Public Ministry

That is why I have here that since July 2005 local newspapers the afternoon or the Diario del Otun, and much less the country, La Patria, the spectator, time, portfolio and La Republica, whose last empastacion dates back to December 2004, giving place to an accumulation of packages tied with cabuyas as in the times of the Franciscan poverty of the courts are not bound. A citizen of a foot don’t fit you on the head as a municipality speaking of projects of billions, with a megabus which earns billions, is not available a budget to bind its own history which is made with ten pesos. There where it rests that everyday memory that should be part of their social responsibility at the behest of the Government keep it because the city as a living organism is also identified in these paths and that grow and transform civic engagement. This parsimonious way of assuming a legal obligation as simple contrasts with the generosity of the sons of Dr. Emilio Correa Uribe, (son of Ramon which gave name to this Library), who in a gesture of detachment donated you by Act held with Municipal status more than a hundred volumes bound in the evening El Diario for the library, after the aleve assassination of his father, director and owner of the newspaper, in the town of Obando, when he came with his family on July 8, 1955. Thereafter the Public Ministry would be in charge of the preservation of this invaluable record of history pereirana between the years of 1929 and 1955, and which are only missing included copies between the period of 1958 to 1965 to complete it, waiting for that somewhere, inside or outside the countrystill there are sensitive people to this cause, and owning them want to donate them to the city, awaiting better times arrive to the library.

Flooring Dollar

Editor’s Note: It seems that most analysts are bullish on the dollar, they don’t see depreciating far more. The cuts in rates by the Fed, according to some, have already prevented as expected and predicted recession. Is everything right now, then? Horacio does not seem very convinced, and based it. Can send me your feedback a: already touched its dollar floor? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 15, 2008 is not easy to accept when a giant falls defeated. Why is that, when they see him on the floor, many doubt that he is truly defeated and think that at any time can be retrieved.

That’s what is happening with many operators of coins at the global level in relation to the evolution of the dollar. They see it so weak that it is easier to predict his recovery to a further weakening. In relation to this topic and wanting to forecasters that the dollar recovers, yesterday I found in the newspaper El Cronista de Argentina, estimates made by the main international financial institutions about the dollar, which realise that possibly finish the year appreciating on average 5.4 per cent relative to the euro. Among these estimates was that of BNP Paribas that heralded the dollar will strengthen against the euro since the Fed rate cuts will sustain economic growth in the United States.The U.S., while Europe slows. It is worth saying that both BNP and USB, foresee that the dollar will move at least 9% against the euro in 2008. The same opinion Robert Robis, Manager of debt in NY from OppenheimerFunds, after having reduced the share of assets denominated in euros compared to those linked with the dollar in its portfolio of U$ S 9,000 million. According to him: do not perceive a weak dollar that lower the Fed measures have prevented a long recession and we can begin to see a recovery later this year.

Favorable Aspects

For many years has been mentioned the subject of attention to the client, most are aware of its importance, but today we continue to see the same shortcomings of many years ago, though not in all companies, of course. The big drawback is that people receive a lot of information through various trainings but in reality do not incorporate the concept of attention to their own lives, so that there is an excellent attention is necessary to ensure that the ideas and concepts will become an integral part of individuals, this can take some time, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt explains the process of internalization of an ideawhatever it may be, in where you are able to view and modify their own internal dialogue so that its desire to become a clear reality. To the extent that people are deeply convinced of the importance of customer service your company will receive tremendous benefits, this could take some time but among many will get the following benefits: Customer loyalty: every day is much more expensive to attract new customers because the number of competitors is higher and many of them are really worried about providing excellent service, in that sense take care of customers that already exist is undoubtedly essential, that brings a great loyalty of a customer provided that we have exceeded your expectations. Obtaining an image and prestige: when we have very satisfied customers then the possibility of increasing our number of new customers is enormous, to that extent consumers are creating a great image around our company, it is necessary to make a sustained effort to keep such prestige, many companies have fallen into the trap of not maintaining the quality of service and products, the home began to work well they got a good portfolio of clients but complied and neglected which causes an abrupt loss of their image that is then very difficult to retrieve.

Congressman Alliance

Any profession, in its highest expressions, (both at the baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral) must be accompanied by an excellent personal training. Professionals who demonstrate a very high value formation. Professionals believe really that the sole purpose of being a professional is able to help and serve with your profession to others. Professionals who have the conviction that the more reach (intellectually speaking), most humble and simple have to show; because humility and simplicity, are the greatness of knowledge. The gaze of the people, somehow you can reflect this much needed event in every human being.

And it seems that our brand-new Minister of Justice meets these qualities (I hope I’m not wrong). Dr. Victor Garcia Poma, in their statements, and by the reference of their colleagues; It shows that it can be true what I say. In 2007 the President of the Republic commissioned him to give life to the social pact on productivity, employment and wages, that would give social sustenance to economic growth (as the President). Garcia Poma, in a statement said the following in this regard: we understand that democracy, is a path that leads to the participation and joint development of responsibilities and tasks common bright claims, but that in the light of the results never tube feet or head. And finally lasted for a few months until it disappears without penalty or glory. However Garcia Poma, is a renowned jurist who has been President of the Constitutional Court, between December 2005 and December 2006, being an expert in constitutional law. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of law of the University of Lima.

He was born in Lima on June 2, 1954. Cesar Zumaeta, the bancada aprista Congressman, said of him the following: Victor Garcia Poma, is a man of great intellectual and professional qualities, is a Professor of constitutional law, is a person absolutely weighted, and the appointment of the President is right. Yonhy Lescano, Congressman Alliance parliamentary, mentioned: Okay choice, but you must be a person who says the President, when you must do one thing, and when you should deny it, it must be a good adviser, the Government and the President of the Republic. Alejandro Aguinaga, Congressman AF, stated: gathers all merits and capabilities, to be able to exercise successfully, this complicated portfolio, hopefully you can make proposals so we us to reform, everything what is the system of Justice in the Peru. Victor Mayorga, Congressman nationalist party, said: the will make a correct fight against corruption, at the same time we believe that the must do a proper review of what should be the pardon, both in humanitarian actions and to reduce penalties. Doctor Victor Garcia Poma, is militant of the Aprista party many years ago, it is not re-registered in the last Jubilee, because at that time he was magistrate of the Constitutional Court. But it has always been identified with the thought of Victor Raul. Hopefully that as Minister of Justice, everything good you can expect it. Original author and source of the article

Generate Company

Personally I think that the word retention is a bit pretentious, while that has a connotation Carcelaria and could generate the fact that can be done against the will of someone. I would use a word such as tenure or membership. The case is that all companies that we develop our activities in a capitalist world we seek the achievement of goals of utility (otherwise the company is not viable) and do this through create, maintain and ensure the permanence of the best customers in our Organization. We will focus in this and upcoming deliveries in the creation of customers, then we will do it with the customer maintenance and retention of best customers. Creation of clients. Every business has due begin this activity, except those companies that acquire other already established and are therefore acquiring a portfolio of clients. For purposes of this analysis, we go from the fact that any organisation or company first needs that all get new clients, i.e.

create customers. To generate some ideas about what entails this work, identify the following: identification of potential customers to my business get to know my offer of products or services Generate sufficient level of attraction so consider my products or services as an option for your needs teach this potential customer the way in which my product or service and my company can meet your needs effectively demonstrate how I can do it and that benefits I can offer you, compared to other options help my potential customer to take a final decision in purchasing or contracting, trying to minimize or reduce any risk to the see in this decision. We believe that this process starts from the time I try to identify a potential market, until I get a prospect to buy or hire my product or service and to become an active customer of my company.

Malaga, A Great City

Malaga born under the Phoenician empire and has since flourished as a city beautiful and charming. Located on the Mediterranean sea and bathed in the light of an Andalusian Sol, Malaga has one of the most pleasant climates of the Iberian Peninsula. a sta has the best beaches in Andalucia scattered along the Costa del Sol, which will become a very popular tourist destination. Its friendly people, ancient monuments, culture and cuisine make it a special and enigmatic city. Until the Spanish poet himself a Nobel winner for literature and poetry, Vicente Alezandre, realized it and named it a the ciudaddel paraisoa . Malaga was the birthplace of great artists like Picasso, who was born and raised in the city until moving to La Coruna and then to Barcelona.

Today Malaga is the fifth largest city in Spain. Still, it has known the taste of a lifetime. In the capital there are plenty of remnants Moorish architecture reminiscent, but not only the city hidden treasures. Across the province there are wonders of nature and amazing beaches, fascinating mountains. The Port of Malaga is one of the most attractive because of its latent and traditional Mediterranean flavor. Near it is the shopping area, where there are plenty of shops and bars to suit all tastes.

But without a doubt, the jewel in the crown is the cathedral, known as a the manquitaa because it has a half-built tower. Sorted by Ferdinand and Isabella, took more than two centuries to finish constructed, so it has several architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Another of the best sights, apart from being one the oldest in the city is the Roman amphitheater, built in the second century BC But if you want to see are remnants Moors, then the Alcazaba is the ideal place. This ancient palace of the XI century Nazarene now houses the Provincial Archaeological Museum. Also worth a visit Hostel Meson de la Victoria, which houses the Folk Museum, the Renaissance Palace of Bellavista, home to the Picasso Museum, his family home and are the Renaissance Palace of Bellavista. Andalusia is waiting with open arms. Discover the charms of southern Spain to rent for a comfortable and cheap.

Chile News

It is true that for the moment Chile is maintaining its external surplus, but the appreciation of its currency continues to be a threat and this is very well reflected in the fact that in this first quarter of the year, while exports had an interannual increase of 15.1%, imports registered an increase of 38.6%. Growth that reached the Chilean economy grew by 5.6% during the month of February, slightly above market projections that located it at 5.5%, is also another good news that met in recent days. And further considering that such data is not a result that motivates an action by the Central Bank to hike its benchmark rate. With the growth data economic issued, the decision that it will take the Central Bank of Chile at the meeting next Thursday, according to the expectations of the market, will be the hold steady at 6.25% rate. This would eliminate major pressures on the exchange rate. -Exceptional investments – investment, investment newsletter Exceptional, has gained profits of up to 700% with companies such as Suncor Energy (NYSE: your) hand in hand with the rise of the petroleum in this newsletter you will find companies that have benefited from this boom in commodities.

And these hikes don’t stop: If you want to know our portfolio of investment and our latest recommendations, click here another positive for Chile News occurred two weeks ago, when the Senate of Chile approved unanimously the Treaty on free trade with Colombia, being this FTA the comprehensive held between two Latin American countries and the only one that includes a chapter on procurement in the region. It also includes an investment chapter that seeks to encourage and protect the flows in both directions, through the establishment of clear rules. Chile also closed the rounds of negotiations of the FTA with China these days. During 2007, first year of the FTA with China, the growth of exports towards that country in a 140% made that you becoming the first destination of Chilean exports.

Tasty Cakeys The Illusion Takes Form Of Magdalene

How did Tasty Cakeys? A cupcake (literally Cup cake), also known as fairy cake or Cup cake, is a small cake for a person, often cooked in a mold similar to that used to make cupcakes or muffins. It is a recipe for American, and includes additions such as glaze and shavings. These muffins was that captivated Sofia Ramirez, a girl who, after years enjoying the cuisine, has taken one giant step to another also enjoy their colorful wonders. All this leads to Tasty Cakeys, which was fruit of an illusion born a year ago. Having had as passion the kitchen since this girl had use of reason helping his mother, especially with cakes and desserts, as he grew older he began cooking several sweets to friends and family.

After making his first trip to England and try these delicious cupcakes decided to get down to work and began baking and decorating herself to those closest. He was perfecting the shape of cook them and the people of his around encouraged her to create Tasty Cakeys. Today, and together with a phenomenal team, still testing various recipes with natural ingredients and incorporating them into Tasty Cakeys trying to differentiate itself from other companies in Spain. This equipment without which Sofia could not deliver all their cupcakes, is essential and to look back look with pride all that has been built up to be among the most distinct of Spain in terms of pastry. This would not be possible without them, have helped me so much and am so lucky to have found the best says Sofia between flour, sugar and eggs. His team is not far behind and boast as good working environment and be able to do what most like: cooking is my passion and now I’ve finally found where fit says Ana, responsible when Sofia is not. By the time Tasty Cakeys focuses on the CupCakes which is considered guaranteed success, however, is not ruled out expanding our product portfolio with delicious cakes and other cakes soon. In addition to having more than 12 flavors of cupcakes, Tasty Cakeys continues to put effort into each magdalena who bakes. This makes your cupcakes unique and unrepeatable. Original author and source of the article.

Forum Mexico

It is worth mentioning that Banxico increased its projection inflation for this year. Perhaps the weakening of the peso can print you a further increase to the rate of inflation that would limit the ability of the Central Bank continue with cuts in its interest rate to stimulate the economy. Past of the ability or not that Banxico may have to continue with the cuts in the benchmark interest rate, the problems in the real economy are affecting the credit market weakening one of the main channels of monetary policy transmission. Other channels of transmission of the same such as the exchange rate channel, has also lost strength in recent times product of the worsening of the international crisis. The economic downturn is affecting the quality of the loan portfolio of the banks which although this situation does not represent increased risk for the solvency thereof, Yes makes them little predisposed to generate funding, thereby producing a vicious circle that deepens the crisis situation. In December 2008, the nonperforming loans of consumer credits increased by 50% compared to the same month of 2007 (placing 8.75%). Late payments on credit cards segment totalled 10,51% to principles of the year, the Government of Felipe Calderon, launched an economic stimulus plan.

So little time having announced it appears as insufficient to attenuate the impact of the crisis. In Mexico, there is uncertainty about how to prevent the economy from falling into recession. On the day yesterday, ended the first panel of the Forum Mexico crisis: what to grow? which brings together former leaders of Spain, Chile, Italy and Uruguay. In it the former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Romano Prodi, recommended that Mexico for any decision you are going to take to do so quickly. This recommendation was endorsed by the rest of the participants. Said Forum resulted in a broad agreement that Mexico should focus on attacking the problem of unemployment and security social.

One of those attending was Agustin Carstens who acknowledged that the economy of Mexico needs structural reforms that are complementary with counter-cyclical policies to resume growth. According to the Minister, the agenda of structural changes could involve measures to reactivate the internal market, infrastructure and housing. Carstens with their statements door left open to the evaluation of new measures to stimulate the economy. Close started 2009 is becoming clearer the picture for Mexico. With an economy which will inevitably enter into recession if deep programs are not implemented, and before the little effectiveness which will take monetary policy with its weakened transmission towards the real economy channels, the only output that is is the application of a stimulus package more forceful that hold employment and stimulate domestic consumption. Currently, the Mexican economy depends on its own forces. Original author and source of the article.

Inkjet Printers

From sophisticated studies of graphic design and printing of newspapers to home offices and shops of all kinds, almost nonexistent a workplace that does not have or need a printed inkjet. The high quality of its performance and ease of use have enabled inkjet printers to return to be protagonists, used by millions of users for uses as diverse as print notes, invoices, sketches of publication and portfolios. Manufactured for the first time in the early 1980s at a predictably high price, it was not until the 1990s that the price of inkjet printers was within the reach of most consumers. Before the arrival of inkjet printers, the most advanced office printer was the matrix point. This type of printers, laserjet printers quality light years, were also noisy, slow and depended on a particular type of role. Conversely, inkjet printers provided the user greater flexibility in the choice of paper and introduced color printing to the general public.

But how inkjet printers work? It is said that the method was discovered by mistake, when a researcher accidentally touched an ink-filled syringe with a hot welding machine, causing a drop of ink to jump from the tip of the syringe. Basically, it’s a printing system without contact with the paper by which the cartridge nozzles launched drops of ink jets on paper to create the image or the text line. As all printers (up to writing machines) a lined head runs through the page horizontally and is powered by a small motor that pushes it to the right and to the left of the page. Once a strip of ink has been printed, the rotating mechanism of the printer pushes the paper slightly upward, so the next strip can be printed. Not long after the ink inkjet printer was invented, was quickly adapted to make printed a vertical strip and a horizontal in the same pass, which reduced printing by half time.

When we consider that the inkjet printer more home you only need half a second to print a line (approximately 2,500 drops of ink), it means that each nozzle reacts to a 1/5000 second average response time, which is surprisingly fast. Of course, while printer is more advanced, more increases your printing speed. As ink must be distributed with great precision, the ink cartridge nozzles are as thin as a hair, and in early models, it was usual that they obstruyeran with ink. But this inconvenience led to improving the quality of the ink. A defective nozzle or a printer driver that does not calculate accurately the amount of ink flowing from each nipple will cause an excess of ink, forming patches. Another similar problem who owned the first inkjet printers was that ink documents newly printed ran if not let dry for a few seconds, but this difficulty led also to improve the quality of the ink. For the user, these advances meant more technology for less money. Despite predictions that the offices of the future prescindirian completely in the role, the rapid advance of technology made it possible to ink printers remain today as useful as 20 years ago. Original author and source of the article.