Work Wedding

This means that either he there is no suitable equipment for shooting, or he does not know how to use it. 7) If the portfolio there is a lot of pictures of brides and feel that they have not done before taking a professional make-up and hair. This may say that this photo is not from a wedding, but with any show, for example, "show brides." Shooting at such events – is the work of another plan. Such a photographer will likely filmed few weddings, they have no skills in it is wedding photography. 8) Photos must be submitted to the diverse. What is included in the wedding ceremony? Bride price, registration, wedding, tour, dinner, walk on the boat, ride in a limousine, driving on horses and so on.

9) The staged photographs the bride and groom should look at the camera, except for reportage photography and photographers, where the couple look at each other. But such pictures in the portfolio should not be too many (50%), except when the photographer does just reportage images, without interfering in the events. The photographer has to say about this, because not everyone may like this style. 10) Noises and their suppression. If you see the grain in darker sequences (the presence of colored dots) or a person zamyleny, the photographer is not enough high-quality equipment, or he does not know how to use it. 11) Originality – is, of course, a matter of taste. But, most likely in the selection process you will see several photographers portfolio.


Once you remove yourself and your family / friends in many instances, be tempted to remove the professional model. I must say it is difficult. Modeling Agency. Unless, of course, you have $ 100-150 (in Moscow) on the day of shooting, ok, call a modeling agency. There you’ll be happy to provide a catalog or even hold a casting. The advantage is that the professional model is usually pretty easy to take poses that you need.

Announcements. Like ‘I’m a beginner photographer, take off the girl in two or three positions at home for free. ” Caught the ambiguity? Exactly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dustin Moskovitz. It is difficult to expect that the unknown girl agreed to appear with you, even for free. Push on the fact that it will receive nearly a professional portfolio. Maybe we’re lucky.

I once walked into a day off the Arbat an hour, handing out their business cards. Of the 50 who took a called. Calls to other people’s ads. Take Journal of ‘Love’ and calls on the ads marriage / dating. In the first case, you can even count on the fee. Only will this Aunt, Kojima age of 40. In the second case – is almost entirely a prostitute (or salons ). They Need photos for posting on the internet / magazines. But they still Bole suspicious than those who call on your ads. Instead, they tend to nestesnitelny and ‘nude’ you get no problems. Appeal to muster women. Courses dance clubs ‘Over 30’, etc. Honestly, have not tried this way, but it seems to me quite promising. Only the first Speak its activities with the wife / mother-in ;-).