Foreign Language

In a previous article we talked about common approaches to the study of foreign languages, comparing the intensity of his study to "take" ice slides. How is it that you ran up to define this slide, or even just skim (In other words, you have got to learn a foreign language or not)? Think you can feel it for yourself, and it's not about the number of covered material. Should happen kind of qualitative shift that you necessarily notice. Just one day you realize that the phrase was born in your mind and you its pronounced, it is not worrying about grammar or how to build it correctly and say. You do not have to to think in Russian and translating the phrase in my head to try to say it in German. Congratulations! If you get to this point, you already think and say, for example, when reading the translated but not immediately perceive the information in a language who have been taught.

That is, if you, for example, learned English, and when you say something, you will immediately understand in English, but do not put first in Russian, it can be safely called a turning point and qualitative measures that language, you still have storm! "When it's all the same this time?" – You ask. Here again there are no rules or restrictions. Again, this personal factor, which largely depends on the abilities and personal qualities each, individual person. Everyone he comes in different ways at different times.