Lose Weight Doing Yoga

Yoga has many benefits on the body and mind and for this reason the health in general. Characteristics of yoga as exercise, also do suitable for any age and level of physical form taking into account that each one can practice it according to their possibilities; as says my yoga teacher, doing an asana have to notice the pull and that the area on which affects the exercise, but never pain is working and reaching the point that suppose an overexertion. Perhaps less known that yoga not only maintains and improves flexibility, also stimulates the muscles and according to the sequence of asanas you can assume a high consumption of energy. Why are increasingly that use specific session of yoga for weight loss. The first thing that should be highlighted is that magic recipes there are no to lose weight. Yoga itself does not burn calories.

A person must follow a specific nutrition plan, then integrated to any physical activity contributes to weight loss. (Source: Daryl Katz). Both complement each other. Why We say that Yoga, is the ideal complement to the diet. Weight loss can become an inner Odyssey to find oneself. The constant practice of yoga exerts an influence more than positive in being overweight, since for starters it improves the self-esteem and confidence, and has somatic effects: promotes the Elimination of toxins and liquids, optimize the functioning of the digestive system, increases muscle power. Go to Asana for more information.

In addition helps to fall asleep and ultimately, to obtain the desired inner peace. In a recent study conducted on men and women between 45 and 55 years, in optimal state of health, a group of doctors, scientists and researchers from the Center for research of Cancer Fred Hutchinson (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) in Seattle discovered: those who had overweight and who came practicing yoga for 10 years, at least once a week, had lost 5 pounds (nearly 3 kilograms), while those that never had done yoga, had risen 8 pounds (almost 5 kilos). Those who possess a normal weight and practice yoga tend, in some cases, weight gain but who have never made it practice, the tendency to gain weight can become much larger. In conclusion, with regular practice of yoga we learn: do not fill us, to eat the indispensable to not feel heavy, to recognize the causes of our anxiety and stress, thus avoiding to supplant them with food. Like the yogaterapia, the person must present a certificate of physical fitness and complete a health form to then be evaluated physically. A specific programme with exercises designed in accordance with the possibility of each is produced based on that.