Missing less than 24 hours to begin the bridge of Easter, we had hired the Hotel in San Sebastian, the itineraries of visits scheduled, all controlled, all? The voice of my wife woke me up to the cruel reality:-you’ve seen, driving licence will expire within four days, how not hadn’t looked it? -Safe? -Here you are making it very clear, sight see for yourself. Tended me the open portfolio, and there it was, four days, was true and tomorrow we went to first hour!! Calm, the important thing is not to lose the calm, I went up to the computer, I went to Google and I wrote, renewing the driving licence, came out me several pages, I was re-reading them until I found the medical center that seemed to fit my needs, Centre Medic Jaume Prime, downtown and with free parking, on its website told me the documents that had to carry, schedules and up to the phones of the headquarter of traffic. I asked for an inquiry and there was no problem, in half an hour I could attend. As stated on their website, I parked free of charge less than 50 meters from the query. I did relevant evidence, and they themselves were responsible for the processing of the document. They gave me the corresponding proof of processing of the renewal and I couldn’t go with absolute tranquility. Blessed Internet thought, this same, years ago I would have been a couple of days of comings and goings, paperwork and loss of time.

The Corresponding

-It takes all your documents personal and notes in a separate portfolio which can be inside another bag in hand, in order to facilitate handling. -If you wear perfume or some liquid in the handbag, they must not pass 100 milliliters and should be stored in a transparent plastic with adhesive closure or zipper bag, should not go loose. -Put some visible and special signal that will allow you to recognize him immediately in the delivery of luggage section this detail to your suitcase you will allow faster exiting the airport–scroll with anticipation i.e. Slayer addresses the importance of the matter here. two hours earlier to national or domestic flights and three to take international flights. As for luggage – a general recommendation is that you don’t carry too much baggage.

Usually bring more clothes that really is to be used, with 20 kilos free on most airlines is more than sufficient, otherwise you will have to pay good amounts for excess baggage. -Keep in mind that you must not carry in your hand luggage sharp pointed objects or fire as: scissors, manicure sets, nail clippers, or matches. You can have cash, your credit cards, cellular, some jewelry, camera, a good book or favorite magazine. You can not carry especially perishable foods. Today the transport of a laptop is frequent with their respective invoice and communicating thereon.

Records and migrations and security – the first thing you have to do is sign up for the airline to confirm your exit. -Don’t forget to make your output or income tax payments to a place, before you embark. -Seeks to bring all your documents in order, check if your Passport has not expired, if you have the corresponding visas, find out-before – if you lack to get shots to go to your destination, if you have children you must have the appropriate permissions. -Always keep the serenity of the case by passing through migrations and tries to listen carefully the indications of agents.