The Different HD Formats

Not necessarily good quality of DVDs, Blu-ray deliver high-resolution images, online downloads anywhere customers are promised high resolution images in 1-A quality. Still, there are enormous differences in image quality, although the HD label masquerading as a uniform standard of the consumer. The free online auction site explains what customers need to pay attention. The HD seal emblazoned the customers of many technical devices contrary to. The digital camera and the camcorder promise shots in high definition”. Also youtube and co. advertise with HD recording, but often does not get to the quality of the recordings of HDTV channels. Quite aside from the Blu-ray disc, which provides by far the best movie quality is.

Such differences are a single label to the fact, that the definition of standards is very broad. HD means that an image has at least 720 lines. Normal TV images provide only 576 lines and thereby unsharper images. Can, however, up to 1080 lines per HD recording Video image transmitted. Sharp images due to the thus generated higher pixel density stung.

The data rate is also very high for HD recording. It determines how many information regarding image detail, color, and sharpness per second delivered. HD 14 Mbit / s are plus 13 Mbit / s for the sound track. Quickly twisted scenes thereby no longer there time delays at the signal or to a jerking of the image, as is the case with some online downloads. More information: presse.