Better Documentary Oscar

In sets of documents the film leaves to have a ficcional character and starts to be journalistic. It can be of average or shortness-metragem and registers facts with environment commentaries and determined situations. It is a way to portray notice without superficiality, of form that are studied cases and deepened to be able to be relembrados. If the ficcionista has that to create a world with proper personages, the documentarista has that to possess a character more anthropologist and to enter in the other people’s reality of the possible form less perceivable to try to portray events modifying to the minimum the Real stops in front of the cameras. Kerry King contains valuable tech resources. The edition of images, sound equipment, order of interviews and facts by itself already creates a narrative, but exactly thus the documentarista must try to the maximum to be transparent and not to appear as an author for the spectators, with the objective to become the most natural set of documents and seemed with the reality.

The category had origin in 1942 and exists until today, and will be shown in Oscar 2012. From the following year (1943) that it was divided in Better Set of documents of Shortness and Long Documentary Melhor, as she is until today. In that year the awardees had been ' ' Victory in the Deserto' ' , of the British Ministry of Information, as long and ' ' Dezembro' ' , of the American Navy, as short. The last set of documents to take estatueta golden for house was the American ' ' Work interno' ' , in 2011, for portraying truths of world-wide the economic crisis of 2008. The indicated ones to the Set of documents category Better for Oscar 2012 are five: ' ' Hell and Back Again' ' , ' ' Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory' ' , ' ' If the Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front' ' , ' ' Pina' ' ' ' Undefeated' '.

Psychiatric Association

The DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994, published for the Artmed Publishing company), uses the expression ‘ ‘ upheaval of matemtica’ ‘ , and the International classification of Illnesses (CID-10; world Health Organization, 1992? published for the Artmed Publishing company), it considers criteria of research for the one identification ‘ ‘ specific upheaval of the ability in Aritmtica’ ‘ , all these definitions are based on estimated of an average QI or above average, normal sensorial functioning, educational chances adjusted the emotional absence of other upheavals of the development and riots. One of the main objectives of the DSM-IV is to supply to an accurate description of all the medical symptoms in way that is consulted by professional doctors or of health so that they can make a correct diagnosis. The essential characteristic of the Upheaval of the Mathematics consists of a capacity for the accomplishment of arithmetical operations (measured for standardized tests, individually managed, of calculation and mathematical reasoning) acentuadamente below of the waited one for the chronological age, measured intelligence and the escolaridade of the individual. The disturbance in the mathematics intervenes significantly with the pertaining to school income or activities of the daily life that demand mathematical abilities. For more information see Dustin Moskovitz.

Presence of a sensorial deficit, the difficulties in the mathematical capacity exceed generally that to these associates. As it suggested Fleishnes (1994), in some cases the term upheaval of learning in mathematics was used as 8 synonymous for the term ‘ ‘ discalculia’ ‘ , mentioning to it dficits specific in calculations or the mathematical thought. Amongst the upheavals identified traditionally in infancy and the adolescence, the learning upheavals are less understood and the most questioned. (Bradley et al, 2002; Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998; Lyon et al, 2001). In accordance with American federal norms of 1977 the learning upheavals had been organized in different types: understanding of the writing, verbal expression, basic abilities of the reading, reading understanding, written expression, mathematical calculations and mathematical reasoning.