Canary Islands Vacations

The Palm is one of the most authentic and stimulating destinies of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, although it does not emphasize so much as destiny of sun and beach, but by its landscaping beauty and options of relaxed leisure and in contact with the nature. Well-known also like " island bonita". Palm was declared in its totality Reserve of the Biosphere in 2002 and is subject to a strict plan of use and conservation, that it includes to harness the rural tourism before the massive tourism in search of great infrastructures of leisure and nocturnal exits. How to arrive at the Island from Palm Palm it counts on two means of access: boat and airplane. The boat, and especially ferris, communicates hour this one frequently, with the other islands of the canary archipelago. Especially it frequents is the communication with Tenerife. Also ferri exists once per week from Cadiz.

The airplane is the means more used by the European tourism, especially German, that in many cases has in the island their habitual destiny of vacations. How to move in the island of Palm means of public transport existing island buses are guaguas – that realise the communication between the main populations and some tourist destinies. In any case, if you have intention to enjoy several days of vacations in the island, without a doubt you would have to rent a car to visit it. You can rent car in Airport of the Palm, when you arrive, or do it from some of its tourist nuclei, like the Cancajos. If you are going to drive your car of rent in Palm or you are engaged in the yours own one in ferry, you must know that the road network is in good state, nevertheless, some of the passages present/display a great concentration of curves, since they can be bordering the coast, vocnicas zones etc. So precaution and little speed. That to visit in the island of Palm? It chooses between the many options of existing routes of senderismo and adntrate in the natural beauty of the Palm.

There are routes adapted by level of difficulty to all type of public. It will enchant to you. The Observatory of Roque of the Boys: Next to the National Park of the Boiler of Taburiente, to 2396 meters of altitude realises, adema? of the workings of investigation, interesting activities of spreading. National park of the Boiler of Taburiente: One of great attractive the tourist ones of the island