The Investors’ Ambition Has Returned

The prices of commodities in general are having a somewhat unexpected recovery. this has been good news for those producing countries some of them, after the sharp slump experienced their contributions towards the last quarter of 2008 were bring more of a headache to their finances in a context of deep economic recession. The price of oil was trading at about $ 38 in late 2008 and is currently above U.S. $ 70, giving a little air to Chavez who has less leeway to avoid an economic crisis. Chile begins to breathe with what happens in the case of copper, for which the recovery of China is reflected in its strong demand that drives the price of copper and last week reached its highest level since October 2008. Argentina will light candles to yuyitoa as he has called the president, Cristina-fernandez – News ResultsLecture on Conflict in Argentina Knox College – Jan 21 10:23amLavagna Predicting Smaller Peso Slide to Contain Prices: Argentina Credit Bloomberg – Jan 20 08:52pmArgentine Soy, Grain Sales Fall 81% on Farmers Strike BusinessWeek – Jan 20 11:45amCristina-fernandez – Image Results’>Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and soybean responds to maintain its upward trend and closed the week month to $ 430 a tonne. The prices for commodities have reached to recover a significant portion of the value they had lost in the deepening of the crisis. However, there are still far from their highs by mid-2008 and that is why the question now is able to infer whether this trend will continue and with what force until the end of the year. If one uses the signs of gradual recovery and soft global economy, really should not justify larger increases in the prices of the commodities than those observed, except in the case of agricultural commodities to weather unexpected contingencies or in the case oil at the prospect of political tension situations worldwide.