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In Mendoza Rivadavia Department breathes field. Their amazing vineyards and orchards have shaped the quiet, open and simple personality of its inhabitants. This area, located in the East, invites you to enjoy the charms of life jacket. Emphasizes a strong point of tourism in Mendoza Rivadavia: La Tulumaya cottage. A careful proposal for rural tourism that transforms it into a trip not to be missed if we visit the Valle de Uco. Don Eugenio Petri came to the Argentina in the early 1900s from a distant homeland.

Austria. This Tyrolean immigrant fell cuyanas lands and delegated to his children and grandchildren respect by Gaucho customs that he himself had been adopted passionately. His work bore fruit: today, its Roberto nieto and his great-grandchildren, Alexander and Fernando are continuing his legacy and welcome visitors with pride in the Cabana Tulumaya (whose name means Arch of the sky). A day of field in Tulumaya, begins receiving the rising sun with a rich breakfast of hot sopaipillas. The scent of the grass wet from the spray caresses smell. Finished Breakfast pawns are directed to the daily tasks of the cabin, from which tourists can participate. Will then be the turn of choosing between a walk on foot or horseback through the countryside, to return to the hut to a snack toning on average tomorrow.

Homemade bread and parked the cottage ham are known throughout the province. Then imposes a small break, which can be used to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Noon arrives with the chirp and the aroma of meat on the grill. After an appetizer of sausage, olives and ubiquitous local wine, comes to enjoy the typical Creole dishes. Classic Mendoza NAP Crown lunch, to live with renewed energy an afternoon walks in sulky and more rural tasks, caring for the horses of the cabin. The evening falls between traditional prayers and the rumor of the strings of guitars, the copleros already tempering in the grocery store of the stay, a lovely set construction in the 19th century and served by staff with costumes. A brooch Gold for an authentic day of field, with all the traditional flavor. They are these unforgettable moments of our quiet holiday in Mendoza. Jorge Alberto Guinazu Turismo in Mendoza Francois Lurton Archive du blog Gran Lurton, cutting Friulian 2009 Valle de Uco Jancis Wine of the Week The making of Wallpaper s interiors shoot en Valle de Uco 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Blog Ronen Bekerman Wine Country Retreat: Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina GTSA Multi-lingual News Blog tourism to San Rafael Mendoza in Argentina holidays Emilia Attias of Fans over the world denounce fraud tinelli (see pictures) Time 24