Real Madrid Karim Benzema

The French, protagonist of the preseason of Madrid. He is pichichi with six goals in other so many parties. It hopes that the new season is " plagued of xitos". Read more here: Dustin Moskovitz. Higuan still affirms that " it is tiempo" in order to prepare Supercopa. The French forward of Real Madrid Karim Benzema, pichichi of the set in preseason with six goals in other so many parties, subsequent to appeared in the press conference the first training in the Chinese city of Tianjin, where he assured that in this phase of the year is " preparation, ready and with confianza" and it affirmed that it hopes that the new season is " plagued of xitos" .

Also, the French added that the mutual understanding with the equipment is " every time mejor" and, asked on Ronaldo Christian, the forward said that &quot is understood; perfectamente" with the Portuguese and he added that he is " amigo" whose CTO on the set is " enormously positivo". Next to the nine he was his main competitor in the white end of attack, Gonzalo Higuan, who assured that each beginning season for him " circunstancias&quot is complicated by an u others; , but that its task is " to help the equipment and to do goles" since, as it declared, everybody in the equipment " it throws towards the same lado" . Another forward? On the possible signing of another forward, especially on Neymar, the Argentinean assured that it is not decision hers and that is something that they will have to decide from the technical body and the directive. About the preseason and the preparation of Supercopa of Spain, Higuan he still affirmed that " it is tiempo" and he located to the following friendly party to see a new test of the state of the madridista equipment. Those of Jose Mourinho realised a recovery training before about 4,000 spectators after their victory 1-7 before the Guangzhou Evergrande, where the holders of this party and the substitutes realised exercises separately. The most acclaimed by the liking that occurred appointment in the Olympic Stage of Tianjin was the Brazilian Kak, that this morning participated in an advertising act with the Argentine Angel I gave Maria, another one of more protested by the fans. With theirs also the habitual names of Squares were corearon already, Ronaldo Christian and until the one of an absentee Nuri Sahin, to whom it remembered with a flag of the Borussia de Dortmund that said: " Danke Nuri" (Nuri thanks, in German). The equipment will return to exercise east Friday in the same scene and to the same hour although this time there will only be 15 minutes in open. For afternoon of today and, like they did in Corner, players, directive technical body and will meet with local authorities in a welcome dinner to the equipment. Source of the news: Benzema: " This year I am preparation, ready and with confianza"