Perpetual Life

In most beautiful, the inefvel, magnificent and extraordinary Text, or Versicle, of all the Sacred Holy Writs – JOO 3:16 -, consists the term PERPETUAL LIFE: ‘ ‘ Because God loved the world in such way that he gave its Unignito Son, so that all that one that in it believes does not perish, but it has LIFE ETERNA.’ ‘ Jesus Christ and PERPETUAL LIFE form most perfect synonymous, therefore Jesus Christ is Perpetual Life, and Perpetual Life is Jesus Christ: ‘ ‘ Jesus answered to it: I am I walk, and the Truth, and the LIFE; nobody comes the Father, seno for mim.’ ‘ (Jo.14: 6). ‘ ‘ the PERPETUAL LIFE IS THIS: that they know you you, the only true God, and the Jesus Christ, that one that you enviaste.’ ‘ (Jo.17: 3). ‘ ‘ We also know that already it came the Son of God, and in it gave agreement to them to know that one that is true; we are in whom he is true, that is, in its Son Jesus Christ. THIS IS THE TRUE GOD AND LIFE ETERNA.’ ‘ (1Jo.5: 20). The Rich Young, as we finish to see, gave to an enormous step route to the Perpetual Life. For a moment desired it, directing it Jesus, the Author, the Prince of the Life (At.3: 15), Jesus who is the proper Perpetual Life (Jo.14: 6; 17:3; 1Jo.5: 20); it more received from the Master candies and incomparable words. The young made all certainty, but ‘ ‘ BUT IT, SORRY OF THIS WORD, LEFT SAD, BECAUSE POSSUA MANY BENS.’ ‘ (id.v.22) Ah, these sequiosos men of terreais wealth! Young fool, with its ephemeral wealth! ‘ ‘ But God said to it: Insane person! this night will ask for your soul to you; what you have prepared, for who will be? ‘ ‘ (Lc.12: 20) Even so so rich young poor person! It did not give to credit to the education of Jesus, preferring the treasure of the Land the TREASURE IN the SKY: ‘ ‘ You do not gather treasures in the land, it traces where it and the rust everything consumes, and where the thieves mine and steal; but you gather treasures in the sky, where nor it traces it nor the rust consume, and where the thieves do not mine nor they steal. Because where it will be your treasure, he will be also yours there corao.