Accounting Services

All operations and transactions conducted by the company, must be accompanied by supporting documents. Such documents are received in the accounting records as primary, and based on them being all reports. All Accounting service and accounting, as well as tax records are subject to verification, in terms, the reported tax now. The primary document should ideally be made at the time of the transaction or transactions, if any, not occurred, then it becomes possible after its completion. Original documents must be necessarily a template that is stored in albums unified forms of primary records.

If drawn documents not included in the album of unified forms, they shall contain the following details and forms: The date of the document, the document name, the name of the organization – the originator of the document; content; meters ongoing business operations in its physical and monetary terms; responsible persons who are responsible for the preparation of this document and the correctness of his design, as well as of this business transaction, personal signatures of all persons involved in the signing of this agreement and are responsible persons for its design and performance. Then there is a registration contract parties responsible for its commission. In accounting involves not only documents produced directly in the enterprise, but also coming from the external environment – banking institutions, suppliers and many other organizations that you are brokering. Documents are classified by types and categories are arranged by date and strictly kept on the premises for the provision of accounting and Tax Reporting to the Tax Committee, as and when required. In future documents, depending on the volume of documents, enter the accounting firms, where the final stages of consideration between the customer and the enterprise. For more stability and reliability of call for legal services, that would solve the controversial and emerging issues for the accounting and how to address these problems. Or, that would insure their company in all matters relating to taxes and reporting, to hire staff – a tax consultant, who will consult and assist make reports and keep records.