Wedding Plans

If you choose to dress, then show it to the photographer at least in the picture so that you can optimally choose plot survey. If you see a beautiful wedding photographer portfolio, you know, it is prepared and carefully planned photographer’s work together and married! Some brides choose a dress for special picture, depending on the style shooting. Learn more about choosing a dress for a certain style you learn in the next article. -Concert program and design the banquet hall. To approve:-Color and style of dress in which will be a bridesmaid. Design a wedding bouquet. Left 2 weeks before the wedding! To order:-The hotel rooms are for non-resident guests.

-Wedding cake. 2) Visit: cosmetologist, barber and stylist, so to treat the hair and skin. Not Remember to pack a wedding dress and all the necessary accessories to make it easier to master, to determine the hairdo. Post-visit a solarium. Choreographer – to take a couple of lessons to fulfill the wedding waltz.

3) To approve:-Plan seating in the banquet hall. -Route honeymoon. Left 1 week before the wedding! To order:-wedding bouquet. 2) Buy:-good cosmetics and perfume (probably something to recommend a stylist). -Everything you need to honeymoon (you can pre-assemble bags) To approve: The number of guests and wedding menus. Scenario wedding day and the route that will move the wedding procession. Examples: Wedding Dress (if the length can be bend edges) and shoes (wear every day, with the toe, if you still feel uncomfortable, then give it to the shop, they will make a banner) left 3 days before the wedding! 1) Buy: Everything you need to decorate cars, as well as champagne and glasses for a walk. Confirm:-order machines, time and place of the ceremony. -List of guest artists, concert programs, photo and video shooting. Check: The presence of all necessary things for the honeymoon. There was 1 day before the wedding! Prepare:-suitcase for the honeymoon (collected to put in a prominent place, and then forget it)) Anything is possible after the first night) – Rings and ribbons to decorate the cars (about her wedding, too, do not forget) -All the necessary documents. -Several scarves to cover her head in the church (as if the wedding coincides with the day of registration). -Champagne for the upcoming celebration. Collect: Handbag bride with the necessary makeup perfumery, disposable napkins, etc. Confirmation: An hour session with a stylist. Visit: The best friends a good restaurant, theater or movies, to escape from the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding and to get positive emotions to Mainly afternoon. Although it is very few people capable of making such a charge before the afternoon. But This does not mean that this scenario is the preparation for the wedding, you need to perform well. Leave little room for improvisation. The main thing is that this wedding day memorable no stress and bustle and merry meal, joyful smiles of friends and the atmosphere of love and happiness. Happiness and good luck to you, dear newlyweds, to your long marriage!