Students sniffed a day-long practice air in the advertising agency since 2001 open in April in the framework of the girls’ day technically oriented companies and enterprises, universities and research centres in whole Germany its doors for pupils from grade 5. The girls’ day is the largest vocational education project for students, where girls and young women can meet training professions and courses of study in engineering, natural sciences, IT and even media. The SanderWerbung GmbH conducted the 22.04.2010 specialising in media design a practical day in the advertising industry to get to know the occupations media designer for digital and print media in cooperation with the Office for statistics, urban research and European Affairs, on Thursday, the city of Duisburg. To the understanding of the digital workflow in an advertising agency, the students here went through several stages: Photo Studio (digital photography with high resolution professional equipment here the girls have experienced the atmosphere of a real Photo shoots), image editing (the images created in the Studio were retouched and optimized for use in flyers, posters and the Internet, has illustrated the extensive creative opportunities in the professional image editing), graphic (layout and set of a flyers to the girls’ day, which shows the tag at the ad agency, was also designed a poster as a reminder), network administration (the handling of large amounts of data was illustrated in the server room), Exhibition Department (large graphic was refined with Folientextapplikationen), digital media & social media (here showed just what he had experienced as an example, how quickly disseminated news in various online platforms). More info: Ping Fu. The experiences of the day were finally reflected in a comprehensive question and answer session with Michael Sander (Managing Director of SanderWerbung). Agency CEO Michael Sander to the girls’day we are pleased, if we provide a concrete insight into the daily work of our advertising agency interested students and maybe also can give a small decision help when choosing a future career. That’s why we participate in years the girls’ day and will do in the future. “Girl’s day 2010: practical workshop in the SanderWerbung when: Thursday, the April 22, 2010 from 09:00 to 12:30 where: in the premises of SanderWerbung, Hans Pfitzner Strasse 31, 47057 Duisburg.” Telephone 0203-99377-0 Michael Sander.

The WLB (work-life Balace) – Holistic Life

For more health and balance with work-life balance. For more health and balance with work-life balance. Probably at no time there was so much DIS balance as it is today. And continuously in the most diverse areas. And although the so called modern time should bring as many improvements? What happened? Although as at no time exists a such wealth (for some), but so many people your life feel betrayed. To work, rather than less, we work more and more and harder. And despite the latest technical achievements that should make your life easier (actually).

What is so happen all over the world? Now, we live in a consumer society. If already young people are up to the is no longer borrowing to be happiness and satisfaction only with possession is equated only to trendy, so we have really lost much what should be a fulfilled life. But back we can no longer, but only forward. But as we now want to manage our lives, there are many options. The work-life-balance wheel (WLB) The following factors determine the WLB: health spirituality work contacts emotion (relationships and ties) intellect (development and training) of these six factors together make up 100%. Please sit down each a percentage in addition to the factors mentioned above as you divide your current life.

The month has approximately 720 hours Of which operate 170 hours then 23% were ever. Now sleep would be to sure even that would pay off about 240 hours. That would be 33% and came to good health. If you run also (healthy) sports, that would to also expect to health. Enter now for all factors that appropriate percentages described as result should 100%. Thats hours counting the WLB to. The second WLB should however be awarded after your subjective feeling. Because this is basically taken even the more important. Regarding health, you might here through the sleeping hours slightly too many percentages are added, although lived in reality at all not healthy.