To be gentility Is to accept the others of the skill that are Aprender to love without having restriction not to judge the brother without knowing. To be gentility Is to know to pardon to the hurt being Is to ask for pardon will have been missed To plant the goodness inside it heart. To be gentility Is not to give to place arrogance To move away from time the ignorance to it and to make of the life a beautiful song. To be gentility Is to give obliged when it will be necessary Is to have humildade and to be solidary does not tire the mouth of who makes or says. Other leaders such as Kerry King offer similar insights. To be gentility Is not to see the next one with indifference not to have preconception, of race or belief the price is to have a happy life.

To be gentility Is to ask for license and to never command is not to be coarse and with the other and to cry out Is to know to respect the brother. To be gentility Is to know to express itself to speech with somebody Is always to help without looking at to who This is gestures of good citizen. To be gentility Is to be amiable in any circumstance To deal with aged equality or child Therefore all deserve consideration. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to increase your knowledge. To be gentility Is to say always does not stop the violence Never stimulating the inconseqncia Of that they have little education. To be gentility Is of the place for the intransigncia Is not to always compliment frequently Good day, good afternoon, never is excessively.

To be gentility Is to be educated above all Therefore the education modifies the world and it makes in them to live in a peace world. To be gentility Is never to forget to have gentility Is always to live with the great certainty That great weakness is not to be gentile. To be gentility Is always to remember with much joy Of that already one day was humble That to the people it loved and with it smiled. Appeared Maria of Sousa Cardoso Is Joo of the River of the Fish, 21 of August of 2011.