The Forgotten Inner-German Border And The Berlin Wall

Over 40 years there was this border between the FRG and the GDR, but what is left? Once Germany was divided into two halves as a cake which has been cut apart. On the one hand, they were the Germans who have been forced to socialism West set German and on the other side. Holstein was the Berlin wall and the inner German border without mercy by the Priewall in Schleswig until after Modlareuth in Bavaria. Everything that stood in the way was divided in the Middle without mercy or simply torn down in the form of zwangsumsiedlung. Now Germany is a nation almost 20 years again, but what is left of the former stronghold? Who sits today actually still apart with the topic GDR border? When the turn came everyone wanted this ugly bulwark quickly disappears all destroyed mercilessly, then only a few about it have thought even for the generations after the original locations to leave.

Anything more would be if there was no private associations today probably from the GDR border left remained. We have the obligation to inform also the generations that we were separated times over 40 years by an inhumane border after us? People have died because they have tried your socialist State to leave, German shot on Deutsche because it is asked of you. Remember the children of today that there were two German States? In the schools, little is known about the inner German border clears him so more is still the 2.Reich in the foreground what is already much longer. At that time, citizens have the DDR for freedom we screamed a people are\”what are by the slogans of yesterday still left? Many former East German citizens who thought that the Golden West brings prosperity and fame were probably rather bitterly disappointed over the years. Had previously always work and knew for what you arise each morning, normality has become for many of the gang to the employment office.