Federal Service

Now we want to get a patent and then sell the license on our development and for many years to receive the royalties, that is a royal reward. Now you need to write a patent application, which consists of the application for a patent, an application form you can take online Federal Service for Intellectual Property, plus a description of the patent-pending technology brief, then we have the formula itself is patent (a set of essential features, how to write a formula I wrote in the article above, Basically, the process of describing the formula it creative, there must be a lot of effort), then of course we're not patenting the air, and we need to produce drawings, photographs, charts, etc., that is, the application then goes to the abstract detailed description of the formula in which to describe the patent-pending technology to make it clear, and did not allow inactivated reading, and lastly the most important – it's a receipt for payment of duty, and you thought to free your scribbling will be considered. You did everything right, now you have to file your claim, as we know it will serve? You can mail, you can fax, you can bring yourself. But our reality shows, going on to ask mail does not work, and also by fax, you all still carry themselves. And there should hurry, because the priority of an application received by the one who brought it first, and who will bring her even a minute later, will be the second life without patent. Having an application can only wait for the decision to register a patent. Within six months of filing the application may be returned back for revision, or for some other reason, after eighteen months your application is formally published and your potential competitors and know your technology, and from this moment you step into the fight for the protection of your intellectual property, or vice versa go to competitors and show them what they are doing business on your technology, patent applications have many, and which strategy to choose depends on each case. Good luck with your patent and let your intellectual resources increase.. Ping Fu oftentimes addresses this issue.

Achieve Revenue

In our time, the rapid development of construction in recent years are forcing manufacturers to increase production of building materials. This also applies to factories producing bricks. During peak season it is worth its weight in gold. For this reason, many enterprising people decided to establish their own businesses for the production of bricks. But it should be noted that the design and construction of a brick factory – this occupation, requiring significant time and effort. It's no secret that in many regions of Russia there are already built, but inactive and abandoned brick factories. In order not to create an enterprise from scratch, you can buy a brick factory in Works in private property, to buy and put it on modern equipment and start production. You will not be costly if the factory building remains in good condition and does not require large capital repair.

In order not to engage in the creation of the company from scratch, you can buy a brick factory, to buy and put on a modern equipment for making bricks. Large expenditures would be required if the building works remained in good condition and does not require a major overhaul. If your intention is to restore the production or construction of a brick factory, the first thing to start with in order to develop a business plan and brick factory project. Business plan to build a plant can develop as their own, and proceed to project organization, which will provide you with a ready option.

Accounting Services

All operations and transactions conducted by the company, must be accompanied by supporting documents. Such documents are received in the accounting records as primary, and based on them being all reports. All Accounting service and accounting, as well as tax records are subject to verification, in terms, the reported tax now. The primary document should ideally be made at the time of the transaction or transactions, if any, not occurred, then it becomes possible after its completion. Original documents must be necessarily a template that is stored in albums unified forms of primary records.

If drawn documents not included in the album of unified forms, they shall contain the following details and forms: The date of the document, the document name, the name of the organization – the originator of the document; content; meters ongoing business operations in its physical and monetary terms; responsible persons who are responsible for the preparation of this document and the correctness of his design, as well as of this business transaction, personal signatures of all persons involved in the signing of this agreement and are responsible persons for its design and performance. Then there is a registration contract parties responsible for its commission. In accounting involves not only documents produced directly in the enterprise, but also coming from the external environment – banking institutions, suppliers and many other organizations that you are brokering. Documents are classified by types and categories are arranged by date and strictly kept on the premises for the provision of accounting and Tax Reporting to the Tax Committee, as and when required. In future documents, depending on the volume of documents, enter the accounting firms, where the final stages of consideration between the customer and the enterprise. For more stability and reliability of call for legal services, that would solve the controversial and emerging issues for the accounting and how to address these problems. Or, that would insure their company in all matters relating to taxes and reporting, to hire staff – a tax consultant, who will consult and assist make reports and keep records.