Air smells of spring and Sevilla can already see the approaching festive atmosphere. Within a very short (from April 28 to May 3) will be held the famous Feria de Abril in Seville, one of the most famous festivals in Andalusia and Spain as a whole. This fair with over 150 years of history dating back to 1846, when two men asked the City Council an annual cattle fair in the city. Since then, it has diverged and became what we now know as the “Feria de Abril”. This is the most important party and receives more tourists in Andalusia, along with Easter, in addition to the essential meeting point for Seville.

Over seven days they eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves at the exhibition created especially for the occasion. The celebration begins with the ceremony of lighting Monday (thousands of lamps are lit in the great cover) and the traditional dinner of fish. To close, after seven days of intense fun, fireworks are set off and made the traditional bull bulls. The fairgrounds is a replica of Seville and settled in the district of Los Remedios. The streets are christened with names of famous bullfighters: Joselito El Gallo, Curro Romero, Ricardo Torres “bomblets”, etc. In addition, the typical rise houses decorated with colored lanterns and the City awards the most beautiful and best fitted.

Early in the morning, people crowd the streets of the fairgrounds to watch the carriages, horsemen and women of flamenco. In addition, everyone eats the typical fried fish and drink fine or manzanilla. In the afternoon we held the mythical bull fights with the great masters of the bullfight in the Plaza de la Maestranza. At night, the party continues late into the night. The April Fair is ideal for eating, drinking, dancing Sevillanas and above all for a good time. There are thousands of sites where you can relax or entertain, plus a host of stalls which sell food and drink. yTe going to miss a party so huge? Travel to the Andalusian capital and rent to give a truce to your feet. year you sorry!