Holistic Security Approach To The Cloud

IT security for cloud security and mobile device management cloud computing external storage is not per se unsafe, but need of the factual information on the subject. The majority of entrepreneurs respond to cloud computing with rejection. But how safe are corporate data, when they are traveling? It is disturbing that data can be intercepted once they leave a computer. Devices in use, are mobile, the risk is particularly high. But with holistic security concepts, which include clouds, mobile devices and desktops, and mobile services can protect. The C.A.F.E.

management principle of EgoSecure solves the challenges posed by the intelligent interaction of the following functions: control data path and access, audit logging, filter separation of critical types of data, encrypt authorization and encryption, as well as management intelligent, centralized administration. It builds up in layers of security to the devices of the IT network. “And offers both protection against anonymous attacker” from the “Internet, as well as against attackers from the inside”. System House for you on 27 November from 14: 00 in the Heideweg k. 66, Hamburg presents as a basic protection minute installation is ensured after a 20. In the framework of the system House for you information event, the guests will be from the IT security specialists explain the workings of the EgoSecure endpoint security solution. In addition, the experts for talks are available as with antivirus, management of mobile devices, integration a holistic and efficient security principle can be rounded off devices, safety of cloud applications and the power management of devices by iOS and Android. For more information and registration possibility under veranstaltungen.phtml about system House for you Systemhaus for you GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is specialized in consulting and implementation of solutions for ensuring physical as virtual environments.

The company itself claim to smoothly while always to ensure the IT at the customer. The personal contact is always top priority, because only in direct talks a sense can be developed for the specific characteristics of the customers and their requirements. Key elements of the product portfolio are IT security solutions anti virus/anti-spam, firewalls, authentication systems and DesasterRecovery solutions to legally compliant email management solutions, storage solutions and mobile workplaces. Through the cooperation with leading systems integrator for you can access solutions, which have a high potential for innovation and at the same time easy to use. System House for you is characterised by a professional customer service: so the range of services include both consulting and implementation of products as also qualified training and technical support.