Six people have been seriously injured; five, mild. Of the eleven deaths, three have been bikers. Eleven people have been killed in ten traffic accidents on Spanish roads between 15.00 hours on Friday and the regards hours on Sunday, according to data that has brought the General direction of traffic (DGT). In the dozen of sinister produced during the weekend, six people results have serious wounds and five minor. Friday and Saturday were the worst days, registering four accidents and two new fatalities in each. T res of the deceased have been bikers, while seven ten accidents were collisions (one produced by a loose animal), a departure from via two abuses (a pedestrian and a cyclist). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz. So far this year up to this Monday, August 22, 932 people have left life on the road, 120 less than those recorded in the same weekend of 2010, which represents a decrease of mortality of 11.4%. Despite the improvement, this figure represents three dead more than the same weekend of 2010, in which eight people were killed. Source of the news: eleven people have died in traffic accidents during the weekend.