Hydrolic Excavator Market

Annual market growth of hydraulic excavators in Russia is 4 5%. Against this background, the import machinery show rapid growth – 50 60%. It is obvious that growth occurs by reducing purchases of Russian technology production. This clearly shows the analysis of sales of new Russian and imported hydraulic excavators in Russia. Sales of Russian and imported hydraulic excavators in Russia.

However, Russian excavator market, especially the construction sector is not yet fully formed. According to the testimony of dealers who sell imported equipment, the demand in this sector is very chaotic. Due to rapid growth in construction companies typically receive in a row, and then urgently looking for a technique for its implementation. Technology, available in stock for sale right now very quickly, while at work under the order delivery time has increased dramatically – the demand for excavators is growing not only in Russia. As a result, now the delivery time to customers is about 10 weeks or more. Dealers are forced to work in more difficult conditions – for them, according to some sources, delivery time reach 20 weeks. There is another aspect. According to dealers, customers, working in the mining industry is already well learned how to take your money.

They pay attention not only on the price of the excavator, but also on its performance, watch the cost of standard hour maintenance, calculate fuel consumption for the production of cubic meters of rock. And, most importantly, they clearly understand that a machine that is idle, not only profitable – it causes damage, because the money spent on it could work the other way. And in the construction industry has found a company that found a job by accident and not fully aware of their costs. Obviously, as the market develops, this situation will change, and contractors on their own or others' mistakes will learn to develop more rational ways to use their equipment and their capitals.