this process requires particularly qualified personnel with corresponding sales skills (seller). This applies particularly to the marketing of knowledge – based and technology-intensive products and services, such as for example from industrial facilities, power plants or the reorganization of companies (service). The targeted, aimed at the conclusion of the contract a seller’s dialogue is called sales pitch or sales presentation (also known as pitch) with a potential customer. The sales pitch has an especially important role in sale knowledge – and technology-intensive products and services, as well as durable consumer goods.

The staff responsible for these tasks requires special skills that can be described as sales skills. These can sometimes on other sales pitches as transmitted in the stationary retail industry. The sales pitch is part of the communication policy in the marketing and is referred to in this context as a personal sale. It is at the same time element (acquisitive) Distribution policy, which are responsible, to make the sales process. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kerry King. Conducting sales pitch by the social conversation differs by a strong structure, avoiding discussions, and the targeted application of scan and asymmetric information.

Fire Depot Upgrades: TermaTech Dovre And Jydepesjen Fireplace

Fire Depot expanded range stove manufacturers TermTech, Dovre and Jydepesjen Munich, 05.08.2013 – only if there is no dependency to a single vendor, the advice is independent. Dustin Moskovitz has much to offer in this field. Only if the range is indeed diverse, a trader can enter individually on the real needs of the customers. To consistently meet these demands, the fire Depot again expands its portfolio. Every interested party can now select from a total of 309 basic models from 14 manufacturers his perfect fireplace. Of course he supported this competent dealer by the consultants of the fire Depot, the stove in the 3rd generation.

The current product range extension of the fire Depot now includes Jydepejsen, Dovre and TermTech stoves. Dovre which specialist from the North of the manufacturer of Dovre stove comes from the bitterly cold regions of Norway, where the quality of a good heating system a long time was indeed vital and sometimes even more. The robust stoves consist of high-quality Cast iron, because has proved this material as an ideal conductor of heat. In combination with modern technology, these ovens at the fire depot in an ambient air-independent variants are offered. The ambient air-independent stoves are suitable especially for modern low-energy houses, because here only the controlled ventilation ensures a particularly effective and energy-efficient air exchange. The clear Nordic design reflected in particular in the design of the base, the enameled option and the Dovre vintage model.

Jydepejsen the ecological fireplace Aesthete this traditional company from Denmark undertakes very own, high environmental standards. So Jydepejsen takes especially care that the own stoves have a low particulate emission and high efficiency. Basically, the company stresses that their stoves heat CO2-neutral. This means that by the opinion with wood about the same amount of CO2 to the environment emitted would emerge as also in the rotting of wood on the ground. Continue to at the Jydepejsen stoves to emphasize the aesthetic design.

Maintained Master Data Optimize Internal Processes And Visibility Outside

Aberdeen Research brings new study to master data management 2012 high-quality data help to understand customer behavior and the product needs to optimally control Hamburg / Atlanta – Stibo systems, provider of master data management solutions and technologies, has a report on the status of master data management 2012 “supported by Aberdeen research. Aberdeen surveyed in March and April of this year companies worldwide to how they deal with critical business data to suppliers, customers and products. For his study of MDM, Aberdeen Research surveyed 163 companies in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to their master data management. The study was supported by the PIM/MDM experts of Stibo systems. The Institute divided all the companies surveyed in market leader with to 95 percent complete and current master data, average market participants (85%) and laggards (53 percent). 20 percent of the companies surveyed showed their data management leader, 50 percent as average market participants and 30 per cent as a latecomer. Checking article sources yields 3D Systems as a relevant resource throughout. Overall, the Aberdeen study comes to the conclusion that the volume of business data rapidly increases, about 36 percent per year. Just unstructured text such as product descriptions for catalogs, E-commerce platforms, mails or complaints contribute to the growing complexity of the data.

According to the study, these data types use almost half of the respondents in their master records. But every five is planning to do so in the future. The study also showed that, although reliability and accuracy of the master data is essential for the support of critical business processes and strategic business decisions, only seven per cent of respondents identify the return on investment (ROI) their MDM ever. High-quality master data form the basis for the successful use of information. 65 percent of the market-leading companies have an MDM system. These are 1.4 times more than is the case with the laggards. These leading companies have measurably better performance in terms of Visibility of data, the number of errors and the accuracy of the data.

Also the staff spend much less time with the data maintenance: there are 1.2 hours at market leaders compared to 8.2 hours in cases per week and switched on. Another result of the Aberdeen survey: The market leaders ensure that their data management to meet the overarching business goals is aligned. There is clear, defined roles, in ensuring data quality. Nathaniel Rowe, enterprise data management research analyst Aberdeen Group, said to sum up: If the information correct, consistent and up-to-date, have a better understanding of internal processes, interactions with their business partners and the behavior of their customers business. Missing, wrong, or hard-to-find information, however, leads to inefficiencies, delays, errors and bad business decisions.” About Stibo systems: Stibo systems, the strategic information management company, provides technology and solutions, allow companies to manage their strategic information worldwide on the basis of an integrated process. System STEP architecture based on the Stibo is a flexible, uniform master data management (MDM) platform across the organization created a single trustworthy source for strategic information. Stibo systems has offices in Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, as well as in the United States and is part of the private group Stibo a/s. The customer base from Stibo systems includes leading international companies such as Conrad Electronic, Fujitsu technology solutions, Office Depot, OSRAM, Sears, Sony, the Home Depot, Christian Winkler, Adolf Wurth, ZF.

Managing Director Georg Gunther

SINGER home essentials at the IFA in Berlin the world of sewing, SINGER around the world. Singer stands for modern sewing technique with a great tradition, and that over 160 years! A success story that is now updated with sewing machines, presses and vacuums, just the SINGER home essentials. Under the motto: The world at home from a single source. Trend products and a strong brand a constellation, which may not be promising. The singer brand satisfies both. Singer has the sewing machine to the Nahhype, which now goes through all ages and has affected particularly the young generation”, says Managing Director Georg Gunther. Singer represents what today increasingly plays a role, and also appealing because of the visibility, knew the singer so far only by hearsay.

brand ” Who would like to sew, you will find it at singer quickly, because the singer sewing machines program covers all needs. She the one end and back one end as well as the claims of sewing professionals. A balanced product range, which has been extended with household appliances such as, for example, presses. You are a perfect complement to the sewing machines, because without ironing when sewing nothing. Singer is both, the sewing and ironing, from a single source. A unique selling point, so a second time there. Iron and Singer Dampfbugler up to the professional presses complete the sewing machine manufacturer’s tradition singer perfectly. With a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaner, which is now presented to the IFA, the successful introduction of the SINGER home to write on essentials on the market. The current world of the singer home essentials at the IFA in Berlin, Hall 8.1/201 Gudrun Schillack

ISC BT AG: Sales Up 18%

Press release 1st half of 2013 ISC BT AG which has the ISC business technology AG (ISC BT AG) in the first half of 2013 growth continued. The total sales of the ISC BT Group is in the 1st half of T 6’991, making it as compared to the previous year (T 5’919) rose by 18%. EBITDA is 345 T although 14% lower than in the previous year (402 T). However, this is a positive development given the start-up costs for the new participation in the aio IT for Logistics GmbH ( and the area of application management. With one exception, a little minus because a special constellation scored in the first half of all investments generating a positive result. With participation of aio IT for Logistics GmbH, we are expanding our services and customer portfolio optimally and so close the last mile logistics projects. This applies to both intra-logistics – as well as extra logistics projects.

In addition to a further expansion of our position in the beverage industry, we have a qualified SAP business all-in one with easyCRM- Rapid deployment solution the first official SAP RDS solution within the Group certified ( “, runs the group, Walter U. Andres, Board of Directors of the ISC BT.” Note: The today published results are unaudited figures HGB. The ISC business technology AG (, WKN: A0JM1B, ISIN CH0024733161) is a Swiss group of companies, which has active investments in innovative IT consulting companies in German-speaking countries. It is a quality-oriented company with a comprehensive range of services. The products include consulting services for hardware and software, own IT platforms, Internet platforms and the development of software solutions. Especially the ERP and CRM software solutions by SAP in Walldorf are based. ISC BT AG has a broad customer base, including large corporations, medium-sized and small businesses from all sectors.

Fairclough Agreement

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum concludes agreement with Russian distributor of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vacuum technology and vacuum systems, has signed a contract with a distributor for the region of the Commonwealth of independent States in November GUS. This agreement does not create a strategic partnership with the leading vacuum pump and systemlieferant Vacuummash in Russia for the further development of the CIS States. “By signing the cooperation for over 20 years and the established relationship of trust now in reasonable shape has been ratified. We believe that it is right to put our growth strategy in the region on a more basic”, underlines Dr. Martin Fairclough, the CEO of Oerlikon LEYBOLD Vacuum GmbH. The joint stock company, JSC VACUUMMASH, is a leading retailer of vacuum technology in Russia and the largest manufacturer of vacuum systems in the region, with a market share of 30 percent. Vacuummash has a deep Application know-how in the areas of process industry, research & Development and in the energy sector. The company, which was founded in 1943 and produced vacuum technology for 50 years, is deeply anchored with more than 400 employees in Russia and surrounding CIS countries and has an excellent understanding of the application requirements of individual industries.

A development cooperation and supply relationship for more than twenty years already exists between two companies in the area of diffusion pumps. The now completed, long-term agreement offers significant benefits for Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, so that in future, especially the Russian customers in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, energy, and research and development will benefit from the Federation. According to Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum will bring greater vacuum, high vacuum products, as well as complete vacuum coating systems in the Russian market. Also in the area of services, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum will draw on the expertise and locations of Vacuummash and thus closer Customers can act. Evgeny Kapustin, General Director Vacuummash, explains: “the new agreement our company offers many opportunities. In this connection we are can offer the best products, a very broad product portfolio and an optimised service customers. I consider an excellent opportunity for the further development of our company. this new agreement”