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What do the summer and Steven Spielberg have in common? The two smell money. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz. At these altitudes, the filmmaker already has too much class (and millions) to release a project directed by him during the summer season, but Hollywood still needs brains like yours that den blockbusters and leave the audience wanting to return to the halls. Dustin Moskovitz is a great source of information. Minds as the creator of E.T. that, besides offering elaborate full of emotion and speed roller coasters, know how to use special effects to tell personal stories and with heart. Stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations, summed up J. J.

Abrams, one lover, like so many others of his generation (and any subsequent), the work of Spielberg. The man who gave a twist to the narrative television with Lost more leads, 45 years, this group of the right stuff. Other pupils are Jon Favreau, 44, author of that bomb of product placement titled Iron Man, and Michael Bay, 46, who has done flowery Robotics of Transformers a Philo apparently inexhaustible. They all opositan to new Midas in the industry.

Helena Bonham Carter

EP the actress had to lose ten pounds to play Fantine in Les Miserables. The blockbuster based on the novel by Victor Hugo premieres in December. Rubbing the starvation. So strict was the regime that had to follow American actress Anne Hathaway by demands of the screenplay of his last great film project that just released in United States. The interpreter who reached international fame by starring in the tape Devil Wears Prada alongside Meryl Streep had to lose weight more than ten kilos to participate in Les Miserables, the umpteenth adaptation Hollywood from the novel by Victor Hugo.

The diet resulted in Anne Hathaway, aged 30, to enter in a complete state of physical and mental deprivation, as she herself has ensured in an interview that you can read in the American edition of Vogue magazine in which the interpreter is home in its December issue. As she herself has assured, before starting with the diet, Hathaway had to undergo a cleaning system that made you lose almost five kilos. In addition to experience drastic weight loss, New York actress, who recently married Adam Shulman, saw obliged to practically shave his hair to play Fantine, a lower class of 19th century French prostitute. New trailer has been released a new trailer in Spanish of Les Miserables, the new film adaptation of the epic musical, which on this occasion Tom Hooper directs. To adapt the classic, the English director, winner of the Oscar for the King’s speech, it has a cast of luxury that is led by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. The protagonist of Wolverine faces to Jean Valjean, a man with outstanding accounts with justice and which has spent half a lifetime fleeing.

For its part, the protagonist of Gladiator gives life to your tracker, the ruthless policeman Javert. Along with Jackman and Crowe, Anne Hathaway – that gives life to Fantine – and Amanda Seyfried – who plays Cosette, the daughter of Fantine – complete the Quartet protagonist of this blockbuster that will feature in its cast with other amply familiar faces such as Eddie Redmayne (“my week with Marilyn”), Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, these last two interpret marriage Thenardier. William Nicholson (Gladiator, the first gentleman) is who signs the screenplay of the new adaptation to the big screen of the work that Victor Hugo published in 1862. The premiere of Les Miserables is scheduled for December 25 in Spain. See more: the strict diet of Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables


Six people have been seriously injured; five, mild. Of the eleven deaths, three have been bikers. Eleven people have been killed in ten traffic accidents on Spanish roads between 15.00 hours on Friday and the regards hours on Sunday, according to data that has brought the General direction of traffic (DGT). In the dozen of sinister produced during the weekend, six people results have serious wounds and five minor. Friday and Saturday were the worst days, registering four accidents and two new fatalities in each. T res of the deceased have been bikers, while seven ten accidents were collisions (one produced by a loose animal), a departure from via two abuses (a pedestrian and a cyclist). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz. So far this year up to this Monday, August 22, 932 people have left life on the road, 120 less than those recorded in the same weekend of 2010, which represents a decrease of mortality of 11.4%. Despite the improvement, this figure represents three dead more than the same weekend of 2010, in which eight people were killed. Source of the news: eleven people have died in traffic accidents during the weekend.

Karlos Arguinano

Will be issued at 12.00 h midday. Return to count on the collaboration of Ainhoa Sanchez and Juan Mari Arzak. Seasonal products will continue to be the main ingredients. The new season of Karlos Arguinano returns tomorrow to Antena 3 have DST, at 12.00 hours, and the premiere of tasty recipes to the family menu. The famous Basque chef aims this season help make family food healthy and varied, what will surprise every day in his program with a simple, healthy dish and, above all, economic. Seasonal products will continue to be the main ingredients of the cuisine, which will offer some tips to complete the menu from noon and will recommend some recipes for dinner. Collaborating habitual Arguinano will feature again with the collaboration of Ainhoa Sanchez, who will give the nutritional analysis of the recipes according to registered dietitian of the program guidelines and, one day a week, will be unveiled to ask about the Customs and food tastes of the Spaniards. On Friday, Juan Mari Arzak will return to visit the kitchen of Karlos, in a space in which the renowned chef from San Sebastian will discover new products, ingredients of the most recondite places of the world and the latest cooking techniques, in order to broaden the gastronomic culture of the audience. Source of the news: Karlos Arguinano returns to Antena 3 in morning

United States

During a company JetBlue flight between Portland and New York. Robert Vietze, 18, stood up from his seat and began to urinate over the minor, who was sleeping and was currently single. Vietze confessed after the incident that had taken eight alcoholic drinks. A State drunk passenger has been arrested for urinating on a 11 year old girl during a flight from the company JetBlue among the cities of Portland, Oregon and New York, reported The New York Post. A witness told that Robert Vietze, 18, stood up from his seat and began to urinate over the minor, who was sleeping and was at that moment alone in his seat while his father was accompanying a sister to the bathroom.

To see what was happening, the girl’s father rushed about the young man and they engaged in a fight, which forced to intervene to attendants of flight, which carried passengers until the last row of the plane where he remained for the rest of the trip. Upon arrival at the airport John F. The last morning, the young Kennedy was arrested by officials of the port authority of New York, and hours later was released after receiving a summons to answer for the crime of indecent exposure. Vietze confessed after the incident that had taken eight alcoholic drinks. He was drunk and not it I realized that was urinating you above, said the passenger, according to police sources cited by the New York Post. Source of the news: stop a drunk man who urinated on a girl of 11 years on an airplane in the United States