Ambient History

From the ambientalista movement the Ambient Education appeared that already we argue above. But it agrees to remember that, from the ambientalismo the Ambient Education, thus, can be considered as a field of dialogues and contradictions, to know and practical, of principles and values that they send to a project of transformation of the society and the culture from the orientaes of the call ambientalista movement. Inside of the perspectives above cited, we insert in our quarrel the proposal to bring the light a concept of Ambient History. For Donald Worster, part of a revisionist effort disciplines to become it of much more inclusive History in its narratives of what it has traditionally been. Above all, Ambient History rejects the premise of that the experience human being if develops without natural restrictions, of that the human beings are a distinct species and &#039 conventional; ' supranatural' ' , of that the ecological consequences of its last facts can be ignoradas7.

Still as 7 WORSTER, 1991, op. Cit. Worster, Ambient History deals with to the paper and the place of the nature in the life humana8. In accordance with GERHARDT and NODARI (2010), Ambient History also studies the understandings, the speeches, the explanations that the people elaborate on the nature and the changes ambientais9. Pablo Enrique Martinez also it contributes for the debate concerning the concept of Ambient History saying that: Ambient History is a boarding of the ambient questions in the time and that it finds in the environment its object of investigao10. In accordance with the thought of the historian Fernand Braudel who based its conceptions in the woollen gegrafo Vidal Blache, absorbing the concepts of ' ' meio' ' ' ' espao' ' , in which ' ' time histrico' ' if it articulates with ' ' ambiente' '. Braudel analyzed the landscapes, climatic, vegetal and animal elements inserted in the historical context.