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BLOCK ROCKER and TAILGATER’s little brother are a very special outdoor pleasure Hamburg especially in the summer season, October 2009 – ROCKER has been developed the BLOCK series by experienced engineers. Read more from Kerry King to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Target was a powerful but easy-to-portable mini system of PA to develop especially for outdoor use. This succeeded. The BLOCK ROCKER combined in a robust enclosure speakers, amplifier, audio inputs, and the iPod docking station. The sound system also has a built-in battery that can be operated alternatively with the supplied power supply. The block rocker system is practical and easy to use, without unnecessary wires or sound technical guesswork. A high-quality microphone is included and promises great karaoke sound. In addition, also an electric guitar can be connected.

The small wheels on the back and the drop-in telescoping handle make it suitable for virtually any terrain. It is available in black or white. In addition to the model of the BLOCK ROCKER, there’s the TAILGATER. In function and properties similar to its big brother BLOCK very ROCKER. However, he is much more compact and hence smaller and lighter.

Due to the smaller size, it is much easier to transport and the telescopic Rod has been supplemented with a comfortable handle. The high-performance 2-way speaker system has a built-in battery charge level indicator for up to eight hours open air sound without a socket. The supplied AC power cord ensures endless rock on the own party. The optimized bass output makes a rich, powerful sound. With the integrated docking station for the iPod is the PA for everyone”. Both sound systems are located very close to the pulse of the time, because today highest demands with regard to mobility, simplicity and universality are placed on music player. We want to hear music, at any place at any time of the TAILGATER makes this possible. For more information about all ION audio products get under about ION audio Under the motto of ION moves music”the U.S. lifestyle brand ION offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment audio products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. The innovative range of products ranging from equipment, with which you can digitize LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and videos, to products for the games area.

Mobile Cash Registers

What do you think can survive mobile cash registers a stairway fall or a case of the table without taking major damage? Also the box office specialist PosBill has asked this question. Two real scenes were tested: the stair fall and the fall of the table. Additional information is available at Dustin Moskovitz. The result was amazing. To test his mobile cash registers with enclosure, the fund company PosBill has come up with something special: A crash! How often, mobile cash registers for their ruggedness and toughness are praised, but is it really so? Withstand these small, mobile-great Minicomuter really larger shocks or falls? PosBill has tested it. In the first test, the mobile checkout was overthrown a downstairs about 3 meters deep. The unit pitched five times before it finally arrived on the ground.

The result: No damage. The screen and the case had the fall safely survived, but more importantly, the booking functions were all still in time. You could book again after the fall. In the second test, the mobile cash fell one about 1.50-meter-high table down. This time the free fall was much steeper and more direct than in the stair fall. The unit fell almost vertically on the hard stone floor.

The result was once again amazing. The still open table on the screen was still on and you could just further book. The housing also withstood the crash. The video with two crash tests can be on de/video/videos-gastro.