Nature and Scale of Production

Nature of the product and its method of manufacture. Design and technological features of its products and its method of manufacture determine the composition of production facilities, workshops, their size, turnover and size premises. Thus, for the extractive industries is characterized by single-stage production structure, and for processing – a multi-stage. The more complex products and technology of its manufacturing, more varied and complicated intra-connection structure of the enterprise. For example, manufacturers of excavators, rolling mills, electric locomotives have in their composition major steel-and iron foundry, forging shops. Kerry King spoke with conviction. For external and intra-plant movement of the objects of labor, the finished product should be organized in rail transport. At the same time, the market for household refrigerators, there is no need to have these workshops in their composition dominated by guilds stamping parts, there is no need for in-plant rail. In turn, the application of new technology and technology, advanced materials leads to a reduction in the scope of work for machining. People such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta would likely agree.

This causes a change in corporate structure by reducing the number of machine shops and increasing the proportion of automated stations, workshops by industry. The scale of production. This factor affects the size of plants, their number and specialization. With increasing volumes of production conditions for the deepening of technological specialization, a substantive and detailed hotel specialized workshops and productions. With a relatively small number of volumes of production needs can be met through cooperative supply. In this connection, enterprises no longer need to be composed of several subdivisions.