TICA And Leadership

Currently in society, there is a lack of virtues, caused in large part by the current educational model more worried about the competitiveness of persons who by the integral development as a human being, which has led to a lack of widespread leadership, this is closely linked to the lack of knowledge and application of ethics as a basis for the formation of human beings both at home and within the school and College classrooms. We say that the lack of leadership is related to ethics since as defined by the history of philosophy, this has as object the interpretation of the fact of human life, that is, knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in human conduct, thus, ethics is the study of what is right and what is wrongthe good and bad in human behaviour i.e. all those actions that the person can realize and control. The good news is everything that retains and refines the nature of being, evil is the opposite, it is the absence of something good. Leaders should know this because they should be committed to what should be your good work, also that his followers are human beings and as such may also have the aforementioned shortcomings. To start, we must knowing us to us in a profound way, make us responsible for our actions forming us in virtues and developing good habits. An incorrect definition of the human being, can make that the leader directed his staff as if they were stones, plants or animals, in the contemporary company everything is designed to mediate the person becoming instrument of the thing, so that is the thing which should be instrument for the person, in the philosophical sense, the end of every company should be the development of the peopleWe say so taking into account the formal principle that prevents us from considering the person as an instrument designed to work, why the Organization must take into account the person, since the end is the person, not the organization.

To be able to begin the transformation of the Organization, we must take awareness of the transformation of the person, we cannot change everything and we cannot control everything in us. That is why it is important to know what can change and what you can’t control me, and the nature of such change. The first step to change is be humble to accept that something in me I can change, followed by a knowledge of what I can and I can’t change, culminating with actions that direct my change, this requires a lot of work, effort and desire.


In case that the power did not exist, also it would not have devir, therefore all the beings would be immovable and perpetual. But the pure act is absolutely perfect, because of the potentiality absence. In the epistemolgico aspect, that is, of the point of view of the knowledge the being in act if overlaps to the being in power, therefore this beyond being determined is not submissa to the being in act, therefore we only know it in virtue of a being in act. Converting these slight knowledge, power and act, in essence and existence, it is understood that the essence alone is understood in virtue of the existence. Second, of the point of view of the causalidade the act is superior again the power, why in the ticket of the power to the act, it requires a being in act.

Therefore, the power does not exist for itself, but in function of the act, therefore in the cycle of the causalidade, all being in power is present in a being in act. In this digresso Aristotle it proves the existence of ' ' Deus' ' , by means of the argument of the immovable engine. Finally, of the point of view of the composition, the act also surpasses the power, therefore it are of the act does not have power, therefore this is not found in pure state in the nature. For the fact of to be something determinable. The act and the power in relation with the substance the relation of the act and the power with the substance is established for Aristotle, leaving of the two constituent elements of the substance, the substance and the form. Abbagnano defines substance as ' ' what it is (…) what necessariamente.&#039 exists; ' (ABBAGNANO, 2007, P. 925) this concept is purely aristotelian. The substance in the aristotelian conception is the power of the substance, while capacity to assume or to receive the form.

Work Wedding

This means that either he there is no suitable equipment for shooting, or he does not know how to use it. 7) If the portfolio there is a lot of pictures of brides and feel that they have not done before taking a professional make-up and hair. This may say that this photo is not from a wedding, but with any show, for example, "show brides." Shooting at such events – is the work of another plan. Such a photographer will likely filmed few weddings, they have no skills in it is wedding photography. 8) Photos must be submitted to the diverse. What is included in the wedding ceremony? Bride price, registration, wedding, tour, dinner, walk on the boat, ride in a limousine, driving on horses and so on.

9) The staged photographs the bride and groom should look at the camera, except for reportage photography and photographers, where the couple look at each other. But such pictures in the portfolio should not be too many (50%), except when the photographer does just reportage images, without interfering in the events. The photographer has to say about this, because not everyone may like this style. 10) Noises and their suppression. If you see the grain in darker sequences (the presence of colored dots) or a person zamyleny, the photographer is not enough high-quality equipment, or he does not know how to use it. 11) Originality – is, of course, a matter of taste. But, most likely in the selection process you will see several photographers portfolio.

Wedding Plans

If you choose to dress, then show it to the photographer at least in the picture so that you can optimally choose plot survey. If you see a beautiful wedding photographer portfolio, you know, it is prepared and carefully planned photographer’s work together and married! Some brides choose a dress for special picture, depending on the style shooting. Learn more about choosing a dress for a certain style you learn in the next article. -Concert program and design the banquet hall. To approve:-Color and style of dress in which will be a bridesmaid. Design a wedding bouquet. Left 2 weeks before the wedding! To order:-The hotel rooms are for non-resident guests.

-Wedding cake. 2) Visit: cosmetologist, barber and stylist, so to treat the hair and skin. Not Remember to pack a wedding dress and all the necessary accessories to make it easier to master, to determine the hairdo. Post-visit a solarium. Choreographer – to take a couple of lessons to fulfill the wedding waltz.

3) To approve:-Plan seating in the banquet hall. -Route honeymoon. Left 1 week before the wedding! To order:-wedding bouquet. 2) Buy:-good cosmetics and perfume (probably something to recommend a stylist). -Everything you need to honeymoon (you can pre-assemble bags) To approve: The number of guests and wedding menus. Scenario wedding day and the route that will move the wedding procession. Examples: Wedding Dress (if the length can be bend edges) and shoes (wear every day, with the toe, if you still feel uncomfortable, then give it to the shop, they will make a banner) left 3 days before the wedding! 1) Buy: Everything you need to decorate cars, as well as champagne and glasses for a walk. Confirm:-order machines, time and place of the ceremony. -List of guest artists, concert programs, photo and video shooting. Check: The presence of all necessary things for the honeymoon. There was 1 day before the wedding! Prepare:-suitcase for the honeymoon (collected to put in a prominent place, and then forget it)) Anything is possible after the first night) – Rings and ribbons to decorate the cars (about her wedding, too, do not forget) -All the necessary documents. -Several scarves to cover her head in the church (as if the wedding coincides with the day of registration). -Champagne for the upcoming celebration. Collect: Handbag bride with the necessary makeup perfumery, disposable napkins, etc. Confirmation: An hour session with a stylist. Visit: The best friends a good restaurant, theater or movies, to escape from the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding and to get positive emotions to Mainly afternoon. Although it is very few people capable of making such a charge before the afternoon. But This does not mean that this scenario is the preparation for the wedding, you need to perform well. Leave little room for improvisation. The main thing is that this wedding day memorable no stress and bustle and merry meal, joyful smiles of friends and the atmosphere of love and happiness. Happiness and good luck to you, dear newlyweds, to your long marriage!

Wedding Photography

With some experience, a wedding photographer has already developed his own style and follows certain techniques. Consider also the four most common style of wedding photography: 1. Wedding story – here the interference photographer in the course of a wedding celebration to a minimum. Pictures convey a chronicle of events wedding day without any staging. Shooting takes place nenavyazchvo and completely invisible.

Photographers who hold this style, serve as 'fotoskazochnikov' telling viewers 'fairytale wedding'. 2. The traditional style of wedding photography depends on a wedding photographer who acts as a kind of the role of 'conductor' wedding. He directs the wedding, working on the production of photo leads pozirovochnuyu shooting. 3.

Fashion style of wedding photography is focused on bringing it yelement fashion. Couples who order pictures in the style of wedding fashion, often In addition to directly capture the wedding ceremony and further guidance on the studio recording. Honeymoon shooting in the studio will allow the bride feel yourself a real model! 4. 'Pollution' wedding dresses – this Style speaks for itself. Typically, the bride's book imagery in this style after the wedding ceremony as a creative alternative to storing your wedding dress, which they no longer put on never in my life. The bride can decide to walk in it at the beach or in the fountain, photographed on the streets or on the railways, in abandoned buildings or on the field, or even in the woods. Determine the style of your wedding photos – not always an easy task. Some brides think that they know exactly what they want, but just looking at portfolio wedding photographer understands that there are several styles of wedding photography. And the choice of should be done! Styles of wedding photography are different, they have different experiences convey the wedding day. But it was your choice will determine the photos that you have so often will be viewed in the future!

John Connally

The European Union (so far) only defends the fare-play in matter would change: the European Central bank will not do anything that appreciates or depreciates the Euro of artificial form because it considers that it brings about distortions in the economy. The USA gives a double message on the one hand says that they will remove to the world from the crisis (” The mandate of the Federal Reserve and mine are that our economy grows, and that is not only good for the United States. That is good for the world like todo”) but on the other hand it makes difficult a global exit of the crisis since it creates creates majors imbalances between the countries. The emergent economies have forts superavits and the outposts high deficits. Anchin Block might disagree with that approach. In order to look for a greater balance EE.UU it proposed (but soon it rejected they lynched because it after the announcement of the EDF) to as much limit a 4% of the GIP the superavits as the deficits. The idea is that countries strongly exporter as China increases their purchases abroad. ” The dollar is our currency, but problema” is yours;. To this it pronounced it phrase John Connally in 1971, after being appointed secretary of the Treasure of the USA, due to the preoccupations from Europe after the USA finished with the gold standard and settled the Agreements of Bretton Woods, effective from 1944. This time, the preoccupations come from the USA, and the dollar continues being a problem for the world. Until the next one, Paola Pecora INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY If it had to choose a solar company to invest, knows in clearly which would choose and why? In our monthly report World-wide Value we give the reasons him of why the company that we chose already for the portfolio takes a 70% of HARDLY raises (it arrived at +90%) IN five months and has a bullish route very hard ahead.

Marrakech Riads

The Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located inside the old city, which usually consist of two or three floors and a courtyard. The Riads are private homes began to be restored in the 70's and offer the best opportunity to enjoy a traditional experience, exotic and authentic in the city of Marrakech, with all modern amenities and luxury. In Marrakech, the Riad is located inside the ancient walls, in the Old Town or a medinaa. Many of these old houses have been completely restored, renovated and converted into guest houses full of character and charm offering exceptional service in a fantastic re-decorated buildings and rebuilt in the traditional manner. But not all are equal and Riads is advisable to take steps to choose one that best fits your wants and needs, in order to fully enjoy your vacation in Marrakech. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice choosing the riad is right for you: 1.A a Ask your portfolio: Consider your budget and set priorities in order of hundreds of Riads Marrakech, all similar to that found in the medina, but with different prices and services offered.

You can find modest Riads offer comfortable accommodation, simple, unassuming, often full of backpackers and young travelers. Riads These are perfect for those looking to explore the city while staying in the heart of the old but its budget is modest. You'll find all the amenities and basic services for a comfortable and pleasant, but no frills or extravagant.

Celebration Online

The yellow clothes not only are fashionable, produce energy and improve the spirit. celebration dresses 2012 yellow is ideal to say goodbye to the sadness of the winter and to contribute to light and joy to our wardrobes. In summer the yellow color emphasizes the bronzed one of the skin and in winter it gives an outstanding touch complementing any type of articles. Although the fashion proposes the yellow color, is a color that must be used with moderation, is a tone that if it is used of exaggerated form, can produce a certain rejection. Alternative tones exist for those who do not dare to the luminous yellow, like for example baby yellow, that is more of range extinguished.

The clothes in intense yellow color more are indicated in blouses, t-shirts, shirts and by all means in complements like hoops, bracelets or pendants that offer enhancement to a set. To use some article of celebration dresses yellow color is recommended to fight the Depression, the sadness, the depressive moods generally and when it is necessary to have good energy to make decisions or to take projects ahead. Amrillo is the color of sun and of the light, simpre offers positive energy, now is fashionable, but even though it is not it, simpre agrees to have a yellow article to use it when it is needed to raise the spirit. Almost all the more important marks of clothes used yellow and the tendency will stay the rest of the year. But the yellow is not a color so easy to take. If even so you want to use it, here there are advice of which to do and that not at the time of dressing yellow.

It finds the tone suitable. If your skin tends to be pink it avoids the greenish yellows or the tones mustard and looks for the tones of yellow near ocher and the trowel of yellows of tones pie. Printing. If it is arranged to lower the tone of cheap dresses of celebration with yellow that you want to use you must choose the fabric with care. It avoids all the brilliant or synthetic, however, it looks for the linens, the cotton, it soothes natural weaves help you to have look classic and elegant. In the accessories. Another option is to use white clothes with yellow accessories. A yellow portfolio, or sandals, a hat small, necklaces and other accessories are another form to please your desire to use yellow. With confidence. In order to use shining yellow and other colors, you need the correct attitude when it wears to formal dress or dress of celebration. You must be trusting and to leave the timidity to a side. That your attitude is the same that transmits the yellow!

Alternative Selfishness

"We have no other choice but to come to a state of complete balance with all of nature. Or in good time, or under the influence of the nature of shocks, which still force us to be interrelated. This mutual relationship should be expressed to our right, a good internal relationship not only to the nearest city, country, continent, or a civilization, and to all mankind. " (Michael Laitman, "Kabbalah and the Meaning of Life") You open a newspaper, turn on the tv, Will you come to the Internet, everywhere the most discussed topic – the global crisis, which, like a giant octopus gripped the global financial system, the economy. Information about the layoffs at banks, large and small firms now are nothing new. Crisis poses new sites: a very popular – 'cut? " or at least popular server to find work 'in the state. " According to polls Agency prp Group 40% of Muscovites fear layoffs Due to financial difficulties of the employer because of the global crisis.

And not in vain fear. People are losing their jobs, tightening their belts tighter and waiting to see what would happen next. Recently, a neighbor's husband got laid off. For assistance, try visiting Anchin Block. Gone, poohala, husband mocked: demure, stand up for themselves can not be such here, and fired. I felt sorry for her, two children after all! And how many people it will affect yet? And not only in Russia. Crisis is universal. On the causes of his dispute arises experts businessmen and politicians.

Russian Federation

The conference in the city of Smolensk region Gagarin was constructive, and its outcome was a decisive factor in the small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, during the meeting Medvedev has signed a national anti-corruption plan and strongly recommended that security forces more tolerant approach to business structures. The President said that our priority is to establish in the country such an investment climate, which will be in harmony with all levels of performing authorities, law enforcement and business in general. Dmitry Medvedev also said that small business can look just as the fiscal source, since the people behind it and cohesive teams. And if we talk specifically about small business, it is one of the real way to the revival of our country.

If we are able to engage in business of 40-50% of people, we get a completely different state. However, Russian President commented on the tough actions and medium enterprises, which tries to get away from the performance of the newly adopted law, which refers to rent a small business property located in property of the subjects of the Russian Federation or local authorities. Medvedev stressed by local authorities started auctioning the sale, and, of course, rental rates immediately increased several times. Resumed process of termination of leases, which is supposedly for the benefit of cities Of course, this manipulation of law! All questions Dmitry Medvedev promised to keep under the personal supervision, and suggested that the region also think about lowering the tax rates on real estate for small business..