Pepper Spray – Security For Women

Women appreciate the reliable effect of Defense sprays. Not only women feel insecure every now and then, when they are alone. Men are in darkness rather accompanied by on the road. Learn more at this site: Dustin Moskovitz. Nevertheless expressed interpreted above all women in polls, that they almost fear the way home from the disco at night. Understandable, because on TV and in other media reports paint a dark picture in terms of safety. Germany is still statistically a very safe country. Feelings don’t count this but but go their own way.

That’s why the feeling of insecurity can be deceptive. To the counter and in case of necessity, many women take a pepper spray. In some people, the small spray cans are in the meantime as normal in the bag like a mobile phone. But even with the pepper sprays the development does not stop. The new generation is called “Jet Protector” and works with a pyrotechnic drive. This drive will make sure that the beam can boast a higher range and also is fired at a higher pressure. The advantages are obvious! Always more security means a higher range, because a defense of danger on high distance offers the users of the immune system more time to remove the danger. The Jet protector are by the way, just as freely available as the pepper spray devices, because they are declared as animal repellent spray. Dieter Haulk