Wedding Photography

With some experience, a wedding photographer has already developed his own style and follows certain techniques. Consider also the four most common style of wedding photography: 1. Wedding story – here the interference photographer in the course of a wedding celebration to a minimum. Pictures convey a chronicle of events wedding day without any staging. Shooting takes place nenavyazchvo and completely invisible.

Photographers who hold this style, serve as 'fotoskazochnikov' telling viewers 'fairytale wedding'. 2. The traditional style of wedding photography depends on a wedding photographer who acts as a kind of the role of 'conductor' wedding. He directs the wedding, working on the production of photo leads pozirovochnuyu shooting. 3.

Fashion style of wedding photography is focused on bringing it yelement fashion. Couples who order pictures in the style of wedding fashion, often In addition to directly capture the wedding ceremony and further guidance on the studio recording. Honeymoon shooting in the studio will allow the bride feel yourself a real model! 4. 'Pollution' wedding dresses – this Style speaks for itself. Typically, the bride's book imagery in this style after the wedding ceremony as a creative alternative to storing your wedding dress, which they no longer put on never in my life. The bride can decide to walk in it at the beach or in the fountain, photographed on the streets or on the railways, in abandoned buildings or on the field, or even in the woods. Determine the style of your wedding photos – not always an easy task. Some brides think that they know exactly what they want, but just looking at portfolio wedding photographer understands that there are several styles of wedding photography. And the choice of should be done! Styles of wedding photography are different, they have different experiences convey the wedding day. But it was your choice will determine the photos that you have so often will be viewed in the future!