Air smells of spring and Sevilla can already see the approaching festive atmosphere. Within a very short (from April 28 to May 3) will be held the famous Feria de Abril in Seville, one of the most famous festivals in Andalusia and Spain as a whole. This fair with over 150 years of history dating back to 1846, when two men asked the City Council an annual cattle fair in the city. Since then, it has diverged and became what we now know as the “Feria de Abril”. This is the most important party and receives more tourists in Andalusia, along with Easter, in addition to the essential meeting point for Seville.

Over seven days they eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves at the exhibition created especially for the occasion. The celebration begins with the ceremony of lighting Monday (thousands of lamps are lit in the great cover) and the traditional dinner of fish. To close, after seven days of intense fun, fireworks are set off and made the traditional bull bulls. The fairgrounds is a replica of Seville and settled in the district of Los Remedios. The streets are christened with names of famous bullfighters: Joselito El Gallo, Curro Romero, Ricardo Torres “bomblets”, etc. In addition, the typical rise houses decorated with colored lanterns and the City awards the most beautiful and best fitted.

Early in the morning, people crowd the streets of the fairgrounds to watch the carriages, horsemen and women of flamenco. In addition, everyone eats the typical fried fish and drink fine or manzanilla. In the afternoon we held the mythical bull fights with the great masters of the bullfight in the Plaza de la Maestranza. At night, the party continues late into the night. The April Fair is ideal for eating, drinking, dancing Sevillanas and above all for a good time. There are thousands of sites where you can relax or entertain, plus a host of stalls which sell food and drink. yTe going to miss a party so huge? Travel to the Andalusian capital and rent to give a truce to your feet. year you sorry!


Missing less than 24 hours to begin the bridge of Easter, we had hired the Hotel in San Sebastian, the itineraries of visits scheduled, all controlled, all? The voice of my wife woke me up to the cruel reality:-you’ve seen, driving licence will expire within four days, how not hadn’t looked it? -Safe? -Here you are making it very clear, sight see for yourself. Tended me the open portfolio, and there it was, four days, was true and tomorrow we went to first hour!! Calm, the important thing is not to lose the calm, I went up to the computer, I went to Google and I wrote, renewing the driving licence, came out me several pages, I was re-reading them until I found the medical center that seemed to fit my needs, Centre Medic Jaume Prime, downtown and with free parking, on its website told me the documents that had to carry, schedules and up to the phones of the headquarter of traffic. I asked for an inquiry and there was no problem, in half an hour I could attend. As stated on their website, I parked free of charge less than 50 meters from the query. I did relevant evidence, and they themselves were responsible for the processing of the document. They gave me the corresponding proof of processing of the renewal and I couldn’t go with absolute tranquility. Blessed Internet thought, this same, years ago I would have been a couple of days of comings and goings, paperwork and loss of time.

Web Developer

An impressive presence in the virtual world is an errand for any web site, along with other aspects; the development of web sites has a big importance of play. There is need to develop professional skills and talent that can raise your site effectively. The efficient Web Developer is directly proportional to the success of your site. Things you need to take care of while it is engaged a company of development of web sites when you explore through the virtual world to find a company to the needs of development then will spend through numerous showing to be the best, but before choosing something, take care of the aspects mentioned below. The Web Developer should know about marketing on the internet undoubtedly, the site is a vital marketing tool. Therefore becomes necessary that the web developer should have enough knowledge about this genre. You can be highly benefited from the qualification and experience of the developer related to marketing on the internet.

It’s true that technically a great web site covers the desired in good design efforts and raises its functionality. However, the precision in alignment can minimize the presence of the entire site. Web site development companies you should check if you really like the development and alignment of the company, then you can have you in this for all your development needs. The way that he/she has maintained its web site will make you aware about the level of work and also if they can meet your expectations. You should also investigate whether the web site is updated or not. Expon you with code quality and on-time delivery of work level of development web can be effectively measured using code qualities. The success of application development is highly dependent on the relevance of web site development and has to be maintained effectively. Insurance web site will earn income if your professional web is dedicated to raise the quality of the code and should be also given importance to information security.

It is important to comply with the deadlines, the company should be highly professional when it comes to deliver the work. Signs your decision glancing at the portfolios of the developers web is necessary to go through the previous works and projects indicating skills and command on their development tasks. In addition, also know about its nature and types of work. Recent projects of clients will demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the field of development. To summarize effective communication smooths workflow process, so it is vital to clearly express your requirements and needs. Meet in discussion with web development professionals to put forward the demands of your web development and also make sure that they are properly implemented. It is essential to take the investigation of your project making you aware about the progress of the development.

Traditional Food

For this reason, a press conference was held in salon Pinin Palma of the Undersecretary of tourism of the province, Act which counted with the presence of the architect Ines Presman, Undersecretary of tourism; Mirian Mosna, Director of tourism of the province; Vicente Romero, Mayor of San Luis del Palmar and Ariel Cristaldo, director of municipal culture and tourism. The opening words were in charge of Ines Presman who first thanked the presence of the media for their contribution to the tourist development of currents. In relation to this event, the official said that it is an activity that links the gastronomy with tourism and which in turn combines correntina music with handicrafts and this occurs within the framework of the communicational axle called flavors with Achete. On your turn, Vicente Romero thanked for the space generated within the scope of the Undersecretary of tourism and journalists by the promotion of the fourth edition of the festival; In addition He mentioned that the presence of Julio Caceres and Diego Gutierrez adorn this launch. Also argued that there is a permanent link with the provincial tourist portfolio, who accompany a throughout the year. On the other hand, Romero stressed that the chicharron has accompanied the pilgrims of San Luis del Palmar from 111 years ago and this traditional meal deserved to have his party.

I want to thank the Provincial Government by the contribution of a car zero kilometre to raffle on Saturday, January 7, added. Then Ariel Cristaldo reiterated the gratitude to those who made possible the presentation of the festival and then referred to the activities that will take place at the beginning of the month of January of the year 2012. Furthermore, he indicated that it will choose a new Queen of the pork rinds and so interested may register in the municipality of San Luis del Palmar, being requirements to be between 17 and 23 years old. Finally, the sanluiseno official recalled that the cost of the tickets in advance until December 30 will be $30, while in door will be paid $40. With the ticket of entry will participate the draw of the automobile and a 110 cc motorcycle.

At the end of the presentation present were able to enjoy the exquisite traditional food, the pork rinds, while background listened chords of chamame from the hand of a group from San Luis del Palmar. Signature of Act commitment within the framework of the launch of the Festival of Chicharron, occurred the signing of the Act of accession of municipalities with Parthian tourist vocation the draft survey and classification of tourist accommodation in the province of Corrientes. Mayor Romero, the Undersecretary Agnes Presman, the Director of Turismo Ariel Cristaldo; conducted the rubric Mirian Mosna, Director of Turismo provincial and the Dr. Rosa Rossi de Neironi, responsible for the area of control of the provincial tourism agency. Also, the owner of tourism gave Vicente Romero a document with ten strategic actions for the tourist development of the integrative currents great corridor town.

Socalled Electronic Commerce

Your purchase is secure to the wholesale in so-called electronic commerce? Without a doubt, calls online shopping generated, in those that have not never performed this type of operation, a mixture of expectations, anxiety and fear. The absence of personal contact means a coldness in the transaction as many times sowing distrust those who perform it. The choice of a Web site specialized in wholesale trade is the first point to consider for the safest action. It should be mentioned that SoloStocks has vast years of experience in electronic commerce between companies. In, you can consult the testimonies of different companies that not only have used this portal of commercial exchange of safe and efficient manner, but it has also become a factor of fundamental growth within their business structure. Some tips for choosing the best Internet service for our shopping: select a vendor that has a good reputation with respect to sales made.

To do this you can set one search on the website of the details of the company to hire, your history, the clients with whom he has performed other transactions, etc. Check that the website of the company in which we must enter personal data and passwords, bank accounts etc. No., is secure. The best way to check if a page is secure is setting us in the domain: all those pages containing, indicate that this website is secure. The appearance of a closed padlock in the bottom of the toolbar is also another indicator of safety. We encourage you to use the advantages that Internet offers to your company’s growth. Source: Press release sent by Engracia. SMEs and electronic commerce: XanelWeb Intermon Oxfam bets on electronic commerce and renews your shop online Press releases: the first blog of press releases and press releases benefits of NetSuite for e-commerce Dior Girl handbags wholesale, REPLICA to, by major, portfolio, portfolios, wholesalers, portfolios to greater Internet: do the end of the jauja?

Paying Debts

It is not easy to deal with debts. Easiest thing is to evade them and pretend that nothing happens when we Czechs our balance sheets and see how day by day builds up. It may be that at the beginning is easy to evade them and rid the problem at the moment, but in the long term, the consequences can be much worse. The best thing is the decision to tackle debt and do what is necessary to succeed, by more difficult and impossible that may seem. In this article I will present 5 questions that you must make yourself at the time of face and pay off your debts. They will give you a better view and will help you to reflect on your situation and financial future. 1. What I am taking 100% responsibility for my debts and my financial situation? It is very easy to blame other people for what happens to us, we rid of responsibility and assume the role of victim.

Thus not leads nowhere, because to not assume liability, there is no way to take consciousness and action to improve. If you think that you are in debt because of the economy, by your friends, your mother or your grandmother, okay, maybe they have something to do, but you and you alone are responsible for the financial situation that you live. When you know that you can change the situation and it is in your hands, everything becomes much easier, without having to take on this role of victim that so easy we adopt in difficult situations. 2 What I’m doing every day to reduce my debt? If you are habits that you put into practice daily in your life to reduce your debts, it will be much easier and faster to achieve your goal. Otherwise, you will advance much more slowly because you’re not implementing strategies or any form of daily and ongoing debt reduction. Examples: find a way to save on unnecessary spending, read a magazine of business, etc.

3 daily daily. I have a plan to pay off my debts? There they say that if you don’t have a plan for yourself, surely you will end up forming part of someone else’s plans. A phrase completely certain. If we do not plan and we know clearly what they want to achieve, it is very easy to fall into distractions, focus on things without relevance and not give priority to what really is important (in this case the payment of your debts) 4. How much savings or invest? Income you currently receive, what percentage use it for savings or investment? If for example, you will save 10% of what you earn, I am sure that your debts would be paid in much less time. 5. What I’m going on the right track? Every day get a feedback on your progress. Ask yourself you same how you’re going if you are on the right track. Responds to the end of the day these questions: what was the most valuable of the day? What progress I had? In what I can and I must improve? How I this day feel after what has been achieved? What are my plans for tomorrow? Personal feedback will help you much here are 5 questions that you ayduaran to have much more focus at the time of paying your debt. Remember to visit the blog above How to pay debts to receive more information, tips and strategies to get out of debt as quickly as possible.

Alfred Winslow

A hedge fund, which is also known as alternative investment fund or high risk fund, was applied for the first time to a fund which sought to combine short positions and long positions in multiple values, with the sole purpose of making a coverage of market movements and was managed by Alfred Winslow. This type of investment funds, is organised privately and is managed by several professional societies that are devoted to charge commissions, by requiring high minimum investment amounts. Hedge funds, seek to obtain absolute yields, rather than partial returns that are usually based on a reference and therefore are not subject to any regulation. In the same way, they are not subjected to any obligation of information and must not give liquidity on a daily basis, that is why they are called free investment funds. Deciding to invest in these investment funds and once and for all, changes your economic luck. It relieves all your worries Economic and pays off your debts by investing your savings in investment funds free and of course, seeing how these multiply over time.

Arab Countries

Recommendations for the conduct abroad. Not possible to exhaustively describe all aspects of the difficulties and stay in one country or another. However, to avoid being stranded, as well as minimize consequences of any negative situations, be familiar with some of the major trouble that can happen in a foreign country. Without pretending to completeness of the information provided, I would like to warn anyone from the unduly superficial relationship to the planning and preparation of the trip and identify some of the possible consequences of neglecting these simple tips. In any case, showing reasonable care and caution each of us can take care of themselves and their fellow travelers in any country and make your stay vivid and memorable. So the main thing – is going on. Try to collect and examine pre- maximum information about the new location, consider the route to take care of the preservation of documents and valuables.

Check the expiration date of your passport. In some countries require that this term had istchenie not earlier than 6 months from date of entry. In this case, not the least is the availability of free pages in the passport and visa for entering various boundary markers. Also, check in advance with your tour operator (or a consulate the country of destination) information about the specifics of the visa regime. It may be that if your passport has been the mark of visiting certain countries to enter the territory of certain countries will be impossible.

(For example, several African states will be refused entry to South Africa in the presence of markers, and a number of Arab countries – respectively, after your visit to Israel. Be sure to prepare several copies of your passports and other documents (for example, an international vaccination card, insurance, etc.). Not more than can be set additional passport size photographs for registration of additional forms documents in the host country.

Internet Mobile

Latin America banks point toward mobile banking mobile banking is the one in which the cell phone as a medium is used to make banking transactions, consumers are replacing some functions of banking online and ATMs with mobile banking applications. Mobile Banking offers the possibility to obtain account information and complete certain financial transactions using a connected mobile device. Today, a growing number of banks and telephone operators are leading users the ease of making transactions from the cell. Spain, United States, banks and other banks in Europe have already implemented mobile banking service and it is developed to perform any kind of financial transactions via cell phone or telephone. Banks in South America have been slowly dabbling in payment and financial consultations via the mobile phone.

In South America the banks of Colombia have taken the first steps to achieve bank transactions mobile phones, phone companies, in turn, are offering as part of the portfolio of services connecting with an extensive list of banks in the country. One of the advantages of mobile banking is that from there it is conducted on a variety of platforms through numerous devices and is difficult to compromise the security of individually. The most important benefit of banking is the ability to establish connectivity from any area of the country. Compared with the traditional online banking that requires an Internet connection, the versatility of the banking via mobile phone has no limits. In Colombia they have decreased costs for banks since that earlier forced to use an ATM, today can be done from the cell. The country still claims there have been fraud in mobile banking. The banks of Chile for its part, has implemented the mobile banking service and transfers of funds, advances of money, recharging mobile phones and payments can be made. Little Latin America is It is located at the level of the European countries in which mobile banking is obliged banks service.


We now need to know how to invest and do not teach it in schools. We can not rely on the Government or the State, or of a company. Many people have spent their lives avoiding financial risk but now have to deal with it. By the nature of those who have been or are employed and the self-employed require security why seek secure jobs or start small businesses that can be controlled, the paradox is that be investor is synonymous with risk. 1 People are looking for security and use the word diversification that is a strategy investment to not lose, but does not serve to win. Why rich or successful investors cannot diversify but concentrated efforts to reduce the risk.

A portfolio concentrated in few investment is a strategy best because it requires more intelligence, ideas and actions more agile. Usually average investors avoid the volatility because they think that it is risky but the true investor thinks otherwise. 2. Investors who seek economic security bought shares in top-quality companies because they believe that they are safer but the stock market is not. 3 Many people gives his money to managers of mutual funds, because they believe it will make an improvement work to them, which is fine for those who do not want to become in professional investors. What they don’t know is that funds are also risky in the case of a stock market fall. Many people think that their pension plans are safe, actually are not, in the event of a fall in the stock market or a great depression their plans could disappear. We must change our way of thinking and seeing things, forget about your financial security is the responsibility of the company or the Government, they are obsolete ideas of the era’s past industry we are in the information age.

It is better be prepared and educate yourself for owning company and investor, that way l regardless of the direction in which to take the economy. According to statistics if we live for at least 75 years we should go through a depression and two big recessions. Today it is necessary to learn to be an investor, rather than trust your money to someone to invest it. You can invest with low risk and high performance single must learn to do it, is how to handle bicycle at the beginning one falls then becomes natural. Rather than avoid the risk must learn to handle it. Times have changed, but many people have not done so. The secret is that it does not lack money or formal education to have financial freedom and does not have to be risky. The price to pay for are dreams, desire and ability to overcome adversity. Do these willing to pay the price? Greetings and successes Eng.