The Opera

Raul who is a great man of the parisiense society asks for to aid the Persian and together they start to mount the parts of the break-head and go discovering who comes making these horrible acts and that already until he killed to protect it. Conde Raul tries to come close the maximum of its Christine beloved relembra of its past when the father of the girl counted histories for the two on an angel of music. Christine was abducted by the ghost that did not make nothing against it therefore loved it to it and Raul enters in a terrible one enrascada, enters in a chamber that is fulling of water but Christine begs it ghost to free Raul, if it freed it would be married the ghost and this accepted a proposal of Christine that went to be really married it, it wise person who the ghost was Erik who started to cry and kissed the beautiful lady in the forehead Erik seeing there that Christine was a woman whom it honors with its commitments and it leaves it to Erik to go even so with loved its that he was Raul and the two go for a place tranquilo and after a Christine time receives the news that the Ghost of the Opera had died. The Ghost of the Opera was created by Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux that was born in Paris, in day 6 of May of 1868, is workmanship was its more important work it immortalized and it in the literature, having been published in 1911, having been written later that Gaston visited the Opera of Paris, after known having was based on the underground lake that really exists, also in its size and its innumerable doors, cabin and stairs. Gaston also has some published books as the Armchair Haunted, the Search Treasures of the Morning, Gaston Leroux died in day 15 of April of 1927 to the 58 years of age. Who translated and made the necessary adaptations was Patriotic Daisy that was born in Rio De Janeiro and currently deferred payment in Brasilia, together with Publishing company FTD had obtained fazr 1 edition of the publishing company of this book in So Paulo in the year of 2007. It is workmanship with the done adaptations is a book of easy agreement with a fast reading and objective, the book possesss 26 chapters 236 pages. I recommend is magnificent workmanship therefore is of easy agreement with an objective reading but at the same time it makes with that reading it interacts with its reading, with the personages and also in this workmanship presents some touchs very interesting where the author obtains to mix everything to the rough calculation time as for example the romance, suspense, drama this as many others are a book that arrests the attention loses the notion of space and time.

The Paradigm

These same concepts are seemed and interlace with the teses of author Edgar Morin the theory of the complexity mainly that talk between itself reflect the difficulties well that the half academic suffers with the paradigmticas changes, and as the professor can help the pupil in its construction. Leaving of the estimated one of that all these paradigms do not constitute an absolute truth and that the knowledge is something complex and unfinished, what the professor must to make is to mediate to the established teses already and to sew concepts that follow an other after complementing the ideas, being left to knock down a thesis to prioritize another one that seem more acceptable in one to be determined historical moment, however in one another period already will not have in its bases structures to survive, however, joining the concepts the roots if fortify form it a confusion of preset concepts as the proper Morin cites (2000) ' ' The Paradigm of the complexity waves of the educators to learn to sail in an ocean of uncertainties in way the archipelagoes of certezas' '. II Practical the Educative Colleges student. The education is a social process that involves all the economic levels, social politicians and, thus being, the base that guides this process is in the educational molds that go of the initial series to the highest pertaining to school level. Since the beginning of century the main objective of who withheld the educational power age to form hand of? workmanship that took care of the consumista market of the capitalist world. Today, the superior education is seen as social institution, that has the main function to form the educational and scientific elite serves who it. To take care of these necessities one becomes necessary that the university institutions possess a faculty of high qualitative level in its structure. The professor comes across it a new challenge and searchs solutions that assist to it in daily practical its, aiming at to extract optimum of its learning and opening the keys to it so that they are citizens in the construction of the proper knowledge and in the search for solutions for the chaos that if urges it na society.