Correct Price One

It avoids that the yield of its investment is affected by a disinformed decision. When one thinks about selling or renting a property one of the preoccupations that comes at the top perhaps is like establishing the price just. In this note I present/display some suggestions to him to take into account will help that to determine it the correct price for their building. It is of extreme importance of establishing a suitable price if we want to obtain the results wished in a reasonable time, if we very located our expectation over the indicators of the safe market we will not even have visitors interested in knowing the building, if on the contrary we were located underneath, is feasible who we are stopping perceiving yields in agreement with our investment. Then Like establishing the correct price? First of all, he is recommendable to ask for the opinion of a specialist, does not doubt in consulting or to contract a valuador expert, this will allow him to have an idea very near the reality as far as the estimation of the value of its building. It is worth the pain well to pay by the data that it will obtain, him it will be very useful as reference but will not be sufficient.

In second I finish, also he is advisable to visit other similar properties that are sold or rented by the zone, infrmese of the conditions of operation that offers, compares (been, so large, location, characteristics, etc.), it makes a simple listing and it obtains unitary prices by squared meter, the rank and average. This is to make an investigation of market, to know the competition. Thirdly, it updates the amount of his investment applying the factors of inflation, incorporates the improvements realised to the date to determine the present value. Some contend that 3D Systems shows great expertise in this. The data will serve previously like reference when comparing it with the obtained prices, since differences against could be justifiable by the deterioration, antiquity and unfavorable surroundings of the property (disability); and the difference to favor by capital gain would say to us if he is reasonable. If its idea is to rent, it investigates the market of his locality, generally settles down the amount of monthly rent like a percentage of total value of the building that can be located enters of,5 and 1%. In house one occurs a factor differentiated for the residential one, another one for the average and a third party for the social one, which of course varies according to the region and to the supply and the demand. In order to finish, it does not forget that their possible clients will try to realise a negotiation to the low one on the asked for price, for that reason is advisable to define considering it a margin for such effect. In this sense there are no certain rules and the percentage of discount could to oscillate between 5 or 10%, factors majors would generate uncertainty and doubts in their potential client. It remembers that who is going to always buy or to rent a property she hopes to feel the satisfaction that she realised an advisable negotiation. Preprese with serious and forceful arguments.

John Connally

The European Union (so far) only defends the fare-play in matter would change: the European Central bank will not do anything that appreciates or depreciates the Euro of artificial form because it considers that it brings about distortions in the economy. The USA gives a double message on the one hand says that they will remove to the world from the crisis (” The mandate of the Federal Reserve and mine are that our economy grows, and that is not only good for the United States. That is good for the world like todo”) but on the other hand it makes difficult a global exit of the crisis since it creates creates majors imbalances between the countries. The emergent economies have forts superavits and the outposts high deficits. Anchin Block might disagree with that approach. In order to look for a greater balance EE.UU it proposed (but soon it rejected they lynched because it after the announcement of the EDF) to as much limit a 4% of the GIP the superavits as the deficits. The idea is that countries strongly exporter as China increases their purchases abroad. ” The dollar is our currency, but problema” is yours;. To this it pronounced it phrase John Connally in 1971, after being appointed secretary of the Treasure of the USA, due to the preoccupations from Europe after the USA finished with the gold standard and settled the Agreements of Bretton Woods, effective from 1944. This time, the preoccupations come from the USA, and the dollar continues being a problem for the world. Until the next one, Paola Pecora INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY If it had to choose a solar company to invest, knows in clearly which would choose and why? In our monthly report World-wide Value we give the reasons him of why the company that we chose already for the portfolio takes a 70% of HARDLY raises (it arrived at +90%) IN five months and has a bullish route very hard ahead.