The Brazilian Study

I prefer to know how to appreciate what I cannot have, that to have what I am not able to appreciate Orison Swett Marden He is pleasant on the one hand, to observe like a Latin American Country, has managed to motivate, to persuade the professionals who withdraw of their universities to continue preparing itself, and to reach the maximum level superior with obtaining the doctorate title. Venezuela our case, is very under the percentage of professionals who reach doctorate, mainly because the national universities offer that it, especially in specialties of sciences are few social, economic, administrative, engineering, education, aspect that has neglected much and a great absence to doctors in these branches is had in addition. Many writers such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta offer more in-depth analysis. The Brazilian case indicates to Nora Bar, it is a test than it is obtained when the inspiration of the civil servants lasts rather more than a period of government on the matter contributes to us, that almost in 300 percent raised the number of titled doctors in Brazil between 1996 and 2008, which corresponds to average growth of eleven percent to the year, according to the study Doctors 2010, of the Center of Gestation and Strategic Studies (CGEE) sent the 11 of August in Brasilia. More than 87 thousand people they obtained its doctorate during the studied period. But, according to the study, if Brazil wants to count on a number of doctors by inhabitants similar to the one of developed countries, it must multiply by 4.5 or plus their presence. That increase especially in the last accelerated twelve years, from 2,830 in 1996 to 10,705 in 2008, according to the study " Doctors 2010: Studies of Demography of Technical Base Brasilea". The increase in the number of doctors was of the 278 percent from 1996, which is equivalent to an annual average of the 11.9 percent. .

John Connally

The European Union (so far) only defends the fare-play in matter would change: the European Central bank will not do anything that appreciates or depreciates the Euro of artificial form because it considers that it brings about distortions in the economy. The USA gives a double message on the one hand says that they will remove to the world from the crisis (” The mandate of the Federal Reserve and mine are that our economy grows, and that is not only good for the United States. That is good for the world like todo”) but on the other hand it makes difficult a global exit of the crisis since it creates creates majors imbalances between the countries. The emergent economies have forts superavits and the outposts high deficits. Anchin Block might disagree with that approach. In order to look for a greater balance EE.UU it proposed (but soon it rejected they lynched because it after the announcement of the EDF) to as much limit a 4% of the GIP the superavits as the deficits. The idea is that countries strongly exporter as China increases their purchases abroad. ” The dollar is our currency, but problema” is yours;. To this it pronounced it phrase John Connally in 1971, after being appointed secretary of the Treasure of the USA, due to the preoccupations from Europe after the USA finished with the gold standard and settled the Agreements of Bretton Woods, effective from 1944. This time, the preoccupations come from the USA, and the dollar continues being a problem for the world. Until the next one, Paola Pecora INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY If it had to choose a solar company to invest, knows in clearly which would choose and why? In our monthly report World-wide Value we give the reasons him of why the company that we chose already for the portfolio takes a 70% of HARDLY raises (it arrived at +90%) IN five months and has a bullish route very hard ahead.

Jennifer Aniston

This is until the moment the best series of comedy never taken to the small screen. Empezo to delight us in 1994, in which the personages Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica showed to the life of thirtyish friendly and its day to us day in the great apple. This series lasted 10 seasons, in which each was better than previous and the constant laughter diverse thing that I take to them to gain Emmys, globes of gold and more. And although each takes a parallel life and different from which was the series never we will forget those moments that as much they made us laugh. Lamentably for many followers of the comic series but who to existed, we must inform to him that nonvolvera Friends to the screen with New Seasons has been decided that. One has said that this the possibility that friends can appear in the great screen, says that Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenne) was undecided in being able to affirm its action, in case she nigue to film, estaria null the possibility of seeing them in cinema, since all we want to see the 6 friendly but famous they must be together to be able to roll. Also one says that when seeing the success that had Sex and the City, the actress Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenne) this ready to roll the film. Now only we must hope that they give the empezaria date of when rolling and if it is really certain and it is not a rumor.

Hopefully it is not it since we are all excited in being able to see these great comic friendly again, and to be able to laugh of its problems and their profits to us. We hope to be able to see them as well as before and that us they leave satisfied with the great production that always they had. We will return to have anectodas of the actors and personages and will be able to be ***reflxed mng of everything what they do, we will see that sera of the life of the mellisos, emma, and horseradish tree. Everything in a giant screen and something that was left us stops the memory of which never quicimos that the series finishes.

Human Rigthts Watch

How it would be possible to be defined to who reverence to assassins, folds before dictators and praises to a political regime that does not respect practically any human right and that the censorship practices? What qualification could be applied to that thus acts? I am not going to say that it names deserves, but of course denotes an absolute moral and human misery that thus comes. If I praised and praised to whom subjugate a town, to that prohibits the democracy and assassin to opponents, I would be a criminal, would be an undesirable one. If I hired to whom realise ethnic judgments without procedural guarantees, if she compadrease to me with who realises arbitrary and tremendous haltings and horrible tortures, would be so monster as realises that it. But all this has some exceptions and not only for Spain and its cruel politicians and governors, but also for the rest of the called world civilized: The UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc One of these exceptions is called Equatorial Guinea, where the political parties are illegal, it is jailed to opponents, where the presidential and legislative elections are a farce, where it assassinates enemy politicians, where the misery and the indignity are evident, where their natural resources are enormous and where his president the miserable Obiang has one of the majors fortunes of the world. The exception is in which it has petroleum and that is reason than more sufficient, apparently, to go made kneel before the dictator and to smile to him and to make him its crimes good. But not only I am who say that president Obiang and his corrupt government are monsters, Human Rigthts Watch, affirm that the majority of the population lives under the threshold of the poverty, due to the extreme corruption of the ecuatoguineano regime. Amnesty International continuously denounces the halting and torture of opponents.


From there is little population here and before arriving at the coast it will happen through wooded areas. He continues direct and very next to the sea there is an intersection: the route of the right takes until the base of Gained campismo End to it, located in the Eastern part of the Santa Lucia beach, whereas the route of takes it to the left, next to the coast, until the Tourist Pole Santa Lucia Beach, that includes almost all the beach of equal name. Welcome to the same. This beach is one of most beautiful of Cuba and although channel astonishment, was practically stranger until almost at the end of the past century. Nevertheless, it has a cultural and literary background, because these seas and all the set of the islands and next keys recommended to visit in previous articles (islands of Roman Key, Guajaba and Sabinal, keys Cross, the Heron, etc.), were crossed by famous North American novelist Ernest Hemingway on board their yacht To pound, (one of beaches of the area takes east name), in their trips of fishing.

Appointment that these places, together with their personal experience during World War II, served to him as inspiration to write their novel Islands in the Gulf. The site is, in truth, something of fantasy. In Santa Lucia it can choose between the following hotels: Santa Lucia breezes (4 stars), Club Mayanabo Friend (3 stars), Club Friend Caracol (three stars) and Santa Lucia Club (3 stars). It will always accompany it to the sea in Santa Lucia. The length of the beach, whose sand has a similar color to golden target, is of approximately of 20km. Other natural beaches, the Tombs, for example, located in the Cabo San Antonio, the most western point of Cuba, is different in an important aspect, mainly if it is traveled with children. The same is also subyugante, isolated and of very blue and pristine waters, but it owns a sharp declivity and to little distance of the border can cover the swimmer.