Frederick Herzberg Behavior

These motivacionais factors go to influence directly in the behavior of the individual and, consequently, in its performance inside of the organization. This last affirmation justifies the importance of one brief dissertao on the relation between the motivation and the performance, as well as on the aspects to these related. In the truth, they are about three item? motivation, behavior and performance? that they are presented narrowly on. The performance is a manifestation of the human behavior in the organizations, thus being able also to be motivated by the proper individual (internal reasons) or by the situation or environment where it meets (external reasons) (MAXIMIANO, 1995, P. 318). Internal reasons: they are the necessities, aptitudes, interests and abilities of the individual, make that it capable to carry through certain tasks and not others; they make that it to feel itself attracted by certain things and to prevent others; they make what it to value certain behaviors and to menosprezar others.

They still can be defined as the interior impulses, of physiological and psychological nature, be affected by sociological factors: necessities, frustration, aptitude, abilities, attitudes and interests. External reasons: They are the stimulatons or incentives that the environment offers or objectives that the person pursues because they satisfy to a necessity, despertam an interest feeling because rewards they represent it to be reached. The external reasons can be divided in two main categories? the work and the conditions of work? as a classification made in a theory proposal for Frederick Herzberg, that exerted great influence in the studies on the motivation (MAXIMIANO, 1995, P. 318 and 326). Understanding of the motivation of the behavior demands the knowledge of the necessities human beings, for if dealing with one of the more important internal reasons that they guide the behavior and the performance of the individual. In research carried through for diverse authors, studious of the motivation human being, one evidenced that certain necessities also exist basic human beings and some whose causes escape to the proper agreement of the man.