Alfred Winslow

A hedge fund, which is also known as alternative investment fund or high risk fund, was applied for the first time to a fund which sought to combine short positions and long positions in multiple values, with the sole purpose of making a coverage of market movements and was managed by Alfred Winslow. This type of investment funds, is organised privately and is managed by several professional societies that are devoted to charge commissions, by requiring high minimum investment amounts. Hedge funds, seek to obtain absolute yields, rather than partial returns that are usually based on a reference and therefore are not subject to any regulation. In the same way, they are not subjected to any obligation of information and must not give liquidity on a daily basis, that is why they are called free investment funds. Deciding to invest in these investment funds and once and for all, changes your economic luck. It relieves all your worries Economic and pays off your debts by investing your savings in investment funds free and of course, seeing how these multiply over time.