Types Of Window

As is known, in modern construction are widely used windows in wood, metal and plastic. Bindings of plastic do not require much care in their use than wooden frames and in addition, they are more durable. Frames of wood possess properties such as weathering resistance, they successfully cope with the impact of various acids and fumes, well insulated room from the outside heat and cold, protect against drafts, noise, dust and, with its low weight, have good dimensional stability. The windows are classified by way of opening to: Casement, up-, nizhnepodvesnye, verhnepodvesnye and sliding. Casement windows opening or outward or inward. Number of glasses is determined by the name of the window (single, double, triple). For the production of window units use pine, fir and other woods.

In the production of leaflets and boxes of frames interconnected by thorns, pre-gluing. Recently, the production of metal windows used aluminum and steel. In high-volume use painted or covered with plastic aluminum. This material has almost no time and almost no holds dust and dirt. Plastic covers can be washed, and any tools used in everyday life.

In the production of windows using a different profile from the alloy Aluminum with thermal insulation. The presence of insulation allows their use in residential and public buildings. In addition, these profiles have a high sound insulation. The windows of aluminum produced as a side hitch bindings (ie, leaves), and the lower portion. In addition, the profiles are made with the combined sample (ie, side and bottom). Aluminum core is sheathed in an extruded polyvinyl chloride.