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The yellow clothes not only are fashionable, produce energy and improve the spirit. celebration dresses 2012 yellow is ideal to say goodbye to the sadness of the winter and to contribute to light and joy to our wardrobes. In summer the yellow color emphasizes the bronzed one of the skin and in winter it gives an outstanding touch complementing any type of articles. Although the fashion proposes the yellow color, is a color that must be used with moderation, is a tone that if it is used of exaggerated form, can produce a certain rejection. Alternative tones exist for those who do not dare to the luminous yellow, like for example baby yellow, that is more of range extinguished.

The clothes in intense yellow color more are indicated in blouses, t-shirts, shirts and by all means in complements like hoops, bracelets or pendants that offer enhancement to a set. To use some article of celebration dresses yellow color is recommended to fight the Depression, the sadness, the depressive moods generally and when it is necessary to have good energy to make decisions or to take projects ahead. Amrillo is the color of sun and of the light, simpre offers positive energy, now is fashionable, but even though it is not it, simpre agrees to have a yellow article to use it when it is needed to raise the spirit. Almost all the more important marks of clothes used yellow and the tendency will stay the rest of the year. But the yellow is not a color so easy to take. If even so you want to use it, here there are advice of which to do and that not at the time of dressing yellow.

It finds the tone suitable. If your skin tends to be pink it avoids the greenish yellows or the tones mustard and looks for the tones of yellow near ocher and the trowel of yellows of tones pie. Printing. If it is arranged to lower the tone of cheap dresses of celebration with yellow that you want to use you must choose the fabric with care. It avoids all the brilliant or synthetic, however, it looks for the linens, the cotton, it soothes natural weaves help you to have look classic and elegant. In the accessories. Another option is to use white clothes with yellow accessories. A yellow portfolio, or sandals, a hat small, necklaces and other accessories are another form to please your desire to use yellow. With confidence. In order to use shining yellow and other colors, you need the correct attitude when it wears to formal dress or dress of celebration. You must be trusting and to leave the timidity to a side. That your attitude is the same that transmits the yellow!

Jennifer Aniston

This is until the moment the best series of comedy never taken to the small screen. Empezo to delight us in 1994, in which the personages Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica showed to the life of thirtyish friendly and its day to us day in the great apple. This series lasted 10 seasons, in which each was better than previous and the constant laughter diverse thing that I take to them to gain Emmys, globes of gold and more. And although each takes a parallel life and different from which was the series never we will forget those moments that as much they made us laugh. Lamentably for many followers of the comic series but who to existed, we must inform to him that nonvolvera Friends to the screen with New Seasons has been decided that. One has said that this the possibility that friends can appear in the great screen, says that Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenne) was undecided in being able to affirm its action, in case she nigue to film, estaria null the possibility of seeing them in cinema, since all we want to see the 6 friendly but famous they must be together to be able to roll. Also one says that when seeing the success that had Sex and the City, the actress Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenne) this ready to roll the film. Now only we must hope that they give the empezaria date of when rolling and if it is really certain and it is not a rumor.

Hopefully it is not it since we are all excited in being able to see these great comic friendly again, and to be able to laugh of its problems and their profits to us. We hope to be able to see them as well as before and that us they leave satisfied with the great production that always they had. We will return to have anectodas of the actors and personages and will be able to be ***reflxed mng of everything what they do, we will see that sera of the life of the mellisos, emma, and horseradish tree. Everything in a giant screen and something that was left us stops the memory of which never quicimos that the series finishes.

Chilean Government

The amount of investment is estimated at 950 million of dollars. Project has a useful life of 20 years according to current bookings, and will annually produce about 5,000 tons of copper concentrates, 615,000 ounces of gold and 18.2 million ounces of silver. Since then, Greenpeace criticized the project in 2005, alleging, among other things, that it will remove part of the three glaciers (Toro 1, Toro 2 and Esperanza) that are located on the area of the mine, in addition to the handling of dangerous toxic substances such as sodium cyanide, and the pollution of waters that make up the basin of the Huasco River; In addition to pose a threat to the traditional agricultural activities in the area. Criticisms were taken into account in modifications to the project that is conducted in the year 2006, which finally allowed his approval. In accordance with the requirements stipulated by the authorities in the approval of the project, the company is obliged to maintain the quality of water established in the baseline – which was determined prior to the start of the project- at a point located approximately 45 km upstream from the nearest community. Along with that, the quality of the water coming out of the mining property, about 30 kilometers downstream from the project and 15 km upstream from the nearest community, must be monitored to maintain the standards that are applied in Chile for drinking water.

Opponents of the project argue that the water supply of 70,000 farmers in the Huasco valley by the release of cyanide, sulfuric acid, and mercury in the Valley would be affected, however, gold mining does not use sulfuric acid, or mercury. And with regard to the cyanide, used a very dilute cyanide solution, which dissolves when it is exposed to air or other oxidizers, breaks down and does not persist. To this is added, that the opponents of the project argue that the water supply of 70,000 farmers in the Huasco valley by the release of cyanide, sulfuric acid, and mercury in the Valley, would be affected. However, gold mining does not use sulfuric acid, or mercury. And with regard to the cyanide, used a very dilute cyanide solution, which dissolves when it is exposed to air or other oxidizers, breaks down and does not persist. It is also said that company has bought the support of farmers with the social assistance and the promises of the 60 million dollars for infrastructure works and that the Treaty of integration and complementation mining was adopted under pressure from Barrick in November 2005, a petition of 18,000 signatures was presented to the Chilean Government by the Anti Pascua Lama front’s fighta coalition of environmental groups. How much damage will cause this to Chileans and those who live on this planet, more when it is known and well expressed it, that bass these millennial glaciers is the treasure of AMERICA that consists of tens of billions of dollars in gold, silver and other metals many omo very well atinachile.c, points out. to extract these metals need to break these glaciers, something that has never been done in the world and make two holes as Chuquicamata, one for extraction and another for waste because mining companies recycle anything.